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The Global Puritanical Onslaught Against Women, Workers and the Poor
by Leah Sellers
2013-06-30 11:14:48
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Yes, while some Women are Required to wear Veils and not attend school, etc…, and subjugate themselves to the Needs of Men (and the Women who support their Needing to subjugate themselves to Men’s Needs and Desires), other Women are Required to have Vaginal Probes and forced to keep Rape Babies…etc., and subjugate themselves to the Needs of Men (and the Women who support their Needing to subjugate themselves to Men’s Needs and Desires) in some states within the United States of America, and some countries around the Globe.

Yes, since the terrible, murderous Actions taken by Osama bin Laden, and his devotees on 9/11, the Puritanical Wahhabist Muslims and the Puritanical Right Wing (and some Left Wing) Evangelicals have been having a Hey Day with Puritanism.  In fact, it’s as though they are in a Global Competition to see who can Turn Back the Hands of Time and Change the Most, and the First.

Sharia Religious Law does have some things to say about Teaching their devotees to hate all Non-Muslims, and that they must strive to OverThrow what they Perceive to be Corrupt or IrReligious Governments.  So, Osama bin Laden had a lot of Religious dogma behind his murderous Intentions and Actions for the good ’ole U.S. of A..  His devotees were given permission, by religious law, to Kill those who supposedly opposed their beliefs.

Since then, it’s as if the Right Wing Evangelicals are Hades bent on proving to the World (and to the Muslims of the World) that America is not Godless and is not Corrupt.  That We are more alike than we are different.

And in many ways, they are correct.  Both sides have been Behaving in some very Corruptible and Godless ways for quite some time now.

“See,”  the Right Wing Evangelicals (and others supporting them) say, ‘We’re getting our Women in line and back into our Homes and under our thumbs.  Not to mention the not-so-secret-secret, that the White Men of our GOP (and others supporting them) are just plain afraid of the browning of America, and so we need more Women off of Contraceptives and other Health options, and focused on having babies, preferably white babies. But we‘ll never admit to that Fear, or our manipulations of Women due to that Fear, and the other Fear of not being Puritanical enough when compared to the Wahhabist Puritanism.  After all, this is America, and we are competitive by Nature.  And, no, we do not care about the World already being over populated with wanted and unwanted Children, and EveryOne running out of Natural Resources to keep our little pea-pickin’ overpopulatin’ Selves Alive !”

And the Wahhabist’s Puritanical hatred of non-Muslims, and overthrowing of what they consider to be Corrupt and IrReligious Governments, is not an ancient phenomena, it only dates back to 300 years more or less.

All of this fol-der-ol has been born and magnified within the Greedy Lust and Avarice for Power, Oil, Money, Violence and the Subjugation, and eventual EnSlavement of most Women, the Working Classes and the Poor.  

The Elitists from both Puritanical Traditions are getting a Free and Soul-Killing Ride off of the weary, and sorely abused backs of the Working Classes, the Poor and most Women.

All they want to do is Carelessly and Austerely Slice ‘n Dice Global Economies and Liberating Enlightened Evolutionary Thought, and continued Social Mobility for the Working Classes, the Poor and most Women.  They must be kept in their Place, so that They can have and enjoy their elevated Places.

Mohammed was a Great Prophet, who also believed that Christ was a Great Prophet, and Honored the Teachings of Christ.  

Christ Teaches that We are all Equal and Equally loved in the Sight of God, and that We should Love and Treat EveryOne as We Love and Treat OurSelves.  Wouldn’t it be nice if We could All Begin our Relationships over again with these very Premises in Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.

What a different World, and Little Piece of Heaven that would Be.


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