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Billy Crystal Billy Crystal by The Ovi Team
14 March 2015
March 14th, on this day in 1948, the comedian and actor Billy Crystal, who will become known for his starring roles in such movies as When Harry Met Sally... and City Slickers, is born in Long Beach, California. (Add a comment)
PersOnality DisOrders #503PersOnality DisOrders #503 by Thanos Kalamidas
14 March 2015
Personal Disorders or ...total schizophrenia in a political correct schizophrenic world! (Add a comment)
The East German laundering machine and GreeceThe East German laundering machine and Greece by Thanos Kalamidas
13 March 2015
Martin Schulz, the president of the EU parliament, in a Solomonian announcement a few weeks ago and in support to the German minister of finances, Wolfgang Schauble, said that the EU legislation and future doesn't depend on local elections. This would ha (1 comment)
A Human DefinitionA Human Definition by David Sparenberg
13 March 2015
Before I was an angry person. I was angry over the ignorance, greed and violence of humanity. But I have let my anger go into the wind; replacing anger with humility. (2 comments)
The Love BugThe Love Bug by The Ovi Team
13 March 2015
March 13th; on this day in 1969, "The Love Bug," a Walt Disney movie about the adventures of a Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie, opens in theatres across the United States. The film, which was based on a 1961 book called "Car, Boy, Girl" by Gordon Bufor (Add a comment)
Ovi Symposium; forty-seventh MeetingOvi Symposium; forty-seventh Meeting by The Ovi Symposium
12 March 2015
The Ovi Symposium in its forty-seventh meeting, subtheme: "Cultural Anthropology as a Philosophical-Literary Conspiracy: Toward a New Humanism"; between Ms George, Mr Nikos Laios, Drs. Paolozzi, Paparella, and Mr Rywalt. (Add a comment)
Poetical WorldPoetical World by Nikos Laios
12 March 2015
Translucent, Transcendent, Tortured, Truculent World. (2 comments)
Paul weds LindaPaul weds Linda by The Ovi Team
12 March 2015
March 12th 1969; on this day Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman in a civil ceremony in London. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Marylebone Register Office to catch a glimpse of the couple as they arrived with Miss Eastman's six-year-old daughter (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #217Berserk Alert! #217 by Tony Zuvela
12 March 2015
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
The Greek bashing in European media, obstructs reforms in the countryThe Greek bashing in European media, obstructs reforms in the country by Christos Mouzeviris
11 March 2015
For the past five years, no other EU member state had received so much attention by the European and global media regarding the euro-zone crisis, as much as Greece. (1 comment)
Portuguese reportPortuguese report by Euro Reporter
11 March 2015
Contagion risks, thousands protest austerity and property prices the latest report from the euro-reporter and Portugal (Add a comment)
Frankenstein publishedFrankenstein published by The Ovi Team
11 March 2015
March 11th 1818; Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is published. The book, by 21-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, is frequently called the world's first science fiction novel. In Shelley's tale, a scientist animates a creature constructed fro (Add a comment)
SnakeBoots #503SnakeBoots #503 by Thanos Kalamidas
11 March 2015
Wild West, a ghost city, a cactus and a very crawling snake-boots Sherriff who wants to be John Wayne in the place of John Wayne! Or ...Clint Eastwood ...whatever ...anyway, something like that in the wild wild west! (Add a comment)
American Snipers in ActionAmerican Snipers in Action by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
10 March 2015
Since the release of the top-grossing film 'American Sniper', some trigger-happy Americans have gone gung ho in their targeted murder of and terrorist acts against Muslims living in the USA. The hatred is also fueled by hatemongers working for the Fox N (1 comment)
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