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The Whole Wide World in Her Hands
by Leah Sellers
2013-07-08 10:55:29
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“Cheyenne, careful, Honey.  You’ll spin that Old Family Globe right off of its Axis Rod,”  Mama gently admonished.

“Look, Mama, I’ve got the Whole Wide World in My Hands,”  Cheyenne laughed delightedly.

“Mama, in my Geography Class, I must find where I live in the city of Austin, in the State of Texas, in the Country of the United States of America, in the Continent of North America, in the Northern Hemisphere of the Whole Wide World, which is called Planet Earth.”

“My, my.  That is quite a mouth full,”  Mama feigned impressed surprise. 

“I must also find the latitude and longitude of Austin, Texas.  And did you know that the Northern Hemisphere is the top part of the Whole Wide World, and the Southern Hemisphere is the bottom half ?”  Cheyenne continued.  “And do you see this thick line right dab in the middle of the Whole Wide World, Mama ?”

“Why, yes, I believe I do.”

“Well, that’s an invisible line that some person in the olden days made-up for everyone else to believe in called the Equator.”

Yes, Ma’am.  And looky here, Mama.  I found Africa.  Look at how big it is.  Look at all of the pretty different countries that it is made up of.  And there’s South America and Central America.”  Cheyenne pointed out each location for her Mama as she called them out aloud.  “And Europe.  That’s where our ancestors came from before they moved to America.  And there’s Asia.  And Australia.  And Antarctica.  And the Artic.  The South and North Poles are where the Penguins and Polar Bears live, Mama.”

“That’s right, darling.”

“And Mama, Africa is where they have Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, and Elephants, oh my,”  Cheyenne giggled.

“Well, we might find Lions and Elephants living in Africa naturally, and perhaps a Bear, because Bears of all kinds are found all over the World.  But Tigers are found primarily in India, along with the Indian Elephants.”

“Locate India, Cheyenne, and tell me what Continent it, and the Tigers and Elephants are a part of,”  Mama requested.

Cheyenne used her Mama’s query as another excuse to spin and spin the Old Family Globe again, just because she enjoyed watching how all of the pretty colors and shapes would all meld together as they spun and whizzed by her Curious Gaze.

Abruptly, Cheyenne stopped the Old Family Globe.  “India is in Asia, Mama.  And look Mama.  Russia and China are in Asia, too !”

“Looky, Mama.  I found Capital ‘S’ and little ’t’ period.  I think that is a breviation for another word.  Petersburg, in Russia.  Russia has a city named after Uncle Peter, Mama,”  Cheyenne announced.

“You’re right, Cheyenne.  The Capital “S” and little “t” period are an abbreviation for Saint.  That’s St. Petersburg, Russia.  It’s a beautiful city.”

“Looky here, Mama.  St. Petersburg is a city, in the Country of Russia, in the Continent of Asia, in the Northern Hemisphere of the Whole Wide World that is called Planet Earth.”

“I think you’ve got the hang of it, Precious.”

Cheyenne suddenly wrapped the Old Family Globe up in her small arms and Hugged it tight.

“What are you doing, Cheyenne ?”

“I’m giving the Whole Wide World a Love Hug, Mama.”

Mama, laughed warmly and asked, “Why are you Love Hugging that Old Globe, Baby ?”

“’Cause, Mama, I just Realized something.  All Human Beings, and All Animals may Live in different Places all over the Whole Wide World, but we all Share something in Common.”

“We All Live Together on the Planet Earth.  Planet Earth is all of Our Home.  We’re All Earthlings !”

“I’m an Austinite.  And a Texan.  And a North American.  And a Northern Hemispherean.  But most importantly, I’m an Earthling.”

“We’re All Earthlings, Mama.  So, we must All Love the Whole Wide World.  And EveryOne, and every Animal, that Lives on it.  Because we are All Living on One Home spinning around and around on its invisible Axis Rod, and around the Sun, in Outer Space.”

“We’re All Earthling’s, Mama.  So we must Take Care of All Human Beings, and All Animals.  And all Trees and Flowers.  And all of the Birds flying around in the Air.  And even the Air, Mama.  And all of the Rivers and Lakes.  And the Ocenas.  And the Whales, and the Dolphins and the Fish.  And all of the Land Everywhere.  And the Butterflies, and the Ants.  And the Snakes, and the Alligators, and the Turtles and the Frogs.  And EveryBody and EveryThing.  Because we are All Earthlings !” Cheyenne closed her Bright Eyes, and squeezed, and Hugged the Old Family Globe even tighter.

Mama walked over to her Little Girl, and wrapping her Arms around Cheyenne, and the Old Family Globe, held them all Together Protectively and Inclusively within a warm Group Hug.

“Yes, Cheyenne.  You’re right.  We are all Connected, and all Live on one beautiful Blue-Green Gemstone of a Home called Planet Earth.  We are All Earthlings.”

“Yes Mama, we are All Earthlings, who have the Whole Wide World in our Hands.  So, it’s very important what We Do with Our Hands, Mama.  Very important.”

“Yes, Little One.  Very important, indeed.”

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