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First "test tube baby" bornFirst "test tube baby" born by The Ovi Team
25 July 2017
Jul 25, 1978; on this day in 1978, Louise Joy Brown, the world's first baby to be conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF) is born at Oldham and District General Hospital in Manchester, England, to parents Lesley and Peter Brown. The healthy baby was d (Add a comment)
From Spicy to the Mooch: A Farewell to Sean SpicerFrom Spicy to the Mooch: A Farewell to Sean Spicer by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
24 July 2017
What will entertainers do in his absence? White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was more than grist to the mill of celluloid delights, becoming, by the admission of the US President, a "tv hit" smoking the ratings. When a press secretary's conduct (1 comment)
Guiding lightGuiding light by Gordana Mudri
24 July 2017
I'm watching how you are sailing My little fragile boat And how your sails tense of wind (Add a comment)
Japan to dump radioactive waste from Fukushima disaster into Pacific OceanJapan to dump radioactive waste from Fukushima disaster into Pacific Ocean by Ovi Magazine Guest
24 July 2017
Though it is well-established that the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster is a detriment to human health, wildlife and the environment, the head company responsible for the Fukushima clean-operation, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), is inten (Add a comment)
A week (17-23.07) in Review all in ...GreekA week (17-23.07) in Review all in ...Greek by George Kalatzis
24 July 2017
George Kalatzis reviews last week's news and events all ...in Greek - Ανωκατωσκόπηση εβδομάδας 17/07-23/07 (Add a comment)
Saving Private RyanSaving Private Ryan by The Ovi Team
24 July 2017
July 24th 1998, the director Steven Spielberg's World War II epic, Saving Private Ryan, is released in theaters across the United States. The film, which starred Tom Hanks and Matt Damon, was praised for its authentic portrayal of war and was nominated (1 comment)
The Last Insurgent  The Last Insurgent by Bohdan Yuri
23 July 2017
Ivan Kohut was the last insurgent at Nezkva prison. He was caught early in the spring of 1945, while still sighing from not having to fight the Germans as well. A concussion grenade knocked him out, he was 32. Fortunately, Ivan had no family to speak of; (Add a comment)
Horse made of glass - Part 10Horse made of glass - Part 10 by Katerina Charisi
23 July 2017
Her thoughts had carried her away. The sun was up, the coffee cold in the mug and the boys awake. She went inside to put the mug in the sink and shivered as she listened to them clapping their hands and slapping their legs, the boy singing again that horr (Add a comment)
Wall talk #709Wall talk #709 by Thanos Kalamidas
23 July 2017
Contemporary talk, wall to wall walk! (Add a comment)
Greek military rule gives in to democracyGreek military rule gives in to democracy by The Ovi Team
23 July 2017
July 23rd 1974; the military government in Greece has collapsed and the former Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis has been invited to return. Huge crowds gathered to greet him at Athens airport and there has been jubilation in the streets of the Greek (1 comment)
Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse by The Ovi Team
23 July 2017
23 July 2011; with her gravelly voice and eclectic style, Amy Winehouse, 27, who was found dead in London, won comparison with some of the great female singers such as Sarah Vaughn and Nina Simone. But like another great singer, Janis Joplin, she had a ta (Add a comment)
Cosmogony: Alpha & OmegaCosmogony: Alpha & Omega by David Sparenberg
22 July 2017
Alpha: Creating, Cosmic Dancer God breathes into ebullient chaos (the flambeau of chaos), breathes patterns into a-cosmic swirl. Drunken Eros, genius of multiple arms. (Add a comment)
The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 6The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 6 by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
22 July 2017
The sixth installment of a weekly Ovi column dubbed "The Caligula Presidency" This week on Satire, Self-Parody, Derangement, the New Normal, Budget, White Supremacy, Objectivist Capitalism and illegitimacy. (Add a comment)
Red wine and pastaRed wine and pasta by Abigail George
22 July 2017
Let the erosion in your soul disperse. Just let go and if you're not strong to let go of it then surrender it to the song (Add a comment)
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