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Show me the…fish!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-11 14:38:18
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It is only days since I was writing an article about a futuristic reality for the generations to come. A future in which animals, like cows, will be something seen only in photos and 3D documentaries just like the dinosaurs are for us today.

It took thousands of years for the dinosaurs to become extinct and that happened millions of years ago. Unfortunately, this case with the cows doesn’t seem so much of a science fiction, especially after what I read on the news. There will be nothing left to fish by the middle of the century if current trends continue and that comes from a scientific study performed by Dalhousie University in Canada.

Middle of the century means…let me see, only forty-four years from now. It might seem hard to believe, but not impossible, that I will be alive then if I stop some bad habits, so the possibility of this happening in my lifetime somehow hit me harder. And as if I didn’t have enough from that university in Canada, another professor, Steve Palumbi from Stanford University California, gave me the second and strongest hit, "We have already depleted one-third of the stock and if nothing fundamentally changes in the next few years this will be the last century of wild seafood."

"The image I use to explain why biodiversity is so important is that marine life is a bit like a house of cards," said Dr Worm, another professor added, "All parts of it are integral to the structure; if you remove parts, particularly at the bottom, it's detrimental to everything on top and threatens the whole structure. And we're learning that in the oceans, species are very strongly linked to each other - probably more so than on land." On the land, as well professor, on the land!

I’m not going to stop in the study; I suppose these people spent enough time on their study and calculations, so when they come out with conclusions like that they must be right. However, writing about it again, just days after I was writing about the whaling, makes the whole process seem pointless. What did I miss? Why, from one side, all these people keep sending warnings and the other side, the ones who have power to do something, simply ignore them? What’s wrong with me? What am I missing?

"Show me the money!" is not an answer with which I can live, not only because it has to do with my general attitude in life, but also because there is money everywhere. When I used to work for the marketing department of an international retail company, we were excited when this 'fashion' for healthy food arrived and the marketing department had an orgasm when vegetarian food became a stronger market. A whole new era. That’s what I mean when I say that I find it hard to believe that they cannot 'See the money!'

However, I’m not sure if they can see the money, but I do know that their kids will not be able to see the fish if they continue like that.

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Asa2006-11-12 10:33:55
If it means that I don't have to have fresh Finnish salmon again, then bring on the rape of our oceans...

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