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Candy Skittles and Iced Fruit Tea Meet a Gun
by Leah Sellers
2013-07-18 08:47:55
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When the Exterior Body of a Human Being takes on the Conscious, Sub-Conscious and UnConscious Sins of a Community - A Nation - a World. When the Exterior Body of a Human Being Becomes a Community’s - a Nation’s - a World’s Sin Eater. An Energetic Event will inevitably occur which Brings - which Draws - which Compels the Community - the Nation - the World Toward Awareness and Acknowledgement of the Sins and the signified Sin Eater.

Trayvon Martin - a beautiful, healthy, Life-filled seventeen year old Black Male took on the Sins of Our American Culture through the fractured Prism of Perception of one George Zimmerman, and that American Boy is now dead.

Trayvon Martin, bag of candy Skittles and can iced fruit tea in hand, innocently walking home from a local convenience store, talking to a friend on the phone was followed by a Strange Man with a Concealed Gun in the Dark.

Trayvon Martin is Dead. The Sin Eater is Dead. While George Zimmerman, the Killer of the Black Boy/Sin Eater is found Not Guilty of the Killing he admitted to committing.

The Jury of Six Women were instructed to Find George Zimmerman Not Guilty of his Killing of Trayvon Martin if the The State had not Proven beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that George Zimmerman had not Killed Trayvon Martin in Self Defense (in a State that has a murkily strong Stand Your Ground Law). A Law, which in this case did not consider Trayvon Martin’s unexpected and unfortuitous Need to perhaps Stand His Ground with his Candy Skittles and Iced Fruit Tea against the Strange Man with a Concealed Gun following him in the Dark.

One Human Being’s PreDetermined Fears met with another Human Being’s created and PreDetermined Fears. And as so often happens, Fear Becomes an Element and Agent of the Death of SomeOne or SomeThing.

Perhaps it’s Time for some of America’s Laws and Cultural Motivations to be re-Examined and re-Structured. Because Laws should Serve and Protect Us All. Not just the Wealthy. Not just the Powerful. Not just the Weapon’s Companies who have Paid Lawyers to twist and tweak the Laws here and there so that when their Avaricious Intent to have EveryOne own and shoot Guns is met, the Gun Owners and Shooters won’t be Charged, Arrested or Tried for accidentally or purposefully Killing other Human Beings.

Perhaps it’s another One of Those Times when All Americans should try and take a good, long and Reflective Look into the Looking Glass of OurSelves and Our Institutions. Who we Truly Are - What We Truly Believe - What Really Moves Us Forward as Individuals and as Americans - What We Truly Represent, and what is presently Being Truly or UnTruly Represented about Us, and within Us.

Self-Perpetuated Crimes of, and the Conscious, Sub-conscious and UnConscious Creation of Sin Eaters within Our Communities - within Our Nations - and within the World-at-large will only continue to fester, infect and ultimately destroy Us All, unless We Choose to Correct - to Fix what Needs Correcting - what Needs Fixing. And that Demands Open Minds, Open Hearts, Knowledge, Reflection, Hard Work, Discipline, Empathy and Courage, Internally and Externally, from Us All.

We must All strive to offer the continued Hope and Inspiration for the Evolutionary Changes which must take place (painful and chaotic as they may be to Acknowledge and Deal with) for All of Humanity to Lean Forward - to Surge Forward toward a more Enlightened and Freed Equality of Rights and State of Being for One and All, Future.

Trayvon was killed by, and George's Life was Negatively Impacted by the ImPrisoning, Suffocating and Poisonous influences of Punishing and Corrosive Bigotries and Ignorances. This Event, and many others congruent to it, are Individualized and Socialized Torture - Eventual Just Society Killers.

The Prisoners in Prison (and especially in Isolation) are also being negatively impacted by the ImPrisoning, Suffocating, and Poisonous influences of Punishing and Corrosive Bigotries, Ignorances and Avarice. Prisons are Privatized/State run Big Money Dumb-Ball Machines. Ching ! Ching ! This, too, is Individualized and Socialized Torture - an Eventual Just Society Killer

Human Beings unable to get Proper HealthCare (for whatever Reasonings and UnReasonings) are also negatively impacted and ImPrisoned within Sick and Deteriorating Bodies and Minds by ImPrisoning, Suffocating and Poisonous influences of Individual and Social ignorances, Avarice and Bigotries.

Insurance Companies and Medical Corporations have made billions of dollars Pocketing the lives of Others. Ching ! Ching ! This, too, is Individualized (Custom Made) and socialized Torture - an Eventual Just Society Killer.

And the List of Lamentations seeking Revelations, Illuminations and Evolutions goes on and on.....carrying the Past and Present into a more Enlightened and Freed Equality of Rights and State of Being for One and All, Future.

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