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Disposable Days Disposable Days by Nikos Laios
30 July 2016
The ukulele played And the Pianola swayed: The cobblestone streets, Black canvas sheets; Torn,ragged,flapping, Folded, slapping days. (Add a comment)
Flowers and TreesFlowers and Trees by The Ovi Team
30 July 2016
July 30th 1932; Walt Disney's "Flowers and Trees" premiered. It was the first Academy Award winning cartoon and first cartoon short to use Technicolor. It's spring, and the flowers, mushrooms, and trees do their calisthenics. Some trees play a tune, u (Add a comment)
The Greek Express #66The Greek Express #66 by Thanos Raftopoulos
30 July 2016
A series of cartoons from Greece all the way around the world. (Add a comment)
Racism and electionsRacism and elections by Akli Hadid
29 July 2016
There's a lot of speculation on the origins of human beings. One theory has it that there once was such a thing as human races and that there were sizeable morphological and physical differences between human beings. Then perhaps a massive volcano erupti (1 comment)
California Breaks Solar Record by Generating 8,030 Megawatts of Electricity for Six Million HomesCalifornia Breaks Solar Record by Generating 8,030 Megawatts of Electricity for Six Million Homes by Ovi Magazine Guest
29 July 2016
The state of California in the United States is often referred to as the Golden State. Some believe it is the richest state in the country, due to the economic viability of the area. (Add a comment)
The Spanish armadaThe Spanish armada by The Ovi Team
29 July 2016
29th July 1588; the Spanish armada was defeated by the English fleet led by Sir Francis Drake. In 1588 the most powerful, best-organised, best-equipped army in Europe - the Spanish 'Army of Flanders' - had almost crushed the Dutch revolt in the northern (3 comments)
NASANASA by The Ovi Team
29 July 2016
July 29th; on this day in 1958, the U.S. Congress passes legislation establishing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a civilian agency responsible for coordinating America's activities in space. NASA has since sponsored space (Add a comment)
The Reincarnation of Benito Mussolini?The Reincarnation of Benito Mussolini? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
28 July 2016
If the statements by Dictator Benito Mussolini sound slightly familiar, it is because we just heard them yesterday loud and clear at the RNC's acceptance speech by Donald Trump. All that needs to be done is tweak them a bit. The very first quote a (Add a comment)
Growing Old (dedicated to Wild Bill & Wild Vic)Growing Old (dedicated to Wild Bill & Wild Vic) by Virginia Maria Romero
28 July 2016
Summers bloom, gives way to rich hues of autumn to rough and weathered landscapes... (Add a comment)
Animal HouseAnimal House by The Ovi Team
28 July 2016
July 28th; on this day in 1978, National Lampoon's Animal House, a movie spoof about 1960s college fraternities starring John Belushi, opens in U.S. theaters. Produced with an estimated budget of $3 million, Animal House became a huge, multi-million-doll (Add a comment)
IRA declares end to armed struggleIRA declares end to armed struggle by The Ovi Team
28 July 2016
July 28th 2005; The IRA has formally ordered an end to its armed campaign and says it will pursue exclusively peaceful means. In a long-awaited statement, the republican organisation said it would follow a democratic path ending more than 30 years of viol (Add a comment)
Blair + NATO + ISIL = Genocide: Immaculate Conception of the Iraqi messBlair + NATO + ISIL = Genocide: Immaculate Conception of the Iraqi mess by Ovi Magazine Guest
27 July 2016
Britain is receiving blow after blow these days. First, the British people decided to pull their country out of the European Union. This was then followed by threats from the Scots and the Northern Irish to pull out of the United Kingdom. Just as the dust (Add a comment)
Zacharias - Part VZacharias - Part V by Theodore K. Nasos
27 July 2016
Mama-Ajani Taylor was looking at the little boy, sitting next to me while Sir John served all of us tea. A few minutes ago she had offered tea but somehow Sir John had persuade her that it would be better if he served it. His excuse was (Add a comment)
Elizabeth HardwickElizabeth Hardwick by The Ovi Team
27 July 2016
July 27th; novelist and essayist Elizabeth Hardwick is born on this day in 1916 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Add a comment)
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