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Break Bread Together at the Round Table of Peace
by Leah Sellers
2013-09-13 09:47:27
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President Obama is getting Congressional Approval/Permission for Military Violence against Syria, because he is a Constitutional Lawyer and Scholar who Knows and Believes that he must do his Constitutional Duty to America by placing the Prospects and Plans for War before Congress.
He also Knows and Intuits that any Violent Action by the Outsider, Western U.S.A. (and Whoever else Supports the U.S.A. in standing up for ’so called’, and agreed upon International Norms) into the very complicated and explosive Energies of the Heart of the Rhino, Syria, will probably Be and/or Ripple Toward the Cathartic Shove into WWIII.
It took Years of Planning from some Parties and Mis-takes by Other Parties to Create the Energetic Rhino Nuclear Fission Bomb of the Middle East.  It will take Hard and Difficult Diplomatic Work and Peace Making Energies to diffuse it, and Guide those Energies toward a more Humane, Productive and Enlightened Present and Future.
This whole situation has to be breaking President Obama’s Heart-of-Hearts.  He is a Man who Loves and Seeks Peace, and the end to all Wars.  A Man who Seeks and Works toward the Betterment of All Humankind.  A Man of Humanity and Peace, who finds himself Working with a Warring, Powder Keg Congress and a Warring, Powder Keg World.
A Coalition of Peoples with strong Political and Spiritual ties to Russia, China, India, the Arab Ruling Families and Dictators, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan….must Step Forward and Help Syria the World Negotiate Peace. And that takes Time and Diplomacy, not Chest Thumping, Knee-jerk Words and Actions of Violence.
Also, Where is it Written in Stone that Crossing a Red Line demands a Violent Response/Punishment/Overall Message ?
Better yet and Instead, let’s Make the Red Line a Global Who’sville Coalition whose Unified Voice reverberates throughout All Nations (particularly Syria, at this Moment in Time) - “No !  The use of Chemical Weapons is absolutely Forbidden !  And Syria, Stop your Venomous, Violent brawling and murdering, and All Factions and Interested Parties sit down Together, with Global Mediators, and Break Bread Together at the Round Table of Peace Making and Peace Keeping for the Sake and Future of YourSelves, and Your Children’s Children, and the rest of the World, and the World’s Children’s Children, to which You, and We, are all inherently InterConnected.

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