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The Story Of The LoversThe Story Of The Lovers by Kufre Udeme
23 March 2014
Kokoette was living with his fat, fun loving mother in the northern part of Idere. His father wasn't as handsome as him, but he was the most romantic man in the entire village. He died from nsaat - a pandemic that hit the village many years ago while Kok (Add a comment)
German reportGerman report by Euro Reporter
23 March 2014
Ghetto workers to get pensions, on the front lines of trade war and Crimea the latest report from the Euro-reporter and Germany (Add a comment)
Cold War into spaceCold War into space by The Ovi Team
23 March 2014
March 23rd 1983; President Reagan unveiled plans to combat nuclear war in space. The Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) proposed a defensive shield, using laser or particle beam technology to "intercept and destroy" incoming missiles as they travel thro (Add a comment)
SnakeBoots 406SnakeBoots 406 by Thanos Kalamidas
23 March 2014
Wild West, a ghost city, a cactus and a very crawling snake-boots Sherriff who wants to be John Wayne in the place of John Wayne! Or ...Clint Eastwood ...whatever ...anyway, something like that in the wild wild west! (Add a comment)
Essence of HeavenEssence of Heaven by David Sparenberg
22 March 2014
When the report arrives that the end of the world is at hand, what are we to do? First we must stop the traffic-the fossil fuel pollution and the mechanical noise. Then everyone should bring a table from their home, and place table against table for th (1 comment)
French reportFrench report by Euro Reporter
22 March 2014
Children found living wild, 4 ready warplanes and Rembrandt found the latest report from the Euro-reporter and France (Add a comment)
The bus boycottThe bus boycott by The Ovi Team
22 March 2014
March 22nd 1956; Civil rights leader, the Reverend Martin Luther King, was convicted of organising an illegal boycott by black passengers of buses in the US state of Alabama. Mr King, 27, was fined $500 (£178) and ordered to pay an equal amount in (Add a comment)
Life Undercover 406Life Undercover 406 by Thanos K & Asa B
22 March 2014
A glimpse into the life of one man and one woman who lay in bed talking to God; maybe one day they will get an answer, but we doubt it. (Add a comment)
Animism is alive and well in South-East Asia: What can we learn?Animism is alive and well in South-East Asia: What can we learn? by Murray Hunter
21 March 2014
The visit of 'Raja Bomoh Sedunia' to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) last week to 'assist' in the search for the missing flight MH370 caused sniggers by many Malaysians and was ridiculed by the Chinese. The flying carpet and coconut saga pla (Add a comment)
Finnish reportFinnish report by Euro Reporter
21 March 2014
Electronic warfare base, cut spending and restructure and ready Air Force the latest report from the Euro-reporter and Finland (Add a comment)
Moondog Coronation BallMoondog Coronation Ball by The Ovi Team
21 March 2014
Breathless promotion on the local radio station. Tickets selling out in a single day. Thousands of teenagers, hours before show time, lining up outside the biggest venue in town. The scene outside the Cleveland Arena on a chilly Friday night in March more (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #136Berserk Alert! #136 by Tony Zuvela
21 March 2014
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Minorities in the Indian Sub-continent IIMinorities in the Indian Sub-continent II by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
20 March 2014
Being a minority is never a pleasant experience for most people in our globe unless one is part of a dominant or domineering group. But even in the latter case when a minority is dominating a majority - as it has happened throughout history with colonial (Add a comment)
Estonian reportEstonian report by Euro Reporter
20 March 2014
Protecting Russian speakers, minister for social affairs forms new government and First Lady becomes health champion the latest report from the Euro-reporter and Estonia (Add a comment)
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