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by David Sparenberg
2013-08-01 12:56:50
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Inmates of the floating world say I’m crazy; they call me mad.  Enter at your own risk.
Across my threshold you will find laughter.  In the nether precinct, the unexplored territories of a circle dancing god, Dionysus and Christ are playing darts, aiming for the bull’s eye of the soul.
Through my doorway you can make out the path back to sanity.  But you have to pay the price.  You must first lose your mind and learn again to live in balance. 
In the floating world, often was I denigrated and tagged “the hanged man.”  Now the walking dead declare my death.  What progress!
What power resurrects in the Orphic voice singing out beyond the grave—the fertile embarrassment of my eternal recurrence.
Here’s the truth, hot from the lips of madness: My plot has always been a bed of mustard seeds, the tiny microcosms of revolution, and through the invisible reshaping visibility I am growing more playful day by day.
Of course Sartre come after my withdrawal from the University of Basil and expressed his existential rebellion by refusing to wear a necktie at the Sorbonne.  Still, de Beauvoir says, he cut his head off from his body and frequently, while in her consuming embraces, cried out, “Nature is a hole!”
Be warned.  Should you split your sides in my company, the ancient within might spill out and renew the world.
Ah!  My prescription for the human condition?  Simple: Pan in place of Prozac.
But I see above your head the neon star of “dot your i/s and cross your t/s”.  Use caution then.  Associate only with cowpokes in white hats.  Beware the Inquisition.
David Sparenberg
28 July 2013


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