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The Right To Choose: Cycles of Creation and Destruction
by Leah Sellers
2013-07-11 12:23:21
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America’s Democratic Republic is an amazing Social Experiment.  She continues to yawn and stretch, satisfactorily moan and disagreeably groan under the Yin and Yang of simultaneously Static and Dynamic, Creative and Destructive, Individual, Collective, Generational and Institutional (Economic/Social/Judicial and Political) Changes.
For instance, the striking down of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) is basically about an Individual’s Right to Love whomever they Choose to Love, in order to Create a Better Life for ThemSelves with expanded Opportunities and Potentialities.  In order to Build a Life Together with another Human Being, which will Hopefully be a Better Life with expanded Opportunities and Potentialities.
The struggles of Conscience against and for Roe versus Wade ( a Woman’s Right to abort/terminate/Destroy the fetus of a Baby she is carrying for whatever Reasonings) in order to Hopefully Create and Build a Better Life for HerSelf with expanded Opportunities and Potentialities is also a National Bone of Contention.
However, this Bone of Contention is being heralded (for the most part) by the very same faction of Folks who are simultaneously Destroying the much Needed Legal and Fiscal Social Net Ways and Means to Protect, Maintain and Sustain the very same Cluster of Cells they so vehemently want to Create Laws to Force Women to Bear to term.  Clusters of Cells floating in embryonic fluids who slide from the Mother’s Womb to become walking and talking Clusters of Cells (Human Life) which must be Fed, Clothed, Sheltered, Loved, kept Healthy, Educated and Put to Work perpetuating the so called expanded Opportunities and Potentialities of the American Dream. 
Creating a World of dangerously Bony and Contentious polarizing Non-Sense.
Then there’s the Social Angst over the Right to Bear Arms - to shoot 20 to 100 bullets from a military gun Created to kill/ Destroy other Human Beings now used by the Mammal and Bird Hunters of America, and also occasionally used by misanthropic and confused young men to maim and kill/Destroy hundreds of Human Beings in Social Settings just because they Want to - just because they Can.
There is also the Right to Join the Military.  Another Choice of Creation/Destruction to ponder and wonder upon.  Men and Women Choose to enter (or are occasionally conscripted to enter) the Military in order to Destroy opponents who would possibly prevent Them (and their Loved Ones) from Creating the Life they Choose to Build for ThemSelves within the Political/Social/Judicial/Economic system of the Country They have Chosen to Give their Allegiance and Life’s Efforts to and toward, in order to Maintain and Sustain the continued Creation of the Hopefully expanded Opportunities and Potentialities for a Better Life for ThemSelves, their Loved Ones and the Country they have Chosen to defend unto Death and Destruction.
And the List goes on and on.  Every Decision (Choice) made by the Individual Legislators and the Courts is one of either further Creation or Destruction of whatever Freedoms, Rights, Opportunities and Potentialities they are hammering away at or haggling over.  A Freedom here.  A Liberty there.  A Right added to or done away with has calculable and incalculable Ripple Effects throughout the Lives of every Individual, every Collective, every Generation and every Institution (Economic/Social/Judicial/Political).
That’s why every Country Needs Wise and Far-Sighted Men and Women in Leadership Positions/Positions of Power Citywide, Statewide, Nationwide and Worldwide.  And not Selfish, Megalomaniacal, Short-Sighted, UnWise, Profiteers in Positions of Leadership/Positions of Power.
Every Choice We Make in Life is Simultaneously Creative and Destructive.  That is why each Choice must be Thought and Felt, in and out, to its Utmost before it is Brought into, Cast into, the ever Rippling Cycles of Life and Death, Opportunities and Potentialities.

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