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The DarkShadow between Ariel Castro and Anthony Weiner The DarkShadow between Ariel Castro and Anthony Weiner
by Leah Sellers
2013-08-16 07:47:09
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There is very little DayLight (or should we say DarkShadow) between Ariel Castro and Anthony Weiner's Attitudinal Character Make-ups and Spider Web Grids.

Both Say - I'm a Bad Boy - Bad Boy. I did Bad Obsessive and Addictive Things - But those women Loved It - They're not Vicitms.
They Wanted the Sex/Fantasy Sex Sexting.  They Needed to Share in Our Lives and Loves.
They Wanted - They Needed Me - Ariel Castro (Imprisoning/Rapist Pedophile/Murderer) - the Good Musician, Good Working Man, Good Community Man, Good Provider.
They Wanted - They Needed Me - Anthony Weiner (Carlos Danger/ Sexual Super Hero Fantasy Man) - the Great Politico, the Fightin' Last New Yorker Standin', The Good Community Man, The Next Super Hero Fantasy Man Mayor of New York City.

Yeah, we're Bad - Bad Boys who Do very Bad - sometimes Good things to as many people as we Can
While attending Church or speaking at City Hall Meetings.
Yeah, we're Bad Boys - We Do Bad Things - We're Obsessed, Possessed and Addicted to OurSelves and Our Wants and Needs (which we will transfer onto anyone we choose to).

But, You Love it - All of You Love it

You enter strange cars for It - for Me - Ariel Castro.

You'll Vote for It - for Me - Anthony Weiner.

You let Us wrap you up, tie you up, and entrap you with Our
Bad Boy Tortuous Antics and half eaten Lies

You even bear Our Babies for Us.

Yes, we're Bad, Bad Boys who Do all the Bad, Bad things that You
Want and Need us to Do for You - and To You

Come on, who's foolin who ?
You know You Want Us.

You know You Need Our Big, Bad Boy Narcissistic Sociopathy
as much as We Do.

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