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In A Sacred Manner
by David Sparenberg
2013-07-14 11:24:46
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I embrace the spiritually evolved primitive—the enlightened primitive individual and community, beyond reconnection, into re-membering and integrating into a healing Earth and the inter-layered sacramental dream of creation. 

If I was conscious spirit of this living Earth or dream intention of a god-creator, I would rid the world of modern viruses—the human disruptor, the human destroyer, dictator and disaster—and open the way for the ecozoic and advent of human Earth poets and human Earth warriors.  And woman—one with archetypes and the Mothers—who bestows the way of shaman, lost languages of angels, and midwifery.
I walk in the way of those who live in a sacred manner.  Does this make me the enemy of civilization?  Does this make me  a rebel challenging authority?
Listen to the beating heart.  Confess to a memory stone.  Contemplate the icon of a tree.  Study the uniqueness of your beauty in a mirror of water.  Resurrect in life, like garden, renewing miracles of love.
Stop chasing the dope dealer of paradise.  The treasure map of your soul has been misinterpreted and light of the blessed darkened by ink of a fairy tale.  But hear me now—I will teach you something secretive but plainly: Your lover is dressed in the ordinary of each hour, waiting to disrobe in splendor.  Nudity attends renewal.  Truth is written sexual in the love-maker’s hymnal.
Cast a shadow always round—a future-primal—and you will cast out fear.
David Sparenberg
5 July 2013


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