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AESOP: the Ants
by David Sparenberg
2013-08-15 10:50:31
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Ants overpopulated and went mad.  In their madness ant hordes spilled from their mounds and spread out across the entire territory.  They moved everything out of its natural place and ate everything that could be eaten.
Next, they made war on their neighbors, who were already at war with another colony.
Combat was brutal.  Ants killed and were killed; survivors stacked high the mangled bodies of butchered populations.
The Spirit of the Earth looked on and was angered by the mayhem and bloodlust, the hubris of these tiny insects, and a terrible and terrifying flood was unleashed.  Cities of ants were submerged as ants by hundreds and thousands, millions of ants, were washed away.  As they drowned, the ants screamed and cursed.
The screaming and cursing, however, did not save a single ant.  But the screaming and cursing caused the flood waters to boil and become even more deadly.  For anguish, like anger, is a hot fury.
Ants had had their way; now their time was up.
After the purgative flood, quiet resumed.  In that quiet, the following calmness, grass grew back over the ravaged and inundated land.  Eventually flowers reappeared.  Eventually butterflies returned, to gently rub their faces in the fertile golden laughter of the flowers.
Earth Spirit was an invisible present once more, like a master waver moving the shuttle of harmony through the loom of creation.
Let those who have ears hear, those who have eyes see.  Men are the ants.  God is the Spirit of the Earth.  Angels are the returning butterflies.  And pollen, truly a cosmic miracle, is the laughter of bright flowers.
Discipline, simplicity and peace—this is the formula for evolving beyond the level of marauding insects.  Who evolves becomes endowed with an intuitive power of renewal; who refuses to evolve is already downing, with a head full of mud.

David Sparenberg
4 August 2013


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Leah Sellers2013-08-15 17:07:22
Amen, Brother David. Amen, Sir.

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