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Don't Mess With Texas Women!
by Leah Sellers
2013-07-02 10:14:35
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Ain't Democracy Grand !

The Ragin' Red Republican Texas Power Brokers (or is that Breakers ?) tweaked, and squeaked, and squawked, and outright Bullied their Anti-Abortion Bill through the Republican led Texas Congress in a Special Session called by Republican Governor (the Man Who Would Be KIng) Rick Perry, within the hallowed pink granite halls of the Capital City of Austin, Texas. And they almost got away with it.

What stopped 'em ? Hundreds upon thousands of Texas Women, and the Texas Men who support them, and some particularly feisty Texas Ladies who led the Fiilabusterin' charge: Senator Wendy Davis (who did the bulk of the all day tongue waggin' in her Texas Orange Sneakers), Senator Leticia Van De Putt (who left her father's funeral in order to help her colleague, and Women of Texas, win the day), and Cecile Richards (the National President of Planned Parenthood) who put her Shoulders to the Wheel as well.

All of these Energies and Uplifted Voices came to bear in Support of a Woman's Right to Choose what they Do with their own Bodies, their own Lives, and their own HealthCare.

Yippee-ti-oh-ki-aye ! Git along Little Doggies ! Hang on to your Hats and your Chaps, 'cause this Cattle Drive has just begun !


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