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Oh Yes! They Call Me "The Flash"!
by Leah Sellers
2013-08-02 10:17:22
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With a click of Your squeaky Mouse, Watch Me Dash !  Watch Me
Spring-a-ling !  Watch Me Flash and Sing-a-ling !
“Oh, I’m Glad I Am an An-tho-nier Weiner !  This is what You’ll Relish - really wanna See !  Oh, I’m Glad I Am an An-tho-nier Weiner !  “Cause EveryOne can Take a Byte of Me !”
Come on Folks !  How can you resist This ?!
This is the Weiner that’ll Drive a Hard Bar-gain as the next Mayor of the Great New Your-k City !  My Flash and Spin will really make you giddy !
I’ve got Tricks up My non-existent Sleeves (because I prefer to Be a Seductive Naked Jay-Bird flyin’ in the Face of Common Decency) that will expose and launch the Great City of New Your-k into Orgasmic heights of Joy-filled Power and Glory !  This is My Story, and I’m Stickin’ to It !
So, grab onto this Hot Dog !  I promise you quite a Ride !
This Weiner reveals All Inside and Out !  No need for City Parks or knee length Columbo Rain Coats to play Peek-a-Boo, Now you See Me, now you Don’t within.
Just Run to Your Computers and Cell Phones, and I’ll reveal My Naked Self in all of Its Vain Glory for All of the World to Admire and See !  Get a Load of This !  Take a Load of Me !
Vote for this Weiner and just Wait and See !  I’ll make the Great City of New Your-k really Proud of Me !  “Cause what you Sext-Text is what you’ll See !  So Vote for Anthony Weiner, and You’ll get the Dog-gone Best of Me !

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