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Yes, Pain Changes You
by Leah Sellers
2013-07-21 12:16:01
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President Obama, Sir, thank you for your Conversation with the Nation regarding Racial Context and Relations around the Concerns surrounding the Tragedy of the UnNecessary Death of Trayvon Martin, Gun Laws, and the Nation’s remaining intent upon maintaining Meaningful, Peaceful Discourse, Civil Rights Activities, and Individual and Social Introspection toward further Deeper Understandings, Awarenesses and Acknowledgements. 
I was brought to Tears of Hope Filled Gratitude and a Deeper Respect for Your Courage and Intellectual and Ethical Integrity.  Your Personal Revelations and Wise Insights.
I am Grateful to you and for you, Sir.
You are Right.  Pain Changes you.
When you spoke of your Personal Pain of being a younger Black Man being followed in stores by Suspicious Sales Clerks.  Of being a younger Black Man who as you crossed the street could hear car doors click their locks in Fear of you.  Of being a younger Black Man in an elevator with a lone white woman who would clutch her purse nervously to her chest and hold her breathe in Fear and DisTrust until the doors opened, and she could scurry away in escape.
Pain Changes you.
The Pain of Loss - of back breaking Grief - of deep Woundings.
A Bullet leaves the barrel of a Gun fired in Fear.  Motivated and Navigated by False Perceptions, Pre-Conceived Profiles, Institutionalized and Sub-Consciously Internalized and Externalized DisComforts and Hatreds - Racism, Classism, Sexism, ill Devised and Advised Legalisms, Ignorancisms…etc.
“I Love My Child !  I Love My Family !  I Love My Home !  I Love My Country !  I am a Patriot !  But this !  This !”  The Desolate Family shake their heads and begin to beat their chests - to sob - to heave - and Howl to the Heavens,  “Why Lord ?!  Why ?!  This Pain - this Burden is too Great to bear - too Great to carry throughout Our LifeTimes.  Help us find Justice.  Help us move into Forgiveness.  Help us Walk within Grace.  Help us find Peace.
Pain Changes you.
One form of distorted Tyranny is as bad - as corrupting and damaging as another. 
Those on the Receiving End of violent and desecrating Bullying, Dis-crimination, Bigotries, and multileveled and varying Disenfranchisements and shrugging Neglects - whether from a Nation, a Leader and his minions, or an Individual, All Know that It is always the same. 
Tyrants/Bullies All use Pain and Fear, Emotional Pain and Fear, Physical Pain and Fear, Calculated and/or Habitual Pain and Fear to Force their Will - their Way upon You.
Yes, Pain Changes You.  Fear Changes You.  From Inside Out and Outside In.
Pain Fractures and Strengthens You and Weakens and Fortifies You.
In one Infinitesimal Increment or Instantaneously Magnified Way or another - Pain Changes You.
Moment-by-Moment, Day-by-Day, Year-by-Year, Life-time-by-Life-time, Pain and Fear Change You.
For Better or for worse, Pain Changes You.
Evolutionary Transformations are Painful.  They make every Living Creature UnComfortable and Fearful.  But We the Peoples of this beautiful blue-green gemstone of a Planet are up to the Predictable UnPredictabilities inherent within the Processes of Forward Moving, Thinking, Feeling and Positively Creative Change.

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