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Berserk alert in Governing law and Croce's philosophy in Spanish
by The Ovi Team
2013-10-03 12:31:59
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Even though there is no good reason for any kind of a berserk alert in reference of governing law or Croce’s philosophy; in a very berserk way this title represents perfectly the semantics of the three new additions to the Ovi bookshelves.

beserk_alert_400Berserk Alert is the creation of a man who lives deep in the waters of the Australian humour with the talent to swim internationally. Tony Zuvela’s sarcasm and humour overwhelmed me from the very first cartoon he mailed me a year ago and he has been a member of the Ovi family since then.

This is his first eBook and hopefully the first of a series he’s going to create. His humour is definitely berserk and alarming to very serious issues. And of course as I wrote in my introduction for the book, Ovi has a soft spot for cartoons. Actually – and this is something not many people know – my first published work, something like hmm …34 years ago it was a cartoon. And even though my career led me to totally different pathways cartoons, comics and comic strips have a very comfortable spot in my heart.

I mentioned my past for a good reason. I can understand and feel the work there is behind every single picture you see. To make a cartoon is not I take a piece of paper; I scribble a funny face and then add something clever into a small cloud. There is a lot of work, techniques and knowledge apart from the clever humour in every single cartoon you see. Sometimes hours of hard work and while you go through the pages of this eBook just stop for a minute, pick one cartoon and notice the actual painting work there is behind it. That’s why I think – and I have wrote about it in the past in art magazines – that cartoonists are the most unfairly treated artists in the history of art.

So just check the pages of the eBook HERE and enjoy a good laugh!

governing_law_400Murray Hunter is a familiar name from the Ovi pages and it is also known his battle in South East Asia for prosperity in an environment where he has to deal with constant contradiction. Everything has a share there; religion, bureaucracy, lack of raw materials, occasionally lack of contemporary education, technology and management. And all these have to be combined to give a result that will fight poverty and the eradication from the country side.

Dependent Origination as a Natural Governing Law” is an essay that: “explains the concept of dependent origination and its place in Buddhist Dharma (teaching).Dependent origination is then described as a heuristic and discussed in relation to James Lovelock’s GAIA hypothesis, the solar system, the economic system, the social environment, event phenomena and entrepreneurial opportunity, consciousness and self concept, and the ethical standpoint.”

Read the book HERE and feel the entrepreneurial opportunities in a spiritual attitude.

And then it comes philosophy and to be precise, Croce’s philosophy. The English version of the eBook jcroce_spanish_400oined the shelves of the Ovi bookshop two months ago and the thousands of the downloads prove that there is a vast readership interest for the deeper whys.

Embarrassingly I have to admit that I knew very little about Benedetto Croce and Professor’s Ernesto Paolozzi book was a great school for me in many levels. And now Ovi and Professor Ernesto Paolozzi have the chance to reach another audience in their language publishing the same book in Spanish.

Benedetto Croce: La Filosofía del Historicismo y el Deber de la Libertad, es la traducción del mismo libro publicado por Nokia hace dos meses. Es un análisis en profundidad de Benedetto Croce trabajo y esperamos que nuestros lectores españoles podrán disfrutar. Usted puede obtener el libro de forma gratuita AQUI!

So enjoy the latest additions to the Ovi Bookshelves, HERE!

Thanos Kalamidas




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