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But Daddy, I Don't Want to Be a Proper Lady !
by Leah Sellers
2013-06-08 10:34:35
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Daddy was frowning at his rambunctious eight year old Daughter again.  “Cheyenne, I want you to start behaving like a proper Young Lady.”
“But Daddy, I don’t want to be a Proper Lady !  Being a Proper Lady is boring.  I want to be Adventure Girl !”
“Adventure Girl ?!  I’m about to give you an adventure you’re never going to forget, if you don’t take those rags off this very minute and get some proper clothes on, Young Lady.”
“But Daddy, it took me all morning to make these Indian clothes out of Mama’s old sheet.”  Cheyenne swirled around so that her Daddy could get a better look at her outfit. 
“Don’t you like all of the Indian designs I painted on my Indian suit and pants ?  I got them out of a book on different Indian tribe designs.  These are from the tribe of the Cheyenne.  Just like my name.  Don’t you like all of the pretty colors I used ?  And the fringe that I cut on my sleeves and the bottom of my shirt ?  Look, at how they swing back and forth, Daddy.”
“Some of the paint dribbled and ran on some of my designs, but I don’t care.  I still think they’re pretty.”
“And look at my headband, Daddy, and the two peacock feathers Mama let me use out of her flower display in the foyer.  I’m an Indian Princess,
Daddy !  Woo-woo-Woo-woo !”  Cheyenne began to whoop, hum and dance her Made-up Indian Rain Dance around the room.
Her Daddy laughed and sighed exasperatedly, “I give up.  You’re
Impossible !”
“I don’t mean to be, Daddy.  I just want to have Adventures and Make things.  I don’t like playing Barbie Dolls with all of the other Girls.  I’d rather be climbing Trees with Steven Cox.  Or riding my Skateboard.  Or going Swimming down at the Blue Hole with all of my Cousins, and racing down the Zip-line, and dropping feet first into the icy water.  Or jumping the creek with the Horses.  Or riding my Bicycle to Mr. Spark’s Grocery Store.  Or building a Treehouse in the back pasture.  Or building a Go-Cart out of lawn mower parts with Philip and them.  Or planting a garden with Mama. Or traveling all around the World.”
“I don’t mean to be rude or any trouble to you, Daddy.  I just don’t like being bored.  And being a Proper Lady, and doing all of the Proper things that Proper Ladies do all day, is just not my cup of tea, Daddy.  It’s just not for me.  It’s not who I Am.”
“Your Mother has given you and your sisters too much Freedom.  I suppose it’s my fault.  I’m away at Work all of the time.”
“Daddy, how can there be such a thing as too much Freedom ?  What do you mean by that ?  Mama never let’s us go out to play or do anything until all of our chores are done.  Then she tells us to run along and play.  That’s the only time we get to do just what we want to do, Daddy.  How is that too much Freedom.”
“Arguing with you is like arguing with a fence post, Cheyenne.”
“Daddy, I didn’t know that we were arguing.  I just thought that we were Explaining things to one another.”
“Well, I’ve had quite enough Explaining for one day, Young Lady.  Go ahead.  Run along and play like a Wild Indian for the rest of the day if that’s what you really want to do.”
“Thank you, Daddy !  Daddy, before you go away to do something else, will you come out into the backyard and see the Tee-pee I built ?  I have Cheyenne symbols painted all over my tee-pee, too, Daddy.  I think they’re all dry now. They’ve been baking in the sun for hours. I can’t wait to show you !”
“You built a Tee-pee in the backyard ?  My, my you have had a busy day.”
“Yes Sir, and I’ve been waiting for you to get home, so you, and Mama, and Marie, and Rene, and Dawn, and I can have a Tee-Pee Tea Party.  Mama’s already got the tea made, and she baked some chocolate chip cookies for us to eat with our tea,”  Cheyenne announced excitedly.
“You expect your Mama and I to get down on our hands and knees, and crawl into your Tee-pee for a Tea Party ?”
“Yes Sir.  It’ll be easy, Daddy.  I’ve already got blankets and some pillows on the floor of the Tee-pee for everyone !”
“Ha, I’m sure you do.  Alright, let’s stop by the kitchen to round up your Mama and the Girls, and the Tea and Cookies.  And then we’ll all head out to see your Tea Party Tee-Pee.”
“Oh Daddy !  Thank you !  Thank you !  I’m so excited I can barely stand it.  I’ve been waiting for you to get home all day long.”
“Ha, one thing’s for sure, Baby Girl.  Excuse me, Adventure Girl.  I never know what to expect when I get home with a house full of Women-folk.”
“Is that a compliment, Daddy ?”
Cheyenne’s father smiled down at his Bright-Eyed Daughter.  “Yes, Sugar.  It sure is.”
“Let me pull off my old Business Suit and get changed into some more comfortable clothing.  Especially since we’re all going to be crawling around on the Happy Hunting Grounds of your Tee-Pee.”
“Yes, sir.  I’ll meet you in the kitchen, just like you said, with Mama and the Girls.  I’ll help her get everything ready to take out for our Tee-Pee Tea and Cookie Party.  And Daddy, thank you for not always making me be a Boring Proper Lady.”
“Why, you are so very welcome, Cheyenne.  Truth be Told, I wouldn’t have you any other way, most days,”  Cheyenne’s Daddy winked playfully down at his little Adventure Girl.
Cheyenne winked backed at her Daddy, and laughing light-heartedly ran down the hallway toward the kitchen ImProperly whooping, twirling and whirling to her Made-up Indian Rain Dance for her Adventure Girl Tee-Pee Tea and Cookie Party.

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