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More Berserk Alert! #244More Berserk Alert! #244 by Tony Zuvela
24 June 2015
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Pope Francis on World Climate ChangePope Francis on World Climate Change by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
23 June 2015
The latest papal encyclical, leaked a few days ahead of its publication (on Thursday the 18th of June 2015), is titled "Laudato Sii" (Praised be ye Lord). That is the first line of a famous poem of St. Francis of Assisi (the very first poem of Italian L (1 comment)
Parallel Parking and National SecurityParallel Parking and National Security by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
23 June 2015
The other day the local news reported that the state of Maryland has dropped parallel parking from its driver's test. A Maryland spokesperson explained that the requirement is "redundant" with other tests. However, parallel parking separates the wheat (Add a comment)
United Nations Public Service DayUnited Nations Public Service Day by The Ovi Team
23 June 2015
The UN General Assembly, in its resolution 57/277, designated 23 June as Public Service Day. The UN Public Service Day intends to celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community; highlight the contribution of public service in the develo (Add a comment)
Wall talk #012Wall talk #012 by Thanos Kalamidas
23 June 2015
Contemporary talk, wall to wall walk! (1 comment)
Luxembourgian blow to pan-EU citizenship voting rights. Luxembourgian blow to pan-EU citizenship voting rights. by Christos Mouzeviris
22 June 2015
On June the 7th, another referendum took place in Europe; this time in the small state of Luxembourg. (1 comment)
The EagleThe Eagle by Nikos Laios
22 June 2015
The Eagle Soared Touching Heaven With Its Wings. (2 comments)
Anne MorrowAnne Morrow by The Ovi Team
22 June 2015
June 22nd; Writer and pilot Anne Morrow Lindbergh is born on this day in 1906 in Englewood, New Jersey. (Add a comment)
Terrorism Vs RacismTerrorism Vs Racism by Patrick McWade
22 June 2015
A cartoon series by Patrick McWade (1 comment)
The Frozen WildernessThe Frozen Wilderness by Abigail George
21 June 2015
Home. I killed for my brother. I killed for pleasure. My brother would gather virgins around him. The gathering of virgins I would call it or them. At the end of the day, they would leave our house without a stitch of makeup on although they would arrive (1 comment)
The Black People Are Getting Into The Water?!The Black People Are Getting Into The Water?! by Leah Sellers
21 June 2015
"Yippee! It's Splash Day! I love Splash Days, Mom, because it's so unbearably hot outside. And I love spending time with Cousin Pam and Cousin Fred, and Uncle Bubba and Aunt Dot!" Cheyenne announced delightedly. (Add a comment)
World Music DayWorld Music Day by The Ovi Team
21 June 2015
June 21; the World Music Days are more than just a festival. They also are a meeting place, a window to the world and a unique opportunity to put our new music sector in the international spotlights. A world exhibition of new music, as it was. (1 comment)
Georgia BroadwickGeorgia Broadwick by The Ovi Team
21 June 2015
April 21st 1913; Georgia Broadwick became the first woman to jump from an airplane. Georgia Broadwick was nicknamed Tiny because she weighted 85 pounds and was only four feet tall. Tiny made her first jump in 1908 at age 15. "I was never afraid. I'd go (Add a comment)
We live in a world lacking generosity. It's so easy to do something about it.We live in a world lacking generosity. It's so easy to do something about it. by Kittirat Yothangrong
20 June 2015
One of the interesting things of live, is that from the moment of birth, every form of life wants something, be it a plant, animal, or human infant. As we grow, we want the latest clothes, the latest technological mod-cons, the best food, and love and aff (1 comment)
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