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That Waitress
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-06-02 12:08:00
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She's nobody's baby, that's for sure.
Busting tables for years now.
She is beginning to get worried
That that special something may never happen after all.

She's exactly thirty, the bloom is half off,
And still her life has not begun,
And she has no idea why.
She's good at what she does, but who cares?

This morning she looked long in the mirror with a critical eye
And saw what she has seen before:
A smile that is still sweet, but no longer innocent,
Good skin, but no longer fresh as a daisy.

She won't try to fool herself.
When the skin was perfect, the smile perfect,
It didn't make any difference anyway.
Next you know there’ll be little crow’s feet…

She does feel like screaming sometimes.
Nothing’s new anymore, just the same old grinding round.
And she is jealous despite herself
When she sees these young girls with their kids.

She's been saving her money.
She’s afraid that she’ll be left behind.
After all, it is time; long past time if you ask her.
She asks herself in the mirror: what’s wrong with you?

Every day she is more and more impatient.
When are things going to break
So that she can break out and live a real life?
Next you know she’ll be in the bars every night…

All she wants are the ordinary things,
The simple things that almost every girl does get.
Her hunger for them now breaks through…
She has to sit for awhile while the tears tear out of her.


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