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Edward Snowden: Vertax - Truth Teller
by Leah Sellers
2013-06-14 11:00:26
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Truth Telling is a dangerous Path.  A Path, once taken, full of predictably unpredictable twists and turns, capricious detours and expectedly unexpected dead ends. 

A Truth is Voiced, and one Life Ends while a new Life painfully cracks the Cosmic Egg of Creation and is Born to new Beginnings from vestiges of the Past Life never quite left behind.  Vestiges which echo and Resonate within every strand of Purpose and Fate the New Life weaves and spins.

Edward Snowden/Vertax/Truth Teller, has Chosen to Live such a Life.  To Walk and Run such a Difficult and Treacherous Life‘s Path. 

He Walked Away from his comfortable $200,000 dollars a year job with a Private Business Security Firm, and his comfortable Home and Relationship in Hawaii, his Family, and his comfortable Life as a Capitalistic Success Story in the United States of America for his Personal Ideals of Civil Liberties, Personal Freedoms, Personal Privacies and Personal Human Rights.

He broke the Rules of the Game, because the Game is breaking the Rules of genuine Civil Liberties, Personal Freedoms, Human Rights and precious moments of Personal Privacies he Believes in, and Knows that most other Americans Believe in.

The Eye-Spy Game played Nationally and Globally is gobbling up Civil Liberties, Personal Freedoms, Basic Human Rights, and precious moments of Personal Privacies within Our Human Made Machines and Technologies, and their ever moving, ever collecting, ever analyzing and evaluating algorithms, strands and patternings.

Why not have our Global Governments and Corporations encroach upon, use and abuse the information and MetaData collected from our Personal Telephones, Ipads, Smart Phones, Computers, Kindles, Robo-Cameras placed everywhere for our Safety….etc. for Our continued Comfort within Our constantly dis-tracted and digitized Comfort Zones ?

Oh, did you think that it was only the NSA invading your Personal Liberties, Freedoms and Moments of Privacy ?

All of this Invasion of Our Civil and Personal Liberties, Freedoms, Rights and Moments of Privacy, has been bought and sold to the highest Bidders of Private Security Businesses, like the one that Edward Snowden worked for, all over the World.

How Comfortable do you feel within your façade of an infiltrated Comfort Zone now ?

Edward Snowden was right.  There will be those who will Attack and Demonize him, so that Our Eyes get Dis-tracted from the real Issues and Debates we should be having.

How do We the Peoples of the World stay ahead of and manage Our new Machines and Technologies so that they do not decimate, do not gobble up, do not greedily devour our Human Rights, Liberties, Freedoms and Privacies into extinction ?

What happens to the Psychologies of Peoples who know that they are always being listened to, watched, absorbed, analyzed, evaluated, packaged, manipulated by Data for the Benefit of Some Invisible Entity’s Pocketbook or Machinations ?  Individual and Collective Paranoia ?  Algorithmic

Dis-Trust ?  Generational Dis-ease ?

In attacking Ed Snowden personally, they will Seek to Dis-honor, De-fame,

Be-little, De-value his Intellect, His Character and his Motives.

The same has been done to all Whistleblowers, Leakers, Heroes and Traitors throughout the Ages.  It’s a tired old Social Tool of Destruction.

Christ was called a traitor by the Jews who wanted him to be the King of the Jews.  When he refused the crown and their wishes he was called a traitor to his people.  Someone who was not living up to his full potential.  A self destructive, under achieving, Loser !  A Nomadic Social MisFit !  

He’s just an ignorant, low classed  Carpenter !  What does he know ?  And did you hear about the tantrum he threw in the Temple when he turned over the tables of the Money-Changers, and told them to get out ?  That they had no place there, and that they were defiling the Sacred House of God ? 

He is out-of-control !  He should be hospitalized or jailed before he hurts someone, or hurts himself !

Just who does he think he is ?  He’s a Trouble Maker !  He’s got EveryOne talking about, and debating, the Freeing Liberties and Divine and Natural Rights of the Spirit !  He’s a rabble-rouser !  Even the Romans fear his sway with the Masses !  He keeps Blowing the Whistle and Leaking out all over the place about how we can Heal and Fix the problems of our Man-Made Social Structures and Orders !   He’s SomeOne worthy of being Crucified !

Christ died, but his Revelatory, Illuminating and Uplifting Ideals Live on within the Hearts and Minds of People around the Globe.  And have Evolved into and Permeated other Documents like the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights which also Speak Up and Speak Out for the Individual and Collective Liberties, Freedoms, Privacies and Rights of All Human Beings.

Christ was a Man of Conscience.  Ghandi was a Man of Conscience.  Martin Luther King, Jr., was a Man of Conscience.  Many of Our American ForeFathers and ForeMothers were People of Conscience.

Ed Snowden is a Young Man of Conscience, who has Chosen the very difficult Path of a Vertax - a Truth Teller.  That Pathway is, at times, laden with pitfalls and burdens of despair. 

Ed Snowden is a Courageous Truth Teller who has Given all of We the People the Opportunity to Re-Think and Thoughtfully Re-Tool Our Relationships with Machines and Technologies, Governments and Corporations, and what they mean to Our Sacred Ideals of Personal and Civil Liberties, Freedoms, Privacies, Basic Human Rights and Dignity.

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