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At Arm's Length
by Leah Sellers
2013-05-28 10:20:22
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President Barak Obama, the Pragmatic, Philosophical Poetry Man, sir, first I must say that you are a wonderful Role Model of an Enlightened Human Being.

The honest and candidly forthright Conversation that you had with the Citizens of the United States of America and the World today about the difficulties, complexities, vagaries, definitions (past, present and possible future), and changing meanings, policies and strategies of the seeming Forever (Perpetual) War, Guantanamo Bay Prison and Drones was refreshingly surprising, and well Intentioned.  You are an Intelligent, Compassionate, Honorable and Well Intentioned Human Being.

After 9/11, the Whole Wide World was turned into a Battlefield of Terrorism.  Ah, the Shifting Sands, and Faces, and Places of Terrorism.

What a slippery, electrifyingly destructive oil and blood spill Terrorism thrives and suicidally dies within.  And look at the U.S. of A. and the rest of the World now, constantly trying to track down and locate whatever cracks or crevices of our Security Armor and Defenses the contagious Terrorist ooze has infested and infected.  Oops !  It’s hard to truly See what lies sliding around within the Human Heart at times.  Especially during times of a Forever War’s endless supply of hurts, hatreds, and grisly pains.

President Barak Obama, sir, I was so impressed and touched by the Respect you attributed to, and bestowed upon, the Protester’s Voice of Sincere Universal Conscience concerning the closing of Gitmo and the deadly Use of Drones.  Thank you, sir, for Honoring her as a Citizen’s Voice Worthy of and Needing to be Heard.  You do Great Honor to your Office and our Great Nation, sir.

Thank you for admitting to being Haunted by the Human Beings, guilty and innocent, that you have ordered to be killed by Drones, and by the means and troops of Conventional War in the Middle East.  Thank you for drawing down the Wars, and for Asking everyone to Look at the World of Wars that we are choosing to Create through the struggles inherent within the heinous and Senseless Acts of Terrorism.  Terrorists who seek violence as a form of accepted Behavior Modification to get more Powerful Nations to pay attention to their Needs and Demands, and respond to them, because like an Abandoned or Neglected child, any Attention is better than no Attention at All. 

Drones are frightening to Human Beings because they are intrusive, stealthy, emotionless, deadly Machines.

Perhaps The Matrix Guys are right in many ways.  The Machines - All Machines are swallowing People up in varying degrees, and realms of UnRealities, Singular Realities and Multi-verse Realities.

Drones fly by and click, click your Face and Activities show up half way around the World in SomeOne else’s nosy, sneaky little Reality for whatever Reasonings they deem to be important.

Drones fly by and click, click another Living Human Being is gunned down or blown to smithereens for whatever Reasonings are deemed to be important by another Human Being (or Chosen Group of Human Beings).  What was, is no more.  One Reality is traded for another.

What makes it even more complex is that Human Beings are Addicted to Machines.  We are not merely Dis-tracted, and being Energetically changed by them.  We are Addicted to them.

In a few years, we’ll have Re-habilitation Clinics opening up around the World to Help get our Children, Family Members and Friends Freed from the Addiction of constantly being Turned On to and by - Stimulated and Living Inside Of Machines.  And the Fake/Pretend Virtual Worlds We all escape into in order to Create and Re-Create the various Selves and Lifetimes we’d like to Live, but Can’t, or Won’t, or Don’t have enough Time to Live, at the Push of a Button - the Click of a Mouse…..

A World of Downloaded Lives and Living instead of Living in the Organic Realities We are Choosing more and more to ignore, neglect or leave behind.

A Machine World where We can Hide and/or Reveal Our Secret Selves or Our Truer Selves inside Our Computers - Our Machines.

A World where We can all Live Our Lives at Arm’s Length.

That’s what Drones Do.  What Drones Represent - a Reality delivering Death at Arm’s Length.

That’s what Gitmo Represents.  A Festering, Infectious and UnHealed National Wound.  A gangrenous Collective Wound filled with All of 9/11’s Pain, Fears. Hatreds, Regrets, Loss, UnCertainties, Needs for Punishing Revenge and Destruction of the Other.

It’s no surprise that the Gitmo Prisoners are Starving ThemSelves.  Gitmo is based upon a Nation’s Collective Starvation from its Own Laws and Sense of and Mechanics of Justice.  A Nation Starved for its Own True Healing. 

It’s Starving Gitmo Prisoners kept for years upon Foreign Soil.  A National Humiliation and UnFinished Business Kept at Arm’s Length.

Some in Our Congress keep Poverty at Arm’s Length, making it easier to make their cuts and lacerations into the Lives of the Jobless Poor, the Working Poor and the diminishing Middle Class.

Some in Our Congress and Courts keep the crippling affects/effects of the Wall Street Gambling Algorithm addicted and addictions to restless movements of any kind - impulses and receptivity of any kind - distractions of any kind, and, oh yes, Power of any kind - at Arm’s Length.

Some in Our Congress keep the Hungry and UnEducated Children of Sequestration, and the Elderly cut off from Meals-on-Wheels by Sequestration at Arm’s Length.

Some in Our Congress, and some of Our Governors continue to fight against those Needing Affordable Healthcare at Arm’s Length.

Some in Our Congress continue to keep Immigrants from Seeking Refuge, and a New and Better Life of Opportunities in America at Arm’s Length.

Some in Our Congress keep Women and Men who are raped in the Military at Arm’s Length.

Some in Our Congress keep Gays from Seeking Equal Human Rights under the Law at Arm’s Length.

Some in Our Congress keep Veterans returning from Our Wars Dis-abled or looking for Work at Arm’s Length.

And the List goes on, and on…at Arm’s Length.

We have BeCome a Nation kept at Arm’s Length, Living in a World that some in Our Congress would like to keep at Arm’s Length.

UnFortunately, that sort of Energetic Karma does have a tendency to Gobble Individuals and Collectives Up and Spit Them Out into the Black Void of Cosmic Oblivion eventually.  But, not to worry, because the Remains BeCome the Cosmic Stuff of New Worlds and New Realities kept at Arm’s Length.

However, you, President Barak Obama are a proven Leader, whom I may not always agree with, but whose Honorable, Thoughtfully Wise and Compassionate Soul this Citizen will never Seek to hold at Arm’s Length.

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