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The Dream, AgainThe Dream, Again by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
09 April 2014
Oona was in it, as she is in all the ones I remember. Why I was lying on the ground in front of the house, hiding my face In that gigantic cushion mom and I used to use when we watched the old roundscreen Zenith T.V., I'll never know. (Add a comment)
Sophia Loren wins Best Actress OscarSophia Loren wins Best Actress Oscar by The Ovi Team
09 April 2014
April 9th, on this day in 1962, the 34th annual Academy Awards ceremony is held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California. In addition to the overwhelming triumph of the musical West Side Story, which won 10 Oscars, including Best P (Add a comment)
Dino & Anty 408Dino & Anty 408 by Thanos Kalamidas
09 April 2014
Dino is a vegetarian virgin dinosaur and his best friend is Anty, a carnivorous nymphomaniac ant. (Add a comment)
How Running Meditation Can Enhance PerformanceHow Running Meditation Can Enhance Performance by Murray Hunter
08 April 2014
The internet running forums are full of information about how to enhance running performance. Most of these are focused upon training tips, running form, diet, and x-training, etc. Very few focus upon the mind, generally with the assumption that mind and (1 comment)
My soul aggrieved, my essence in ruinMy soul aggrieved, my essence in ruin by Mirella Ionta
08 April 2014
My soul aggrieved, my essence in ruin, My love for life, a dead dove caught in a knot of air. He who has done wrong shall not be doing Until all is revealed and repented in prayer. (1 comment)
International Day of the RomaInternational Day of the Roma by The Ovi Team
08 April 2014
The International Day of the Roma (April 8) is a day to celebrate Romani culture and raise awareness of the issues facing Romani people. The day was officially declared in 1990 in Serock, Poland, the site of the fourth World Romani Congress of the Interna (1 comment)
Berserk Alert! #142Berserk Alert! #142 by Tony Zuvela
08 April 2014
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
When Money Talks - Democracy WalksWhen Money Talks - Democracy Walks by Leah Sellers
07 April 2014
"Naw, Son, don't let all of this falderal about the Rise of the Money Mongerin' Robber Kings and Queens, and the demise of a true Democracy bother your little pea pickin' brain. It's all left-wing clap-trap. Just another Version of DiVersion for all (1 comment)
Polish reportPolish report by Euro Reporter
07 April 2014
NATO to boost military presence, less foreigners working illegally and art stolen by Nazis the latest report from the euro-reporter and Poland (Add a comment)
Jim Clark killedJim Clark killed by The Ovi Team
07 April 2014
April 7th 1968; Motor racing world champion Jim Clark was killed in a car crash during a Formula Two race at Hockenheim. Clark, 32, was at the wheel of his Lotus-Cosworth which left the track at 170mph (274km/h), somersaulted through the air and collided (Add a comment)
2nd Opinion 4082nd Opinion 408 by Thanos K & Asa B
07 April 2014
Seriously, I think you'll need a second opinion after this. (Add a comment)
All is not wellAll is not well by Abigail George
06 April 2014
Everything is disjointed especially when they (the words) are first coming into being, in fragments, there's no clarity to me the reader. Everything is a journey. Follow me they seem to say. Come with me. (4 comments)
Lithuanian reportLithuanian report by Euro Reporter
06 April 2014
Ban of Russian TV station over 'lies', woman acquitted of suicide bombing plot and greetings via amateur radio the latest report from the euro-reporter and Lithuania (Add a comment)
Operation BabyliftOperation Babylift by The Ovi Team
06 April 2014
April 6th 1975; A plane carrying 99 Vietnamese orphans landed at Heathrow airport. The Boeing 747 was chartered by the British Daily Mail newspaper whose editor, David English, was inspired by the American Operation Babylift. The children, many of them on (Add a comment)
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