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The Silently Rattling Chains of Shame
by Leah Sellers
2013-09-27 11:19:42
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Oh see them moan and groan and screech and scrape the defiled Landscape of America, and the rest of the Whole Wide World ?
Oh yes, We See them but avert our Eyes, and pretend not to See.  And cover our Ears, and pretend not to Hear the Nation’s and the World’s Silently Rattling Chains of Shame born by the ever growing numbers of millions of Our Neighbors and Friends and Family Members out of Work. Or Working and greatly underpaid in Today’s ever creeping Inflationary Consuming Consumer climate.  Or Homeless and Working in Hopes of putting a Rented Roof over their Heads once again some day.
It’s just too much to bear to Acknowledge Them.  “There but for the Grace of God go I,” we say with a shrugging sigh.  So, They - Those People must have done something wrong or stupid to have lost their Jobs or their Homes, and deserve the loss of God’s Grace and Good Fortune.
So, therefore it is only Right and Expedient that We, being the Grace filled and deservedly Lucky People that We are, vilify Them.  And cast Them out and away from Our midst.  That We chastise Those People.  Those Graceless, Hapless, UnFortunates.
We must continue to continually Shame the already Shamed. 
It is Our Duty to do so, because the Responsibility of Them is frighteningly crushing.  It’s better to make Them Invisible and Worthless to Our preferred Social Orders.  We must continue to Exclude Them.  Not Include Them into Our fold.
The Jobless and Homeless cooties are contagious, you know.  Why tempt Fate.  Those People are not worth Our Individual or Collective Hand-Up or genuine Concern.  Not Them.
Anyways, they’re probably lazy, shiftless reprobates, deserving of our disdain and disgust.  We need to cut their Food Programs.  Their Educational Programs. Their Work Programs.  Their Housing Programs. Their Health Programs.  We’re just wasting Our good Tax dollars on Them - on Those People.
They had to have done something terrible or underhanded to have lost Their Jobs, Their Pensions, Their Health, Their Homes.  They’ve been on the Government Teet for way too long.  Why are Hard Working Families expected to give up their Tax Dollars for Them - for Those People ?
However, in order to make OurSelves feel better about Rejecting Them we Need to keep reminding Them to go out and get a Better Paying Job or two or three Jobs, if they must in order to pull their weight, and feed their squawling broods.  While We continue to demand that the Minimum Wage not be raised, because that would mean a cut in some of Our Executives multi-million dollar pay checks.  How droll and UnJust of Them - of Those People to want a more Equal piece of Our Pie.  That’s right, it’s Our Pie, not theirs, the Wastrels !
Yes, it’s important that We, the Grace filled and Fortunate, continue to make these UnDeserving Working Poor, Jobless Poor, and Working Homeless Poor feel the Shame they so Deserve.
It’s only Right and Fair that We, the Fortunate and Grace filled, can afford to go out to eat every day at nice restaurants, or go out to concerts, plays and frequent movies or travel to exciting and exotic places…etc., and that Those People don’t.  They don’t have Jobs.  They don’t have Homes.  They don’t Deserve the nice things that We do.  They Deserve to Suffer in silence and Shame.
The 1% having 90% of everything in this present dysfunctional Global Economy is a good thing.  We Need chattel and riff-raff, such as Those People - such as Them to serve us at our richly resplendent Tables and Gatherings.  And we want them bowing in Shame when they do it.  They must learn their Place, their Shameful, Slavish, Encumbered Place in the Present Order of things.
That’s why it is so important that the Rattling Chains of Shame grow more Silent still.  So Silent that the Draggers of the Chains of Shame eventually just Dis-appear as though they were never really here at all.
After all, all Those People - the Them’s of the World are only Our Neighbors, Our Friends, Our Family a pink slip, a pay check, an Illness, a catastrophic event, a stolen pension, A War, some Fluke of Fate away from, “There but for the Grace of God go I.  There but for the Grace of God go……..”

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