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Halle Berry accepts RazzieHalle Berry accepts Razzie by The Ovi Team
26 February 2018
February 26th, 2005. If the Academy Awards celebrate the best of what Hollywood has to offer each year, the Golden Raspberry (Razzie) Awards take a distinct pleasure in celebrating the worst. On February 26, 2005, the Razzies held their 25th annual ceremo (Add a comment)
1993 World Trade Centre bombed1993 World Trade Centre bombed by The Ovi Team
26 February 2018
February 26th 1993; a bomb explodes in the parking garage beneath the World Trade Centre in New York City on this day in 1993. Six people died and 1,000 were injured by the powerful blast, which also caused the evacuation of thousands of people from the T (Add a comment)
Rudolf Steiner: The Laws of NatureRudolf Steiner: The Laws of Nature by Rene Wadlow
25 February 2018
Rudolf Steiner, whose birth anniversary we mark on 25 February, was for many years prior to World War I, a leader of the German branch of the Theosophical Society. One of his best known books is titled Theosophy (Add a comment)
Arming Educators: Trump, Gun Violence and SchoolsArming Educators: Trump, Gun Violence and Schools by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
25 February 2018
It had been in the works. Instead of engaging in the traditional revulsion associated with a mass shooting, or even digesting the grief of outraged students and grieving parents, US President Donald Trump's solution to guns violence was elementary (Add a comment)
Oh Carol, PoemOh Carol, Poem by Michael Lee Johnson
25 February 2018
You treat me like soiled underwear. I work my way through. I gave up jitterbug dancing, that cha-cha-cha, all my eccentric moves, theatric acting, poetry slams. (1 comment)
Walk & talk 1811Walk & talk 1811 by Thanos Kalamidas
25 February 2018
Contemporary talk, walk and talk! (Add a comment)
Cassius Clay Becomes ChampionCassius Clay Becomes Champion by The Ovi Team
25 February 2018
25th February, 1964; Cassius Clay, defeated Sonny Liston when Liston retired at the end of the sixth round in Miami to become Heavyweight Champion of the World. (1 comment)
Enrico CarusoEnrico Caruso by The Ovi Team
25 February 2018
February 25th 1873; there was a time in America, early in the last century, when the top-selling record of all time was of the operatic tenor Enrico Caruso performing "Vesti la giubba" from Pagliacci. That 78 r.p.m. record was the first million-seller i (1 comment)
The two faces of Hunger #6The two faces of Hunger #6 by Katerina Charisi
24 February 2018
Margarita is a 32 year old single mom of two and unemployed. Each time she goes to the super market with her kids, they distract her as they run and jump around and ask for this and that and she loses counting in her mind. Many of those times she reaches (Add a comment)
Voice of Andrea Bocelli Voice of Andrea Bocelli by David Sparenberg
24 February 2018
"I am", empathetic, shape-shifting poems are an old tradition, once especially prominent among the cultures of Native Americans and Celts, of both Ireland and Britain, which is to say, among people whose lives were connected to nature and seasons (Add a comment)
GulfGulf by Abigail George
24 February 2018
Leonard Baskin's half-monster stands elect under psychological scrutiny. The hanged creature had unlaughing eyes. Limbs that seemed to climb off the page's (Add a comment)
The Greek Express #86The Greek Express #86 by Thanos Raftopoulos
24 February 2018
A series of cartoons from Greece all the way around the world. (Add a comment)
Grey TuesdayGrey Tuesday by The Ovi Team
24 February 2018
February 24th, 2004. The phenomenon known as the "mashup" can be traced back through at least several decades of radio DJs and record producers manipulating, or "remixing," one or more existing recordings to create a new musical work. With the rise of (Add a comment)
Peron elected in ArgentinaPeron elected in Argentina by The Ovi Team
24 February 2018
February 24th 1946; Juan Domingo Peron, the controversial former vice president of Argentina, is elected president. As president, Peron constructed an impressive populist alliance, and his vision of self-sufficiency for Argentina won him wide support. How (1 comment)
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