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By End of the 21st By End of the 21st
by David Sparenberg
2013-08-05 10:14:18
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When there is no land and the dispossessed rise up, those who control technology will possess the land.
When there is no food and the starving rise up, those with most guns will possess the food.
When there is no water and the thirsty-dying rise up, those have weapons of mass destruction will possess the water.
When there is no freedom and the slaves of the earth rattle their chains, those who control the slave markets will exercise their tryanny in the brothels of freedom.
When 99.9% of creation—equally earth and sky—is consumed in darkness, what remains will be threads of light.  Few shall inhabit there.
Privation and terror wage a war of attrition.
The non-violent, the humble, those who cannot exist outside of love, will live as prayers on the harp strings of God.
From behind a voice echoes forward, like that season of oppression when tanks rolled into the streets of Prague and the Czech Philharmonic played Beethoven as an anthem of resistance.
David Sparenberg
30 July 2013

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Leah Sellers2013-08-06 03:59:26
Mr. David,
You make me Cry and Smile simultaneously.
Thank you for the Virtuosities of your Soul's
Insights and Giftings.

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