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Eureka: Conflict in Israel - dangers of shallow thinkingEureka: Conflict in Israel - dangers of shallow thinking by Akli Hadid
29 May 2017
Even at the highest levels, the conflict in Israel tends to be confined to stereotypes and shallow thinking, including in terms of what the Palestinians want and what the Israelis want, how the conflict could be resolved and what the essence of the confli (Add a comment)
Constantinople's fallConstantinople's fall by The Ovi Team
29 May 2017
May 29th 1453; Constantinople fell to Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, ending the Byzantine Empire. The Siege of Constantinople that resulted in its fall took place from April 2 to May 29, 1453. The Ottomans led by Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror numbering about (2 comments)
An American Cult and it's messiah in EuropeAn American Cult and it's messiah in Europe by Thanos Kalamidas
28 May 2017
For the first time in his political career, Donald Trump in his visit to the new NATO headquarters and Brussels, decided to follow a book to the letter. The book is called: "How to frustrate and anger your European allies". (1 comment)
Has the Caligula Presidency Dealt a Fatal Blow to the North Atlantic Alliance?Has the Caligula Presidency Dealt a Fatal Blow to the North Atlantic Alliance? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
28 May 2017
On May 26, 2017 there was a meeting of the G7 in Taormina, Italy following a previous NATO meeting in Brussels only a few hours before. (1 comment)
Horse made of glass - Part 2Horse made of glass - Part 2 by Katerina Charisi
28 May 2017
She put everything back in the cabinet and looked at the half-filled upper shelf. "It should be always full", she murmured. "So many shelves and all empty. Mountains around and green land and all empty. Four mouths to feed." (Add a comment)
Tortilla FlatTortilla Flat by The Ovi Team
28 May 2017
May 28th 1935; John Steinbeck's first successful novel, Tortilla Flat, is published on this day. (Add a comment)
Trumpian Peach Mint, Anyone?Trumpian Peach Mint, Anyone? by Leah Sellers
27 May 2017
"Well, it has been another interesting week to say the least," Senator Smudge said drolly as he and Senator Nudge strolled casually into Senator Grudge's office for their appointed meeting. (Add a comment)
Roger Moore in BondageRoger Moore in Bondage by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
27 May 2017
What are we to make of Bond, that slightly leering brute who does all for Queen and country, always at the ready with quip, car and gadget? Certainly, when one of its own, the acting fraternity of which a certain number of Bonds can be counted, passes in (Add a comment)
RevisionRevision by Ovi Magazine Guest
27 May 2017
Before President Trump left on his first official tour across seas, he addressed law enforcement and family members of the fallen at the 36th Annual National Peace Officers' Memorial Service outside the U.S. (Add a comment)
Dashiell HammettDashiell Hammett by The Ovi Team
27 May 2017
May 27th; Dashiell Hammett, author of The Maltese Falcon, is born in Maryland on this day in 1894. (Add a comment)
New World, New Policy: How Tax Cuts help U.S companies to go abroadNew World, New Policy: How Tax Cuts help U.S companies to go abroad by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
26 May 2017
World trade has forged a network of global linkages, in which everyone and every country is involved. Nowadays, a drought in Brazil and its effect on coffee production and prices is felt around the world. U.S subsidies for ethanol production from corn aff (1 comment)
Manglehorn: The Journey of Everyman's Life?Manglehorn: The Journey of Everyman's Life? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
26 May 2017
In 2014 a movie came out starring Al Pacino, directed by David Gordon Green and co-starring Holly Hunter and Chris Messina, by the title Manglehorn. (Add a comment)
Twenty-Seven Hours: Donald Trump in IsraelTwenty-Seven Hours: Donald Trump in Israel by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
26 May 2017
It was time to do the Zionist boogie within a mere period of 27 hours, and anyone wishing to see two muggers of history enjoying each other's company found themselves peering at Donald Trump of the United States, and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, nearly (Add a comment)
House Committee on Un-American ActivitiesHouse Committee on Un-American Activities by The Ovi Team
26 May 2017
May 26th 1938; the House Committee on Un-American Activities began its work of searching for subversives in the United States. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was created in 1938 to investigate alleged disloyalty and subversive activiti (Add a comment)
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