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Rancho Santa ElenaRancho Santa Elena by The Ovi Team
13 March 2018
March 13th; cult leader Adolpho de Jesus Constanzo sacrifices another human victim at his remote Mexican desert compound Rancho Santa Elena. When the victim didn't beg for mercy before dying, Constanzo sent his people out to find another subject for tort (Add a comment)
Human Rights: Government Failures, NGO Need to Organize!Human Rights: Government Failures, NGO Need to Organize! by Rene Wadlow
12 March 2018
In his final address to the Human Rights Council on 26 February 2018, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein decried the "pernicious use of the veto" by permanent members of the UN Security Council... (Add a comment)
Bullied Relations: Australia, East Timor and Natural ResourcesBullied Relations: Australia, East Timor and Natural Resources by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
12 March 2018
In the scheme of things, Australia has deputised as regional bully for imperial powers since it became an outpost of the British empire. Neighbouring states have been ridiculed, mocked and derided as sub-human and incapable. (Add a comment)
Translations from the Cinema - Sawdust and TinselTranslations from the Cinema - Sawdust and Tinsel by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
12 March 2018
The smirking boy came to Frosty. Frosty was in his clownsuit and painted-on smile. The word was, he was being made a fool of. (Add a comment)
Etymology = doneEtymology = done by Patrick McWade
12 March 2018
'Then, Again' is a cartoon series by Patrick McWade. (Add a comment)
Paul weds LindaPaul weds Linda by The Ovi Team
12 March 2018
March 12th 1969; on this day Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman in a civil ceremony in London. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Marylebone Register Office to catch a glimpse of the couple as they arrived with Miss Eastman's six-year-old daughter (Add a comment)
The Two Faces of Hunger #8The Two Faces of Hunger #8 by Katerina Charisi
11 March 2018
According to a research by the Public Policy Analysis Group of the Athens University of Economics and Business, the cost of a healthy diet for a couple with two children in Greece was estimated at 791 Euros per month. (Add a comment)
Eureka: On research, writing and anti-SemitismEureka: On research, writing and anti-Semitism by Akli Hadid
11 March 2018
Research, writing and anti-Semitism in Q (Add a comment)
Snow, Snowflakes and the UK: Britain's Response to the Beast from the EastSnow, Snowflakes and the UK: Britain's Response to the Beast from the East by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
11 March 2018
While the bibliophile and aphorist Samuel Johnson claimed that people of appropriate mental discipline could avoid talking about the weather, the British have found weather an irresistible topic of conversation. (Add a comment)
Frankenstein publishedFrankenstein published by The Ovi Team
11 March 2018
March 11th 1818; Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is published. The book, by 21-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, is frequently called the world's first science fiction novel. In Shelley's tale, a scientist animates a creature constructed fro (Add a comment)
Gorbachev, USSR leaderGorbachev, USSR leader by The Ovi Team
11 March 2018
March 11th 1985; Mikhail Gorbachev took over following the death of Konstantin Chernenko. Chernenko, 73, died after a long illness. Sombre music preceded the news on radio and television and scheduled programmes were cancelled. The speed of naming of his (1 comment)
The Situational ManThe Situational Man by Leah Sellers
10 March 2018
The young Reporter of the Free Press innocently asked, "Sir, Who are you ?" (Add a comment)
Empty ShellEmpty Shell by Nikos Laios
10 March 2018
I saw an empty shell On the beach collecting sand Washed by the waves And echo with the sound Of the sea. (Add a comment)
Dumping Wilson Security: The NGV, Art and Refugee DetentionDumping Wilson Security: The NGV, Art and Refugee Detention by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
10 March 2018
Art and politics mix, often poorly. Artists are sometimes the hoodwinked emissaries of the latter, sponsored, enlisted and marshalled by the state and corporate entities. (Add a comment)
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