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The Corporate Diminishment of Education
by Leah Sellers
2013-10-12 12:38:25
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Giving the youth of America an education with a corporate mentality is an accident waiting to happen. The process of educating young minds to think should have less to do with the bottom dollar and corporate driven national tests and educational systems, and more with giving students the tools and knowledge from a vast array of bright, devoted and creative minds, in order to better deal with and shape the world as a whole.

The relationship a child develops with a knowledgeable, inventive and caring teacher is far more important than their being able to effectively regurgitate information on some multi-million dollar corporation's 'national or state test'. In this situation who is giving what to whom, and what for?

Education is not just about teaching students to get a job. It is about guiding them to become enlightened citizens for the future. Citizens who care about and knowledgably understand their neighbors, their government, and the world at large. Citizens who aspire toward noble ideals and standards within their conduct and the conduct of others. Citizens, who through hard work, perseverance and due diligence strive toward their dreams while enriching and considering the dreams of others.

Such Citizens are created through loving and disciplined parents, loving and disciplined teachers, loving and disciplined mentors, loving and disciplined bosses, loving and disciplined social structures, loving and disciplined relationships. Relationships in which everyone recognizes that each child and young adult develops differently and at different times. Social structures that common sense acknowledges as a fact of nature and circumstance and create environments which harness such potentialities. As humans, we are organic, sentient beings, not coldly metallic cogs for corporate machinery.

Citizens who realize that difference and being different is a scientific rule of nature and is important. It is important that no teacher is alike; that no teacher teaches the same materials alike. Difference creates variety and vitality and variety and vitality create questioning innovation and stimulated thought processes. Multi-million dollar corporate testing diminishes the student/teacher relationship. Taking the power of teachers out of the classrooms and giving it to distant, governmentally rule laden bureaucrats diminishes the student/teacher relationship.

School systems operating on corporate precepts and concepts that see parents and students as consumers and not as cooperative participants and learners ultimately diminish the functionality and fundamentals of education as a whole. These present seemingly innocuous truths diminish our collective future. Like Socrates, take any one person under a tree with a book in the hands of an inspired, knowledgeable and caring teacher and the pathways to new worlds and ways of thinking and experiencing life will emerge, blossom and bear fruit within the present and the future. Teaching is an inspired and inspiring vocation; not an occupation; not a tool for the gradual diminishment of our culture.

Leah Sellers



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