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The Revolution Is Inside You
by David Sparenberg
2013-07-01 09:46:35
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If you do not see differently—and vision comes first, it is before everything else—see what is unsightly and invisible and bring the unsightly into rehabilitation or re-membering through acts of beauty and bring the invisible into view

and if your seeing comes to feel—for feeling is essential not to be indentured to false needs idols and addictions—feelinge lost and buried delving quaking shifting inner tectonic plates discovering new dimensions reclaiming that you feel enchanted more alive and lively and connected are filled with awareness and wonderment with pathos and passion—and this is truth-force this is real this of reality and not fantasy or fluttering like erotic substitution of pulp romances or sentimental substitution in colored sugar candies of Disney movies

and if from feeling you begin to think differently in different lines curve shapes patterns and combinations going down to the roots and there birthing out of the realms of myth and mothers are radicalized are shamanized in ascension and new thoughts (better, new thinking) in creative processes emerge volcanic turbulent and sublime dangerous and fertile to disturb and inspire ripen dissolve and transform

and if from event-thinking re-Earth hidden treasures from ancient alchemy of soul morphing in subtle and physical Eros and magic into cosmic gold rush new words are started and new language forming toward others similar to this language I speak to you now emerges with profound and revolutionary urgency intensity and insistence a flower a flow of pain and fear courage and humility reverence and shaking medicine dancing prophecy enlightenment evolution and metamorphic joy

then out of all this and the unique—a Rembrandt of seeing a Beethoven of vibratory sound and feeling a Leonardo of renaissance thinking a Shakespeare of marveling and marvelous speech and probing into intricacies of what makes us what we are—and I am identifying here individuals who became both departures and destinations who remapped direction and added to the collectives of  human capacities—then

(and you are not animal changed and shaman changed and angel changed and utter) the consequences are dire and karma a boa in the organs gnawing binds.  This: If you are not part of the solution—as intimate-integral as fully engaged and change-supercharged to reinvent being human and initiate and dare the dialogue out-between of us and our otherness—you are part of the problem.  And the degrees of death in the corruption of extravagance of waste and wealth smiling while yet corporate have civilization fully by the throat and are equally determined to enforce slavery and murder.

This is why I speak of desire because it is cosmic and gives love a chance and this is why I frequently cry out for freedom.  If asked what I most long for to further my sojourn I will answer: Here are three wishes—first a wind fast pony sired by the sun second embodying the mystic power of the Ghost Dance to the buffalo returning and third a Spirit Shirt that caresses my skin and cannot be penetrated by the bullets of modernity.

But if this is too much to expect and far gone I wish for you to be my companion for God to invite us both back into the dream of creation and for our hearts hereafter together to be filled after rain with compassion.

David Sparenberg

23 June 2013


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