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The brave dogThe brave dog by Katerina Charisi
10 July 2016
I couldn't believe what she had done to me. I couldn't understand why. I wasn't even sure if the Myers believed her. After all, I was the new one around. (Add a comment)
Emma GoldmanEmma Goldman by The Ovi Team
10 July 2016
July 10th 1917; Emma Goldman imprisoned for obstructing draft. Emma Goldman, the daughter of Jewish parents, was born in Kovno, Russia on 27th June, 1869. Goldman immigrated to the United States in 1885 and worked in a clothing factory in Rochester before (1 comment)
PersOnality DisOrders #605PersOnality DisOrders #605 by Thanos Kalamidas
10 July 2016
Personal Disorders or ...total schizophrenia in a political correct schizophrenic world! (Add a comment)
Refugee crisisRefugee crisis by Akli Hadid
09 July 2016
I am very fortunate to have Canadian friends who worked with refugees in Canada, some of them since the 70s. They have seen a lot of refugees, from the Iranians and Lebanese in the late 70s and throughout the 80s, to refugees from Central America, South A (Add a comment)
Mega-Solar Project in TunisiaMega-Solar Project in Tunisia by Ovi Magazine Guest
09 July 2016
It is now known to all us that the future of our energy sources is renewable sources. Therefore, countries, organizations and individuals have started looking at how this new opportunity could be fully explored to benefit the world. (Add a comment)
Dr Daniel Hale WilliamsDr Daniel Hale Williams by The Ovi Team
09 July 2016
July 9th 1893; Dr Daniel Hale Williams performs 1st successful open heart surgery without anaesthesia. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (1856-1931) the founder of Provident Hospital was born in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. His father was a barber who was deeply r (Add a comment)
With StupidWith Stupid by Patrick McWade
09 July 2016
A cartoon series by Patrick McWade (Add a comment)
Interests & Influences of Major External Actors in Central AsiaInterests & Influences of Major External Actors in Central Asia by Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic
08 July 2016
Due to Central Asia's geographic and strategic location, it has always enjoyed certain advantages, but also suffered many disadvantages. Some advantages are access to trade routes, emerging global powers and emerging global markets, Russia and China. Geo (Add a comment)
Poet Meets Snake ManPoet Meets Snake Man by Virginia Maria Romero
08 July 2016
My poems - laid hidden beneath a colorful Turtle cover (they speak of turtles, -yet not really; (Add a comment)
Lean On MeLean On Me by The Ovi Team
08 July 2016
July 8th 1972; Bill Withers stepped into a recording studio for the very first time at the age of 32, and two years later, he'd written and recorded one of the most beloved pop songs of the modern era: "Lean On Me," which began its first stay at #1 on (Add a comment)
Delagoa Bay railway line is officially openedDelagoa Bay railway line is officially opened by The Ovi Team
08 July 2016
On 8 July 1895 the Delagoa Bay railway line was officially opened by Paul Kruger. Its link to Pretoria was completed on 20 October 1894.The railway line was completed a few years after the end of the first South African War (Anglo-Boer War) and the restor (Add a comment)
Chilcot May have saved Corbyn and stopped BrexitChilcot May have saved Corbyn and stopped Brexit by Thanos Kalamidas
07 July 2016
The say that when it comes to bad news they have the tendency to come all together and for Britain July 6th was another day with more bad news. Well not for everybody. Chairman Sir John Chilcot delivered the results of UK's Iraq War inquiry concluding th (Add a comment)
Pepsi admits that its Aquafina bottled water is just tap waterPepsi admits that its Aquafina bottled water is just tap water by Ovi Magazine Guest
07 July 2016
Pepsi corporation admitted that its Aquafina bottled water is not purified water or spring water, but simply plain old tap water. The company will now be forced to change the labeling of the brand to reflect that it is just tap water. (Add a comment)
Dr. WatsonDr. Watson by The Ovi Team
07 July 2016
July 7th 1852; According to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, Dr. John H. Watson is born on this day. Coincidentally, the author died on this day in England at the age of 71. (Add a comment)
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