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Perfection Forever
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2013-05-27 10:38:09
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That gaze.
As he had rounded the corner, she caught his eye.
She was seated at an outdoor café, and her eyes sliced into him,
Telling of secret sorrows, and of utmost sympathy for his,
Which she somehow seemed to know.
When he sensed the weakness and sinfulness within her
He felt blood rushing back into his hollowed heart.

Later, in the same café, after conversation, sitting behind her,
He kneaded slowly her scapulars as they listened to the music ―
She sighing, leaning back, wordless, her swan-neck bending,
Her skin glistening — her exquisite hands folded upon her breast ―
Her head resting trustingly upon his breast,
The two drifting together in this attitude, wanting it to never cease,
Having found perfection forever.

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