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The Between
by David Sparenberg
2013-05-30 11:00:56
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Which do we choose?  The inhuman, and I mean by this transhuman, all that is beyond human in the verticality of creation, most specifically God and Earth.  Or do you side with humanity, where we have our own breeds of inhumanity, bloodying, darkening, infecting every horizon. 

Which do you choose?  Which do you choose when the curse and the cursing collide, the chips are down, and the clock strikes?

Or do you dare alertly walk the tightrope tension of prophecy, begging God and Earth for small decency and for mercy, and humanity for repentance and sanity?  Do you dare to be humble enough to relinquish embarrassment; courageous enough to be free before the adhesive shadows of fear?

How good it can be in the everydayness of things, in our illusions-ordinary, to stand with beating heart, bringing good food and wine to the potlatch of compassion.  And to attempt, with mild reason, to take part in negotiations, simple or complex, without coercion.

How more difficult, unknown and potential to traverse the narrow way on a swinging thread between opposing storms—all for sake of metamorphic and relationship altering dialogue.  To have a hungry roaring lion in one’s heart of hearts and a white dove tranquil in one’s soul.  And to speak with pathos to and from God and Earth, while confessing passionately from within the vulnerability of being human.  That conversation between the interfeeds of flame and ember.

I tell you this: prominence of a single emotion—love, fear, shame, sorrow—will finally prove defining for where we choose to take up position, what direction we face into, and for what we hope.

Pray for strength to choose the “Between,” wherein both meeting and miracle happen, in the descending-ascending and angel wrestling of mutuality.  At such, we are held at risk of a wounding that heals into spiritual atonement, attunement, even evolutionary maturity.

Which do you choose, which?  The answer appears to be of multiple choice.  We are offered three options—religious, humanist, prophetic (the between).  There is also None of the Above.  That belongs to the adversary, to everything in time, memory and darkness that opposes life.  Two choices, I suppose, are good.  Only one is correct.

David Sparenberg

27 May 2013 (Memorial Day)



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