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Brueghal, CensorBrueghal, Censor by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
16 May 2018
Pieter Brueghal the Elder was the greatest painter in the history of the world. He brought to light dark and vibrant corners of the human pageant, and showed Us many secrets, good and bad, in the texture of the human heart. His paintings moil with litt (Add a comment)
Warsaw GhettoWarsaw Ghetto by The Ovi Team
16 May 2018
May 16th 1943; in Poland, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising comes to an end as Nazi soldiers gain control of Warsaw's Jewish ghetto, blowing up the last remaining synagogue and beginning the mass deportation of the ghetto's remaining dwellers to the Treblinka (Add a comment)
Marie Antoinette marries Louis XVIMarie Antoinette marries Louis XVI by The Ovi Team
16 May 2018
May 16th 1770; Marie Antoinette, at age 14, married the future King Louis XVI of France, who was 15. (Add a comment)
The Spectre of Torture: The Gina Haspel HearingsThe Spectre of Torture: The Gina Haspel Hearings by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
15 May 2018
It was always going to be the most complicated of hurdles. Having moved Mike Pompeo on to the role of Secretary of State, President Donald Trump had to find a replacement at the Central Intelligence Agency. (Add a comment)
Eureka: Reflections on public diplomacyEureka: Reflections on public diplomacy by Akli Hadid
15 May 2018
No country has a clear public diplomacy policy, and public diplomacy budgets tend to be minimal around the world. There's a reason for that, as feeding, housing... (Add a comment)
Is Torture Immoral or Not? What Say You, Ms. Haspel?Is Torture Immoral or Not? What Say You, Ms. Haspel? by Ovi Magazine Guest
15 May 2018
According to the New York Times, in late 2002, Gina Haspel was dispatched to oversee a secret C.I.A. prison in Thailand code-named Cat's Eye (Add a comment)
Walk & talk 815Walk & talk 815 by Thanos Kalamidas
15 May 2018
Contemporary talk, walk and talk! (Add a comment)
Christmas Island tests Christmas Island tests by The Ovi Team
15 May 2018
May 15th 1957; Britain dropped its first hydrogen bomb on Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean. (Add a comment)
Faith 7Faith 7 by The Ovi Team
15 May 2018
On May 15, 1963, Gordon Cooper is launched into space aboard Faith 7 on the longest American space mission to that date. Faith 7 was the capstone of Project Mercury, the NASA program that put the first American into space in 1961 and the first astronaut i (Add a comment)
Pete's Temporary RefugePete's Temporary Refuge by Leah Sellers
14 May 2018
"Nope! No, Maybelle! Don't do it!" Pete said definitively holding his hand up as if to stop something from hitting him. (Add a comment)
Eureka: A fireside chat about Middle Eastern contemporary affairsEureka: A fireside chat about Middle Eastern contemporary affairs by Akli Hadid
14 May 2018
If you're sitting at a cafe, the Middle East will be the region everyone pretends to be an expert at. Yet a lot of times people know little else that the region spans from Morocco to Afghanistan... (Add a comment)
Revisiting Love SerenadeRevisiting Love Serenade by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
14 May 2018
Australian life can seem defiantly absorbed, the defiance induced by insularity and isolation. The characters that inhabit the continent are mere specks of life... (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #214Berserk Alert! #214 by Tony Zuvela
14 May 2018
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
The Warsaw PactThe Warsaw Pact by The Ovi Team
14 May 2018
May 14th 1955; The Soviet Union and seven of its European satellites sign a treaty establishing the Warsaw Pact, a mutual defence organization that put the Soviets in command of the armed forces of the member states. The Warsaw Pact, so named because the (Add a comment)
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