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Zen of Blue Heron
by David Sparenberg
2013-06-24 10:43:40
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repentance is an impoverished old word—third  world and threadbare—in need of wealth and new understanding honoring is a way of life nearly forgotten after the Wounded Knee of genocide

i place a stone in my palm; turn my face into dawn light  i chant the rhythm of heartbeat out over rippling lake water welcoming the sage example of a lofty sequoia 

i confess

i hop into my car when i could more conscientiously walk   i eat more than is needed for health and simplicity  i guzzle down the brews and beverages of consumer chemistry and corrupt the purity of water  i shop when i could do yoga and pursue vanity when i could practice qi gong  choosing limitation over liberation i stare into the opiate of television when i could mediate and habitually i curse instead of pray

a stranger to integrity and balance i often ask “what will i do today – how will i change” but i defensively shut down feeling and avoid the humiliation of reflection and response

repentance is a hollowness inside; honoring a wound between my eyes

this is thing   this is The Thingness  this then is It: my breathing like rusty water dripping onto a tin pan; my dreams are afflicted  i am diseased with forgetfulness and the acupuncture of nails

one stone lay centered in one palm  my hand is a presence  i struggle to introduce my depths to the revolution of roundness   i turn my face into dawn  i ask forgiveness of lake water  of zen of a blue heron  of elder wisdom of a tall sequoia

in the science of darkness

David Sparenberg

17 June 2013


My new video project, CROSSING THE THRESHOLD TOGETHER, is now posted on Indiegogo.com.  An introductory video is included in the post. Please have a view and support this project which is based on writings from my OVI ebook LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS


From Thanos Kalamidas: Support activly David Sparenberg's cause and contribute NOW HERE to HELP David raise the money to continue his work! 

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Leah Sellers2013-06-26 06:31:03
Mr. David,
Sir, I am so very supportive of your Talent, Art and Work.
I will have to wait until two weeks, however, before I can drop a few dollars your way.
I Wish you the very Best regarding this endeavor, Dear Sir.

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