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Armageddon Games
by Leah Sellers
2013-09-04 10:19:25
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Dear President Obama,
Sir, I am one American Citizen who is grateful for your Thoughtful and Emotionally Intelligent Decisions and Actions to be an Engaged Observer and not a knee-jerk, blood-thirsty Gladiator.
I, and many other American and Global Citizens, are Grateful that instead of allowing Others to goad you and America into the deliberately conjured PreCursors toward Global Armageddon, being served up by all sides, over the Middle East and continued Ancient Games of World Dominance, that you are Standing Calm and Resolute within the Eye of the Storm.
Russia, China, Al Quaeda and all of its spider web factions, the Middle Eastern Ruling Families, America’s and Europe’s War Hawks, the Jihadists, the Muslims, the Christians and Secular Middle Easterners who long for democracy and Just and Fair Self-Determination and Opportunities, and the Global Profiteers, Global Weapons Makers, Global Puppet Masters and Mistresses and False End-of-Days Prophets are all writhing around like deadly vipers in a deep, dark pit.
Everyone can hear the angry, venom laden hissing, but none really knows who is bumping into whom in Time and Space or when or where each will Strike.  A Fear laden and Chaotic Death Trap of PreConceived and PreMachinated Armageddon of their own DoomsDay/Night Making.
They are all jockeying and wrestling around for Power in all of Its Manifestations.  They all understand that Poverty, InStability, Murder and Mayhem creates Chaotic Energetic Shifts and Vacuums which pulse and throb to be RePaired, Filled and ReFilled.
Will We ever know Who is pushing what Behavioral Modification Buttons for the World Stage in order to get the World involved in their deadly and Power Seeking Set-Ups and Machinations ?  Perhaps, years from now.
But for Now, to avoid Worldwide Armageddon, Your Strategy of Being the Patient, Cautious, Nationally Protective, Thoughtfully and Emotionally engaged Observer is the Right one.
Yes, everything that is happening in Egypt and Syria (and other parts of Africa and the Middle East)  is horrible - is heinous - is ImMoral and UnEthical.  But we must call upon the Offending and the Offended Parties to Rise Above and Beyond their Sufferings and Pains, Just and/or Power Mongering Actions and Emotions and Demand Moral and Ethical Responses and Actions from ThemSelves.  Noone can Save you but YourSelves.  The Choices are Yours.
Put down your Guns.  Get out of your Bomb throwing Tanks and Trucks.  Put down your Bomb and toxic Gas Launchers.  Seek the Eyes of your Brother and Sisters (because We are All Interconnected Human Beings) and Talk.  Talk your Difference out..  Work your Differences out Peacefully, Fairly and Justly.  Seek and ReConnect with one another’s Humanity.  ReEstablish your Personal and National Balance in order to help one another through your Growing Pains and Evolutionary Transformations.
Walk away from the Nightmare of this Pre-Set, PreConceived, PreMythologized Trap of Armageddon.  You (and We, the Global Community) have Choices that You (and We, the Global Community) Can Make to Move, Distill and Dissipate the horrible Fear and Chaos breeding Energies deliberately established and machinated by our Global Power Mongers and Profiteers.
They do not want Humanity’s Natural Progression toward Evolutionary, Progressive Transformation Globally.  They Profit from and Control through Poverty, DisIllusionment, Classism, Sexism, Racism, Constant Want and Need, Uncontrolled Hungers for more and more Things.  More and more………until EveryThing and EveryOne is gobbled up.  As they peruse the World satisfied and safe from their PreConceived and Premachinated Olympian Castles, Villas, Mansions, Space Crafts…..
What a Ridiculous, Ridiculing and Senseless Mindscape Game we are All embroiled and writhing within.  
Walk away from Those who Choose to Stand Tall and Rule over a World upon which they Stand Upon and Break the Backs of Others for their own Desires and Grandiosities.  And instead, Seek more Hopefilled and Brighter Dreams for the Entirety Humanity’s Future.
When this murderous tantrum and prodding in Syria and Egypt (and other UnBroadcasted areas) has momentarily subsided, the World must Firmly Demand that the Middle East and Africa Get Hold of themselves, and Do what is in the Best Interest - not the PreConceieved and PreMachinated Interests - for All of their Peoples, and for the World as a Whole.  And then Build, and in some instances ReBuild from there.
We, as Global Citizens, must remain Calm.  Must remain Open, Wisely Thoughtful and Generous of Heart and Mind for the Sake of, the Stability of, the Positive and Constructive Forward Moving and Thinking of All - of All of Our Global Children - and Our Global Children’s Futures.
The Earth’s Belly and Pulsating Core is rumbling and grumbling for Us to Change - to further Evolve.  And BeCome Better Human Beings and Partners within the simply complex and complicated Phoenix Circles, Cycles and Spirals of Life.
To Walk away from the HumanMade Manipulation Games of Destruction and Chaos of Armageddon and instead Choose to Stand for and to Create Heaven on Earth.

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