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Don't Be Fooled About ObamaCare !
by Leah Sellers
2013-10-01 10:00:29
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Yes, the System is complicated.  Why ?  It had to go around the very Resistant Insurance Corporations, Pharmaceutical Corporations, Medical Device Corporations, Doctors and Doctor owned/and or stakeholder Hospitals…etc., Obstacles to Affordable HealthCare for EveryOne in order to be Born into Existence.

Let’s not forget how Good/Bad Corporate and Other Interested Parties Lobbyists are at their jobs and political pay-offs and sell-outs.
Those Folks like things just the way they are.  Way overpriced and too expensive for the Average Citizen to Afford Out-of-Pocket.  It keeps the Avariciously Profiteering Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Doctor Owned Facilities,.…etc., alive and running full blast.  Chink !  Chink ! While the Bulk of American Citizens suffer with mild to very serious, even Life Threatening Illness and Dis-eases.  It’s Elitist Thinking and Narcissistic Greed at its very Best/Worst, and has no place in the World of Healing.
You wanna become a Millionaire ?  Go sell Cars.  Go sell the hundreds of thousands of Foreclosed upon American Homes and Properties.  Go become a famous Basketball or Football Player and dribble or pitch or run a piece of leather around on a wooden court or a field of green.  Go start a new Computer, Robotics or Electronics company.  Go become a naked and highly sexualized Super Star/Black Hole.  But do not get into the Sacred Vocation and Calling of Healing.
Healing should be available to Everyone.  EveryOne !  No Human Life is more important than another’s.
Just because some Folks are better at or more fortunate at Accumulating little pieces of paper or round pieces of metal than Others does not make them More Important than or more Worthy of Healing.
We All are Born with various Gifts, Talents and Brains to Share with and within the World.  We are All Invaluable Beings.  All Vessels of Divine and Precious Light, and should be Treated thusly.
Also, why should We the People make the Businesses we Work for or Businesses We Own bear the burden of Paying For Our Insurance.  It should be made Affordable and Accessible to EveryOne Individually.  That will bring the Costs down for Everyone.  The more in the HealthCare Exchange Pot, the Better.
Right now, ObamaCare is offering the American People the First Step forward toward an eventual Universal HealthCare.  But the Selfishly Greedy Folks who don’t want EveryOne to get access to it just so they can keep a Suffocating Profiteering Stranglehold on the Present Obscene and Exclusionary MarketPlace of Healing wanted to make it as difficult as they possibly could.  And they did.
In the meantime, to Dis-courage Americans even more from thinking well of ObamaCare, our so called HealthCare System (due to the Insurance Companies…etc. that Run it and presently Own it) just keeps getting more and more Expensive, and has put out quite a Media Blitz of Dis-couraging Lies and Half-Truths concerning ObamaCare.  The Insurance Corporation…etc. Profiteers have been raising the Price of HealthCare to make us think that ObamaCare is responsible for it.  When it is the Insurance Corporations…etc. who are Profiting while putting the screws to the American Public.  Don’t Be Fooled ! 
And the Doctors who won’t be able to become Extreme Millionaires anymore (because that‘s why they became doctors in the first place), but will just have to settle for becoming Millionaires, are tantruming and scaring Folks by telling EveryOne, “We’re going to quit Medicine !  Quit the Art of Healing !  If we can’t overcharge for our services, and stick it to you monetarily, then we’ll just go ahead and sail around the World in our yachts, and move away to our mansions in Belize or the Bahamas or the South of France…etc., and we’ll just see how much the American People like that !  Ha !”
The Noble and Truly Caring Folks who fought for ObamaCare did so to lower the Cost of Healing/HealthCare, ferret out the Folks who milk and bilk the HealthCare System, make our HealthCare Systems Work Better for the Patients, and eventually make it Accessible - make it Work to Heal EveryOne.
And Healthy Young Americans, you, too, are Aging everyday.  You, too, take risks with your Bodies and Minds everyday in order to Experience Life to its fullest.  And let’s not forget about the unexpected vagaries of Fate called Accidents and/or Wars that have a tendency to harm Bodies and Minds alike.  No matter what Age you are.
Young Healthy Americans must help launch ObamaCare and eventual Future Universal HealthCare for EveryOne by signing up for it Individually.

Don’t let the Profiteers Fool you.  HealthCare should Be for EveryOne.

By signing up for ObamaCare Today, you are taking the first step toward a Healthier more Inclusive HealthCare System Tomorrow for EveryOne.
Don’t Play the Fool.  Stop allowing the PuppetMasters and PuppetMistresses to Rule the day.  Take hold of Your Future and Your Children’s Future.  Sign up for ObamaCare !  ObamaCare’s - The Affordable HealthCare Act’s Exchanges will Open Up this October 1, 2013 across America.
Let your Future Healing and Healthy Attentions and Intentions for Our Great and Evolving Nation be Heard and Felt throughout America’s presently UnHealthy and Dis-eased Profiteering institutions.

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