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Sling Shots and Chemical Weapons
by Leah Sellers
2013-09-17 09:01:44
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Growing up, my Cousins and Sisters and I used to Play with Sling Shots.
The Rules were:
     1.  Never Aim at or Shoot your Slingshots at One Another.
          Ever !
     2.  Never Aim at, Shoot or Kill Any Living Creature with your
          Sling Shot.  Ever !
     3.  Never Aim at or Shoot Other People’s Possessions, Bicycles,
          Motorcycles, Homes or Automobiles.  Ever !
     4.  Aim or Shoot your Sling Shots at inanimate Paper Targets or
          Aluminum Cans on Tree trunks or Hay bales.  Always !
If we broke any of the Rules we Lost our Sling Shot.  ForEver !  And got Grounded for a Month, which to a Child feels like ForEver !
Sling Shots and Chemical Weapons are similar in Nature.  They are Predatory Weapons intended to Kill.  Predatory Humans go on the Hunt for SomeThing or SomeOne, and Zap !  Bing !  Pow !  Kaboom !  Sniff !  Cough !  Convulse !  Suffocate !  Bleed !  The Deed is Done, and the Dead and Dying (and the Living who Mourn them) are UnDone.
Rules for Chemical Weapons, Poisonous Gases and Toxins, and Deadly Biological and/or Nano-bot Test Tube Diseases:
     1.  A Leader, his cronies, cohorts and followers Never Use
          Chemical Weapons,…, on their People (or anyone else’s
          People, for that matter).  Ever !
     2.  If a Leader ever Uses Chemical Weapons,…, on their People
          (or anyone else’s People for that matter) they Lose their
          Right to be a Ruler of any kind, shape or form, permanently.                                                        
          Anywhere and Everywhere.
          No Exceptions.  Ever !
     3.  An International Group will be established to Stop Weapons
          Makers and Distributors from Creating and Selling Any and
          All Chemical Weapons,…,to any Nation, Corporation, Bank
          Or Individual.  When discovered, divested of, and Stopped
          from Creating, housing, hiding, selling, buying, using or
          Abusing any and all Chemical Weapons,…, the Offending
          Parties must be tried for Crimes Against Humanity, and
          Must be Grounded permanently in Prison.  ForEver !
     4.  The International Group must then discover Safe ways to get
          Rid of and/or Destroy any and all Chemical Weapons,…
          ForEver !
If the World’s Peoples don’t want Chemical Weapons,…, (and/or any Weapon created primarily for the purposes of Murdering other Human Beings for that matter) to be Used and Abused.  Then we must All Stop the Money and Power Hungry Weapons Makers and Deal Breaking Brokers from Creating them, Selling and Buying them, and Distributing them in the first place.  ForEver !
Yes, the Rules for Sling Shots and Chemical Weapons,…, are very similar in Nature.
After all, Rules that Work to Make Children Safe, more Disciplined and Discerning, and Happier in the short term as well as the long-run should Work just fine for Grown-Ups who want to Tear-to-Shreds the very Fabric of the World and Humanity like a bunch of crazed, destructively selfish, consequentially annihilating Juvenile Delinquents.

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