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Who Do That Voo-Doo That Who Does So Well (Not) ?!
by Leah Sellers
2013-06-27 10:51:21
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Hear It ?! Can you Hear It ?! The Fear Monger Boogie ! Boogie Woogie Woogie ! Play it Eight to the bar ! From Near and Far !

Feel It ?! Can you Feel It ?! The rumblin' and grumblin' of the Social Tectonic Plates as they Rock 'n Roll, shift and shimmy beneath Our ever so inSecure feet ?!

Syria, Our Hearts grieve for your losses. For the Wars within Wars that you find YourSelves Locked and writhing for Escape within. But You Need Our Food, Our Medicines and Our Building Materials - not Our Killing Machines to be put into Who Knows Who's manipulative, ever restless and destructive Hands.

And now the Voices will cry out - We Need the NSA All Knowing and All Seeing Myopic Eyes and Ears Everywhere. Who Needs Rights to Privacy, Personal Freedoms and Liberties ? The Fear Monger Boogie is blaring !

America's War Machine is revving up its Engines again to appease Older Statesmen locked in Old Destructive, Chest Thumping Patterns, who would call the Pragmatic PeaceMakers who want to Focus upon Internal Nation Building rather than External Nations Mayhem and Destruction wusses ?! To appease the Weapons Makers greedy coffers ? To appease the Nations who are needing to get rid of a few routy Young Folks who are Dis-turbed about their Countries Selling their Futures out from under their already inSecure Feet ?! To dis-tract the American Public from its Internal Problems (that we are finally beginning to try and Fix) by Giving them some more Treasure and Life draining External Problems to be Concerned about, Paranoid of - Afraid of ?! To move Us further along and deeper into the machinations of those who set up this Global Gameboard of Chaos long ago, and before the Attempted return to the Dark Ages of Elitist Fiscal and Military Feudalism once again ?!

Can You Hear It ?! Can You Feel It ?!

And by the way, Ed Snowden, the Tide is being deliberately turned against you, and EveryBody else, right along with some other important National and Global Things, within all of this Toxic Voo-Doo Brew. So, get ready Folks, to Boogie-Woogie-Woogie !

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