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Dark-Winged Martyr
by Leah Sellers
2013-06-01 10:31:52
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Oh, Dark-Winged Martyr
Your fiery plumage stings my Soul
Makes me flinch
And Cry aloud
Did You not Know ?
Did You not Think it through ?
Your Righteous Indignation
And Need for Action against the Violence
Done to Your People
To YourSelf
Was Just
Is Just
But when you took up Violent Action and Re-Action
You BeCame the very Energies you Opposed
You Stood Up and Spoke Out against
Shouted Out against
We have Lost
The Importance and Beauty
Of Your Life’s Song
You are Gone
Swallowed whole
By Actions of Rage, Revenge and Regret
The World Needed Your Voice
Your Just Reasonings
Your Righteous Discourse
But You Chose the Path of Death
And more Death
Your Violence Silenced Your Voice
You and Your Enemy BeCame as One
You Transformed into a Puff of Smoke
And left naught but the Stench
Of Blood and Gore and Mutilation
And the Reverberations of
Continued Insanely Repetitive
And more deeply entrenched
Hatreds, Rages, Revenges and Regrets
You BeCame that Bomb, that Gun, that Machete, that Knife
That Violence You so Justly Opposed
You so Righteously wanted to Make Dis-appear
Oh, Dark-Winged Martyr
Did You not See ?
Did You not Know ?
Your Voice of Violent OutRage
Against Others
Against YourSelf
Is now just another Waning Echo
Just another Lost Vesper of Despair

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