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Varying Shades of Purple
by Leah Sellers
2013-09-29 12:29:17
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Yes, I Am the Purple President of a Great Nation.  A Great Nation Built upon the Dreams, Ideals, Continuous Struggles and Fulfilled Realities of Freedom for All, Equality for All, Equal Rights for All, Opportunity for All, Self-Determination for All, the Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness for All.
Yes, I Am the Purple President of a truly Great Nation.  My Red Mother and Blue Father came Together in Shared Love and Respect, and produced me.  A Purple Son.
A Blue Man, and a Red Man Live within me.  Those Colors, and the Cultural Pallets of those Colors, float around within Every cell of my Being and Psyche.
Growing up, I tried just Being a Blue Man.  I tried just Being a Red Man.  But I Am a Purple Man.
When I Chose to stop Being at War with MySelf, and the Environments and Circumstances around me.  I Reached Out to MySelves with my Intellect, my Intuition, my Heart and Soul, my Scholarly and Cultural Wisdoms, my Empathetic Compassion.
The Blue Man and the Red Man within me Connected and Embraced.  And I BeCame a fully Amalgamated and Multifaceted Purple Man.
My Transformation is ongoing.  Depending upon the Environments and Circumstances I find myself and others within, I Am always shifting into various Shades of Purple.
If a Situation needs a little more Red, I BeCome Violet to facilitate Better and more Positive Outcomes for EveryOne.
If another Situation needs a little more Blue, I BeCome dark Purple to facilitate Better and more Positive Outcomes for EveryOne.
Yes, I Am a Man of Varying Shades of Purple. 
When I Chose to Come to Peace with the Blue and Red Men and Worlds Living within me, I Transformed into a Fully Realized Human Being.
Yes, I Am a Purple President Living within a White House, which has enriched my Color Pallet with added Shades of Lavender.
Our magnificent blue-green gemstone of a Planet, Earth is Blessed with an array of Beautiful and innumerable Colors and Individuals.  I Am but One of Many.

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