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This Can Be the Beginning of....
by Leah Sellers
2013-09-21 10:36:56
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Dear President Obama.  And I Do Mean, Dear, Sir.  Leaders like you are Dear to my Heart, Mind and Soul.
Leaders who Believe in the Full Potentials and Potentialities - the Divine, Creative, Innovative Light within Us All.  You, and your wife, genuinely Hold All Humanity to be Precious and Meaningful Minds, Hearts, Bodies and Souls.
Sir, I Realize that within your Position of Power as Commander-in-Chief comes the perverse expectation (by some, not all) that you Use the Might and Monies of the Our Great Nation and Generous People for Violence from Time to Time.
Sir, I’m just a Teacher-Artist who does not Believe in War at any Time or any Place, for any Reasonings.  As long as Humanity continues to foolishly Give Validity and Credence to any and all Reasonings for War - the Chaotic, Destructive, Demonic Energy will never be effectively controlled by Human Beings Individually, Nationally or Globally.  Nor will it (and its uses and Mis-uses) ever Evolutionarily Extinct Itself (ThemSelves).
My not Supporting going to Surgical, Antiseptic War (for Americans, maybe, but definitely not for Syrians) with Syria (which is what will actually happen Energetically), and many other Middle Eastern and Asiatic Countries (and possibly others who have Old Bones to pick with us) as a Ripple Effect, Heart of the Rhino and Intended/UnIntended Consequence, has nothing to do with my Faith and Trust in you as an Intelligent, Beneficial and Humane Leader.
Sir, you’re going to Congress, and the American People about this very Important Issue, because you felt in your Mind and Heart that it was the Right (and Left) Constitutional thing to Do was a Choice and an Action of True Strength of Conscience and Courage.
The World is Watching and Observing a True Democracy - a Self-Determinative Democracy in Action.  These Conversations about Violence, War, Ethics and Morals in all of their varying shades of Shadow and Light are Important for Americans and for the World.
This could be the Beginning of more Highly Evolved Precedents.
If the Congress says “No” to the Action-War against Assad, and Syria (and they should because the majority of Americans oppose it), that is a complicatedly, but ultimately Good Thing, Sir.
Because in this Moment in Time, you will not be losing Face, but Creating another Kind of Face for the Commander-in-Chief of America.  You will not lose Credibility, but be Creating a different and more Evolved form of Credibility for the President, Congress and Peoples of the United States.  
Yes, the whole process has felt messy to most, but all new (or rarely Chosen) Ideas and Situations feel messy.  It’s like putting on a new pair of shoes.  You’ve got to walk around in them for a while to get used to their fit on you.
Your Choice is filled with Cathartic Energies toward Truly Doing things differently in Our World.  It is a Choice which can lead All of Humanity toward a World of Life Affirming Peace and Harmony, and away from Murderous, Nihilistic War and Chaos.
It Can Be the Beginning of an Internationally permanently established Criminal Court System for Leaders who Murder (no matter what Weapons they use and abuse) their Own People - their Own Children.  Those Leaders should be held Accountable and imprisoned for Crimes Against Humanity.
It Can Be the Beginning of bringing more Active and Innovative International Political and Spiritual Inter-Thought and Inter-Faith Coalitions together so that Humanity can Build Bridges of Greater Understandings, Empathy, and Positive, Open Relationships with One another.
Sir, your Actions, like Britain’s, can be a Springboard into a New World Way of Dealing with One another and All Humanity.  You can, and are ReDefining Commander-in-Chief.
I admire your Courage and Commitment to force a Leader who Murders his own People, instead of handing the reins over to Others who Understand, and want to help Answer the longings of their People for Greater and Truer forms of Self Determination, Fairness, Justice, and a Decent Living (Americans are struggling with some of those very issues ThemSelves, and that is where our Attentions and Energies should really Be).  But Sir, We do not have to do it with Violence.
Sir, this can be the Beginning of Our, and the World’s, Time to Create the New World - the Hope and Change that the World yearns for, but is awkward and mis-stepping toward Making and Embracing.
Change is Hard.  That will never Change.
But Humanity’s Evolution toward Becoming more Enlightened and Loving Human Beings and CareGivers of One Another and Our magnificent Planet Earth are long overdue.
“No” to ‘message sending‘, Violent ‘surgical strikes’ of War can Be the Beginning of……..

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