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by Leah Sellers
2013-08-06 10:55:48
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“See them all parade across the Ages of History’s Pages.  The Evolutions and Devolutions of Humankind,”  the Old Lady said softly, while quietly rocking to-and fro in her sturdy Rocking Chair.
“That’s Me and My Generation, Young Lady.  And like it or not, that’s You and Your Generation.  That’s the constant and persistent, fluctuatin’ and vacillatin’ State of Bein’ of all of Us Human Bein’s.  It’s the State of Being of ‘Ole Mother Earth.  It’s the Essence of Being for the Whole Cosmos.”
“Atoms and Molecules whirl and swirl around in Me and You, in the very Air we breathe, and the Water we drink and drive down to the Ocean to swim around in. Just like the Planets in the Galaxy we’re all a part of.  It’s just the Way things Are.  That’s just the Way that things Work.  Cycles within Cycles of Life and Death.  Cycles within Cycles of Evolutions and Devolutions.”
“We try and label these things as Good and Evil.  And maybe, just maybe some are more Good than Evil or visa-versa.  In the Mind’s Eye it’s all a matter of Perspective.  Perspective sensitive to Relational Relativity and the Experiences and Environments each and every Human Bein’ encounters or takes into Cognitive, Conscious or SubConscious Consideration, Expectation or Dissonance.”
Life is always a very Complicated thing.  A Simply Complicated thing.
“You’re askin’ me how A Christian can be a Bi-Sexual or a Homo-Sexual, Youngun ?  You think that what you’re askin’ me is an Open-Minded question.  But, Honey, your question shows your prejudice and disdain,”  the Old Woman sighed.
“Your question implies that a Bi-Sexual or Homo-Sexual cannot be a Christian, because a Bi-Sexual or a Homo-Sexual is Evil in your Eyes.  And if you are inherently Evil then you cannot Be a Christian.”
“Oh, No Ma’am, I didn’t mean that at all.  It’s because I am a Christian that I am trying to Understand these people.”
“But ‘these people” that you’re examining, Young Lady are God’s People, too.  That’s what Christ’s message was all about.  That we have All sinned and come short of the Glory of God.  That we are all to Love one another as we Love ourselves.  That we are all to reach out in Loving Understanding to One another, not individual and social condemnation.  Not be Ex-clusive, but In-clusive.”
“Science and the Alchemy of Life’s Experiences can produce all manner of things, Child.  That does not mean that one form of Life has more value over another.  Just because someone or something is different from what you consider to be the norm, does not make it Evil.  Does not make it inherently bad or lesser than.”
“We’re All just tryin’ to do the best we can to manage Who We Are and Who We Become in the Time we’re allowed to do it within.  And that’s a Complicated Task, Young Lady.  Not a Simple One.  We are all molded by the Forces within us as much as by the Forces outside of and around us.”
“Being a Christian is not a simple thing to be, Ms. Wolf.  In fact, in my Life’s Experiences, it’s the most difficult thing on Earth to be.  It’s hard to try and Love everybody.  Especially, when you hate someone else’s guts because of something really bad that they’ve done to you,” the Young Lady countered.
“And just what have Bi-Sexuals and Homo-Sexuals, as a group of people, or even as individuals done against you, Little Missy ?”
“Well, nothing.  But they are in opposition to God’s Laws !  They are UnNatural freaks of Nature !”
“And yet they have existed since the Beginning of Humankind.  They were created by the very same Natural atomic and molecular Patternings as you and me.  Whether by Choice or by Nature, they have always been with us.”
“Then why does the Bible say that they are an abomination ?”
“Does the Bible say that ?  Really ?  I must have missed that passage.”
The Old woman stopped rocking.  “I once knew a Young Lady, a lot like you.  She valued Bein’ a Christian.  Had spent her whole Life inside one Christian Church or another.  She was what most people would have called a Good Girl.  She always tried to do the Right thing and Do Right by Folks.”
“But as time went on, and Life took its toll on her for one Reason or one Experience or another, she found herself involved in relationships with both men and women.”
“She was afraid of men, because of some terrible emotional and physical encounters she had Experienced growing up.  And she at times found it easier to be with women, because she didn’t fear them, and didn’t fear getting pregnant before she was ready to make a Family.’
“But she could never reconcile being with women because her Christian Family and Community were at such odds with her about it.  She was ousted and vilified at every turn.”
“Whether she was with a man or with a woman, she found that the only way she could really have sexual relations with them is if she was inebriated.  Otherwise, she just couldn’t bring herself to have intercourse.”
“She began to hate herself, and find ways to sabotage every relationship she got involved in.  This Young Lady was a sweet natured and giving Child.  She was Gifted and Talented, but could never get a hold on anything she tried, because she could not reconcile herself to herself or the World and Folks she had been raised to Know and Love.”
“Eventually, she decided to be celibate, and live her life out alone.  She had never really enjoyed The Drink.  She had only used it to numb herself to the conflicts she underwent during sexual relations with men and women.”
“Is that Young Lady any more evil than you or me ?  Is she of any less value than you or me ?”
“She sounds sadly confused, Mother Wolf”
“Being rejected and vilified most of your Life for being Who You Are, because of Where You Are and Who You Are or Are Not With is a sadly confusing State of Being, Child.”
“I knew a Young Man who wanted to wear his Mama’s and sister’s dresses since he was knee high to a grass hopper,” Mother Wolf continued.  “He grew up to be an Agnostic, because all of the Christians he knew ousted and vilified him from their midst.”
“Because he was an intelligent boy from a well-to-do family, he became a doctor.  He found himself another Young Man to Love and Build a Life with in another state far away from the Family and other folks who had so disdained and devalued him.  He was one of the Lucky Ones.”
“But I could go on day in and day out about the UnLucky and Lucky ones who were rejected and punished in one way or another by their Christian Families, Friends and Co-Workers.”
“It’s natural to fear what you don’t Understand, Young Lady.  But if you are truly a Christian, then you Need to go to God in Prayer, and ask for Divine Guidance.  And a Greater Understanding of Simply Complicated things.”
“Love.  God’s Love.  Is not an Easy thing to Feel and Carry Out into Action in Life, Young Lady.  There’s always Potential for a lot of variations of Good and Bad in some very Different Looking and Diverse Thinking Vessels, Child.”
“We are all Vessels of Energy. God’s Cosmic and Earthly Energies.  It’s a Good melding, but None of us are Perfectly formed, because, if we let them, our ImPerfections are what Give us the Capacity and Potentialities to long and strive for what is Greatest, Noblest and Brightest within OurSelves, and direct it out to Others.
Mother Wolf smiled joyfully at the Young Questioning Lady and said, “It’s Good to Be an ImPerfect Vessel, Child.  An ImPerfect Vessel is always hankering and searching for that last little Atomic missing piece of ItSelf and the ever elusive Perfect Self which confounds us so.
“Mother Wolf, I don’t mean to be rude or anything.  But what does all of that have to do with Freaks of Nature ?”
“Why Child, there are no Freaks of Nature.  Any and Everything that exists within this Natural, and at times UnNatural World of Ours, is an integral part of Nature.  We’re all intertwined and tangled up with one another, and one another‘s Natures.  With all of Creation.”
“When you finally See the World, and all of God’s Creatures and Creation through the Deep and Wide Perceptual Lens of God’s Love you’ll Comprehend what I mean, Child.”
“Now, sit your little ImPerfect Vessel down beside me in this other rocking chair, Child.  And tell this ’Ole ImPerfect Vessel what You’ve been up to.”

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