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The Ripple Effects/Affects of Dysfunctional Systems
by Leah Sellers
2013-08-09 11:13:16
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Detroit, Michigan, one time Mecca of the Worlds of Steel and Automobile Making and Selling, is Financially and Physically dying.  Why ?
Dysfunctional Systems.
Ghost Towns and Death have always been with us.  The Things, Environments, Circumstances and Opportunities which brought the Town - the Human Being to Life become diminished and decimated in one form or fashion and leave - pass away - disappear.  And the Town, the Human Being dissipate, dry up and literally blow away.  They become a whispering - at times a roaring Memory of days and nights gone by.  Oh Me, Oh My (sigh).
I feel a kinship with Detroit, and other Towns all over America suffering from this Dysfunctional Systems Syndrome.  It is pervasive.  It is slowly creeping up on American Societies, and threatens Societies all over the Globe.  Always has.  But does that mean that it always Will ? 
The Choices are Ours to make in Future Societies.  Hopefully, they will be more astute in dealing with the dying canaries in the Underground Undercurrents within the rumbling stirrings of all Systems’ Beastly Bellies.
How do I feel a kinship with Detroit ?  Everything upon the Face of the World and within the Cosmos is an Interconnected System within a System, within a System….  If one part, no matter how small or how large BeComes Dis-eased, it will eventually Infect, make Necrotic, Putrefy and eventually Destroy the System as a Whole.  And as a result Infect and eventually Destroy other Systems interconnected with it, and so on, and so on…..
After being accidentally injured by one of my Special Education students  seven years ago.  My Physical System was dis-rupted - infected by the injuries to my back and left hip that I received that UnFortunate Day.
Being a Country Girl, who was raised to never go to a doctor unless you were “really sick”. I thought that I could Fix myself, and so set about to do it.  However, by the end of a month my hobbling about had grown more and more pronounced.. And as the result of another student hopping onto my back like a little spider monkey out of shear joy and happiness at seeing me, when I wasn’t expecting it, during Music Time,  I hobbled on down to the Nurses’ Station and asked for Help.
I was given a bunch of papers to sign pertaining to Workers Compensation, and sent to the doctor that very afternoon.  The doctor placed me on Sick  Leave, and even though there were two months left until the end of the school year, I was never able to return to my classroom, because I was not physically fit for duty.
Why you ask ?  Because I was never Fixed.  I went into the Worker’s Compensation Insurance System an injured Patient, and they saw me and dealt with me as an Aging and Expensively Injured Litigant.
The doctors that stated that I needed surgery were ignored, while they continued to try and get me comfortable with so called Pain Doctors, who wanted to keep me goofy on Pain Pill Cocktails, which after three months, I refused.  Why refuse ?  I was more interested in getting Physically RePaired, Fixed - not Fixed Up.
It is seven years down the road, and the Dysfunctional System of Texas’ Worker’s Compensation, after having exhausted me Physically, Emotionally and Financially for six years with Senseless and Purposefully Self Perpetuating Hearing after another Hearing over ridiculous technicalities and further Paperwork and Delaying Techniques (which paid all of the State Workers for the WC of Texas, and the opposing Insurance Company’s lawyers and cohorts handsomely), no longer sees my Shadow passing through their portals.  I simply woke up one day and Decided I was no longer going to Play their insidious Game with My Life.
Yes, I am still Crippled.  Yes, I have BeCome a member of the Working Poor, although I am Working full time with my sister’s company (she is the only Human Being who would hire a Pre-Existing Cripple like me, because she knows my Work Ethic and the Quality of my Work).  But my Body’s System is still Compromised and deteriorating more and more each year.  Because in the Reality of the Laws of Physics and Physicality, when one area weakens the other more Healthy areas have to compensate for it.  If nothing is done to Effectively and Productively Fix the Injuries - the Weakened Area, the entire System begins to erode, becomes deteriorated, decimated and loses Purpose, Sustainability, Maintainability and its Essential Life’s Energies over Time.
I was Lucky, I was in great Physical shape before my injuries.  I walk-jogged five miles almost every day after work.  I was active in weekly Equine Therapy and Horseback Riding Programs for Troubled and Handicapped Youth.  I was a weekend and vacationing hiker, biker, and kayaker.  I danced with various free dance therapy groups at least twice every month.  I enjoyed traveling and staying physically and mentally active with Family and Friends.
The strength of my Physical Body’s Systems are what staved off the debilitating physical handicaps which are worsening within my Body’s Systems now each year.  It is getting more and more difficult for me to Meditate and Will my Body to Move and Navigate My-Self around each and every day.
Like Detroit, Michigan.  When a Human Being’s Systems are dealt with by other Dysfunctional Systems that see the Obstructionism of Money as an Effective and Viable Energetic Component (so that the flow of Money Benefit’s a Few Others within the Dysfunctional System not in Need of those Benefits as a matter of staving off an UnHealthy Life or an UnTimely Death) more important than the overall Health and Well Being of the Injured Human Being.  Then that once thriving and very Productive Human Being (System) - that once thriving and very Productive Town (System) will slowly Die.  They will BeCome Lifeless, useless rattling Husks.  Fodder for the circling Birds of the Air and the wriggling Bugs UnderGround.  They will eventually BeCome haunted and haunting Willow-the-Wisps and Ghost Towns.
Beneath the Rippling undulations of every Ocean and some Lakes, there are rotting corpses of Human Beings set adrift and Ghost Towns.  Atop the Rippling, wind swept Sands of the Deserts there are dried-up and whistling echoes of Human Beings and Ghost Towns.
All a part of Interconnected Choices Made and Interconnected Changing Systemscapes.  But what about Interconnected Lessons Learned that do not bear Repetitive Repeating.

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