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Toward a Future Primal
by David Sparenberg
2013-06-16 12:13:40
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I will not say that this is the wrath of God.  It is not for me to make pronouncement.  Let everyone look into their heart.  Go down in solitude to that dimension where authentic prayer is hiding.  Ask there: “What is happening?”

Over centuries, as collective, we have had time enough to receive and to embrace light.  Over generations few have received; fewer still embraced.  The majority races to join the danse macabre of history.  Hordes with death’s head insignia claim domination out of victory.  Yet wisdom and harmony vanish.

Many people eat in the slaughterhouse of fast food and spiritual starvation.  Few enter the banquet-meadow of beatitude, and sit in the ordinary grass at the feast of enlightenment.

I will say on this in the moment of my agony an longing: Earth speaks; she more often cries. Yet

Earth is the jewel and beloved of God.  Look for abundant life out across the cosmos.  Then look into the mirror of soul and land, sky and sea.

I will say no more than this; There is something urgent being messaged in the wind.  It is harsh and sudden.  Winds hook, words begin to howl.  Panic!—there is danger.

Whether this is God or bad weather, for us it is the same.  We are called upon; we are called out.  And told, indisputably, to repent.  Repentance now is change.

Yes, we have extensive power.  Powerbrokers, that is what we are, with all that attends the titan’s assumption.  We can abuse Earth; we might even destroy Earth.  But we cannot survive our lies against the truth-force of creation.

Choices are confrontational.  Problems extend beyond pity.  Now there is fear and trembling; now there is suffering unto death.  Or there might yet be sacrifice into simplicity, disciplining ourselves in humility to live forgiveness.

To turn to the wind to say, “Sorry!”  To turn to God saying, “Grant us this day a place in sanity.  And tomorrow, a future primal.”

12 June 2013

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An introductory video is included in the post. Please have a view and support this project.


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leah sellers2013-06-17 01:47:44
Mr. David,
Sir, I don't think that Ovi is taking comments any more, but I have to say that you are such a Beautiful Mind, Heart and Soul. Such a Beautiful, and Shining, Mind, Heart and Soul.

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