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The Causes of WWIThe Causes of WWI by The Ovi Team
28 July 2018
The events of July and early August 1914 are a classic case of "one thing led to another" - otherwise known as the treaty alliance system. The explosive that was World War One had been long in the stockpiling; the spark was the assassination of Archduke (Add a comment)
IRA declares end to armed struggleIRA declares end to armed struggle by The Ovi Team
28 July 2018
July 28th 2005; The IRA has formally ordered an end to its armed campaign and says it will pursue exclusively peaceful means. In a long-awaited statement, the republican organisation said it would follow a democratic path ending more than 30 years of viol (Add a comment)
Animal HouseAnimal House by The Ovi Team
28 July 2018
July 28th; on this day in 1978, National Lampoon's Animal House, a movie spoof about 1960s college fraternities starring John Belushi, opens in U.S. theaters. Produced with an estimated budget of $3 million, Animal House became a huge, multi-million-doll (Add a comment)
Freedom From Fear: Still an Unmet GoalFreedom From Fear: Still an Unmet Goal by Rene Wadlow
27 July 2018
When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States (1933-1945) in his January 6, 1941 State of the Union address to Congress presented the "Four Freedoms"... (Add a comment)
Conferencing, Extortion and IPSA 2018: The Meat Market of the World CongressConferencing, Extortion and IPSA 2018: The Meat Market of the World Congress by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
27 July 2018
It may well go down as one of the most appalling conferences in the history of the International Political Science Association. (Add a comment)
Eureka: An Israeli foreign policy and economy paperEureka: An Israeli foreign policy and economy paper by Akli Hadid
27 July 2018
The idea for this paper came when I was trying to work on a few problems with Arab friends. I would reiterate the problem over, and over, and over, and over again... (Add a comment)
A report back from the 2018 International Restorative Justice ConferenceA report back from the 2018 International Restorative Justice Conference by Ovi Magazine Guest
27 July 2018
From June 28-30, 2018, I had the opportunity to attend the International Restorative Justice Conference in Burlington, Vermont. (Add a comment)
Elizabeth HardwickElizabeth Hardwick by The Ovi Team
27 July 2018
July 27th; novelist and essayist Elizabeth Hardwick is born on this day in 1916 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Add a comment)
Bomb rocks Atlanta OlympicsBomb rocks Atlanta Olympics by The Ovi Team
27 July 2018
July 27th 1996; a bomb has exploded at a crowded concert in Atlanta, Georgia, the city hosting this year's Olympic Games. Two people are reported to have been killed and fire fighting officials say as many as 200 people may have been injured. The explosi (Add a comment)
Reinstating border controls for security? Be careful what you wish forReinstating border controls for security? Be careful what you wish for by Christos Mouzeviris
26 July 2018
Many of us residing in the Western part of Europe take a lot of things that our country's EU membership is offering us for granted. (Add a comment)
Saskatchewan SkySaskatchewan Sky by Michael Lee Johnson
26 July 2018
Saskatchewan sky, just a preview of love, (Add a comment)
Eureka: Deregulation and overregulation in businessEureka: Deregulation and overregulation in business by Akli Hadid
26 July 2018
In this short article I will discuss two cases studies of how regulations hurt a certain market. (Add a comment)
The Dutch role model of changeThe Dutch role model of change by Ovi Magazine Guest
26 July 2018
The Netherlands and Indonesia share a special relationship as they were connected for centuries in times of colonialism, separated after the horrible years of Indonesian struggle for independence... (Add a comment)
Gamal Abdel Nasser military coupGamal Abdel Nasser military coup by The Ovi Team
26 July 2018
July 26th 1952; King Farouk I of Egypt abdicated in the wake of a coup led by Gamal Abdel Nasser. Farouk, the son of King Fu'ad (reigned 1922 - 1936) and Queen Nazli, and the grandson of Khedive Isma'il ibn Ibrahim (reigned 1863 - 1879), was born in Cai (Add a comment)
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