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Wanna Know What Rush Limbaugh Really Thinks About His Fans?
by Leah Sellers
2013-09-25 09:44:26
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Yes, Inquiring Minds want to know such things. Especially in Today’s Split Pea and Ham Hock Political Soup.
Well, it appears that El Supremo Rancido Limberger (alias - Rush Limbaugh) is El Thief-o Magnifico, especially when it comes to abusing the Trust placed in him by his Fans.
Whatever any other El Rancido Limberger (alias - Rush Limbaugh) Fans do, please, do not send him any information, and literary frameworks of Books you are seeking to get his help in circulating. He will steal your Ideas and Artistic Work for a series of Educational Children’s Books (or was it his Wife who stole the Ideas and Literary Work from one of his Trusting Fans who had mailed it to Rush Limbaugh and his Folks ), and then put himself in the new (but still stolen) revamped Work as one of the lead characters. And Heigh-ho ! Away he’ll go, claiming all of his betrayed Fan’s Ideas and Work as his own !
What does this reveal about how El Supremo Rancido Limberger (Rush Limbaugh) really thinks about his Trusted Fans and Listening Audiences ? What does this reveal about his Character ?

What does it reveal about how he really feels about some of the Life’s Lessons this once Trusting Moderate Republican Fan’s Series of Children’s Books teaches about: Integrity, Patriotism, Loyalty, Hard Work, Honesty……?
What indeed ? After all, he is the All American, No Holds Barred, Greedy Profiteer ! The Big Billionaire Corporate El Supremo Rancido Limberger (alias - Rush Limbaugh) ! And his Betrayed and Heartbroken Fan is merely a little, Stars and Stripes Moderate Republican pip-squeak NoBody, stupid enough to believe that they could Trust him with their Life’s Artistic Endeavor and Present and Future Livelihood.
Of course, what can one expect from a celebrity whose first books were allegedly really written by John Fund and Joseph Farah. I’ll bet there’s an interesting story to tell there that’s already been allegedly and possibly bought off and paid for. Oh well.
It appears that El Supremo Rancido Limberger (alias - Rush Limbaugh), aside from having some talent as a Neo-Con-Con-Man, Triple X Conservative Air Wave Jockey, is also quite adept at prevaricating about more than Raging Red Republican/Tea Partying Elitist Political Hogwash.
How do I know so much about El Supremo Rancido Limberger’s (alias - Rush Limbaugh’s) UnEthical and Immoral transgressions ? The once Trusting Moderate Republican Fan is my Sister.
Leah Sellers
How Was the El Supremo Rancido Limberger's (alias- Rush Limbaugh's) Sin against an Faithful Fan Discovered ?
While driving home from work this past week, I turned the radio to the Rush Limbo Show. Yes, I know that I am considered to be a Progressive Liberal by many, but it is always good to listen to the views of others that differ from you. It Forces you to Think about Why you Think, Believe and Feel the things that you do.
So, imagine my surprise when I heard him begin to describe the series of Children's Books I knew that my sister had been working on for over a year on the radio, but placing himself as the lead role doing what her characters were doing. I knew immediately that he had stolen her Ideas and Concepts. I just didn't know how.
I got on my computer, to see what I could discern for myself about the theft of her present and Future Work and Livelihood, and discovered that I had not MisHeard what I had UnFortunately/Fortuantely Heard on the radio. I called my Sister, and found out that she had Trustingly reached out to him and his organization for help. Instead, he Greedily and UnEthically helped himself.
Leah Sellers
My Sister's Summarized Account
Dear ......
My name is Lisa Sellers-Roberts, and I am responding to the article (the FAQ) that you wrote on Rush Limbaugh’s writing of a children’s book series, the first entitled “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans.
”One of my sisters called me and told me about your article. She was very upset and disturbed by what she had read, and wanted me to know about the content, immediately.
I quickly jumped on to my computer and downloaded your article. I was stunned! Why? You might ask. Well…. I hope you are sitting down while reading this. Mr. Limbaugh or his staff or one of his staff members has absconded with my book series idea/concept that I have been working on for the past eighteen months.
I have been a fan of Mr. Limbaugh’s for more than twenty years and was listening to him one day go on about the moral decay of America. So I decided that I would send him my media kit for “Back to the Basics with Aydan and Addy”, the first book of twenty-six, thus far, “Leadership with Abraham Lincoln”.
I explained in my letter that I was requesting feedback and hopefully some advice and assistance on releasing my project to the right people for publishing and distribution as we have been mailing out letters and media kits to Agents and other entertainment companies.
I initially sent my letter and media kit through his public email address on 7/16/13. I had no response from him or his Team. No problems with my email going through to him. I then joined his fan club (for $50.00) so that I might receive Limbaugh letters and information, and receive “an exclusive email access” to Rush Limbaugh (exactly as stated on his website). I then sent a longer and more descriptive letter about my book series project to this “special” email on 8/13/13 and again… no word from Mr. Limbaugh or his staff. All of this is verifiable and documented.
I am stunned and heartbroken that a man that I have admired (not always agreed with) has taken upon himself to run away (or ride away) with my ideas and concepts. Shame on him and/or his staff!
My book series, “Back to the Basics with Aydan and Addy” is exactly about “Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans!” There are just too many similarities for this to be a coincidence – all the way down to characters that come right out of American history books.
I just wanted you and all others to know what Mr. Limbaugh or his staff has done to a Grandmother from Texas. We Texans never give up doing what is right and we do not run from a good and moral fight. This one has just begun!

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