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Clarify LieClarify Lie by Patrick McWade
11 November 2015
'Then, Again' is a cartoon series by Patrick McWade. (Add a comment)
A bread called democracyA bread called democracy by Gordana Mudri
10 November 2015
The people have the government they deserve. And democracy is like a pastry that we must learn how to knead in order to get a high quality and nutritious bread. And everything seems to be in good quantities and for a long term kneading. (Add a comment)
The Chapel - Part 4The Chapel - Part 4 by Theodore K. Nasos
10 November 2015
There was absolutely no reason why Sir John did what he did. He was walking towards the door when quite suddenly he stopped. Then he turned around and headed the opposite direction with me right behind him wandering if the rain had done something to do wi (Add a comment)
The solitude of the rope dancerThe solitude of the rope dancer by Lilian Badani
10 November 2015
Trying to balance in Greece of the memorandums, the refugees, family, work and education is like performing a dance on rope somewhere so high that nobody can see you or ...really care. All in ...Greek (Add a comment)
Fastnet RockFastnet Rock by The Ovi Team
10 November 2015
November 10th 1847; the passenger ship Stephen Whitney is wrecked in thick fog off the southern coast of Ireland, killing 92 of the 110 on board. The disaster results in the construction the Fastnet Rock lighthouse. (Add a comment)
Luminous Essence - Floater Structures in the Ancient Mesoamerican Art Luminous Essence - Floater Structures in the Ancient Mesoamerican Art by Floco Tausin
09 November 2015
This article is based on the experience that a certain type of eye floaters - the "shining structure floaters" - are not - vitreous opacities," as ophthalmology claims. Instead, they are a phenomenon of our consciousness. This insight is the result of (Add a comment)
Velimir Khlebnikov : The Futurian (1895-1922)Velimir Khlebnikov : The Futurian (1895-1922) by Rene Wadlow
09 November 2015
"My soul is a seer - Who has seen in the skies" So wrote the Russian poet Velimir Khlebnikov on the eve of his death in 1922. Khlebnikov was part of an active avant-garde circle of writers. Khlebnikov called himself a "futurian". Khlebnikov had a (Add a comment)
KristallnachtKristallnacht by The Ovi Team
09 November 2015
November 9th 1938; on this day in an event that would foreshadow the Holocaust, German Nazis launch a campaign of terror against Jewish people and their homes and businesses in Germany and Austria. The violence, which continued through November 10 and was (Add a comment)
More Berserk Alert! #277More Berserk Alert! #277 by Tony Zuvela
09 November 2015
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
The UnNatural Nature of Honey TrapsThe UnNatural Nature of Honey Traps by Leah Sellers
08 November 2015
"Alright, Sam, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?" Jethro asked bluntly. "First of all, if it's about my not havin' returned your box of tools to you yet, well, I'm not done fixin' my 'ole Ford pickup yet." (Add a comment)
Silence with ugly cookies Silence with ugly cookies by Katerina Charisi
08 November 2015
Emily always believed she was born at the wrong time and wrong place; If not about her, it was all wrong about her parents. Two young children both of them were, gripped by a baneful passion, carrying them away like being captured in the eye of a cyclone, (Add a comment)
Bram StokerBram Stoker by The Ovi Team
08 November 2015
November 8th 1847; on this day, Bram Stoker, author of the horror novel "Dracula," is born in Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland. Stoker's villainous, blood-sucking creation, the vampire Count Dracula, became a pop-culture icon and has been featured in hundreds (Add a comment)
Moby DuckMoby Duck by Patrick McWade
08 November 2015
"For the Moment", a cartoon series by Patrick McWade (Add a comment)
Waves of Warm OceanWaves of Warm Ocean by Moustafa Al Yassin
08 November 2015
I don't create poetry, I create myself, for me my poems are a way to me. - Edith Sodergran (Add a comment)
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