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Pele's 1,000thPele's 1,000th by The Ovi Team
19 November 2015
November 19th 1969; Brazilian soccer great Pele scores his 1,000th professional goal in a game, against Vasco da Gama in Rio de Janeiro's Maracana stadium. It was a major milestone in an illustrious career that included three World Cup championships. (Add a comment)
Against darkness Against darkness by Gordana Mudri
18 November 2015
It was a Friday full of horror. It was a weekend full of indignation and empathy to the innocent victims. But it was also a time of disturbing acts and hate speech. Those were the days that started the events that will change the world as we know it. (Add a comment)
The Nihilistic Assaults on ParisThe Nihilistic Assaults on Paris by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
18 November 2015
Paris on Friday (Nov. 13) night suffered a series of simultaneous assaults, which left at least 129 people dead and around 350 wounded. They included a mass shooting at a concert hall, several shootings at bars and restaurants, and several bomb detonation (1 comment)
The LouvreThe Louvre by The Ovi Team
18 November 2015
November 18th 1793; The Louvre is officially opened in Paris, France. the Louvre Museum or simply the Louvre - is one of the world's largest museums, the most visited art museum in the world and a historic monument. It is a central landmark of Paris and (Add a comment)
Steamboat WillieSteamboat Willie by The Ovi Team
18 November 2015
November 18th 1928; Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse debuts in NY in "Steamboat Willie". (Add a comment)
Beneath the same skyBeneath the same sky by Lilian Badani
17 November 2015
Just try to remember this human feeling in front of a pleasurable surprise. That moment the telephone rings and on the other end comes a loving voice you haven't heard for a long time. The moment you open the shutters; facing a sunny day after days (2 comments)
Paris, selective grief & radical extremism Paris, selective grief & radical extremism by Nikos Laios
17 November 2015
On a cool Friday night, a gentle autumn breeze fell on the Parisian skyline among the treelined boulevards picking up dry crumpled leaves in its path in small swirling eddies under elegant baroque spires and stone archways, as Parisians enjoyed a magical (2 comments)
The Chapel - Part 5The Chapel - Part 5 by Theodore K. Nasos
17 November 2015
A soft knock at the door woke me and from the light coming from the window I realized that morning was long past. Even though the crime had been committed very close to my small apartment; the police station and Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett were cl (Add a comment)
The Athens Polytechnic uprisingThe Athens Polytechnic uprising by The Ovi Team
17 November 2015
November 17th 1973; Despite the harsh repressive measures of the military Junta during the seven-year dictatorship of 1967-1973 in Greece - the imprisonments, displacements, mass trials in emergency courts-martial, torture, mock executions and murders - p (1 comment)
Musings on Nihilism, Atheism, Existentialism, Terrorism, and FaithMusings on Nihilism, Atheism, Existentialism, Terrorism, and Faith by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
16 November 2015
Though religious people often say that without their faith life would be meaningless, we know that for some it is faith itself that leads them to the same conclusion. The question arises: what is life compared to Heaven or the next life after this earthly (Add a comment)
Magic  Magic by David Sparenberg
16 November 2015
From the power of dark make a cloak of dark sparkling with stars of night. (Add a comment)
Fyodor Dostoevsky is sentenced to deathFyodor Dostoevsky is sentenced to death by The Ovi Team
16 November 2015
November 16th; on this day in 1849, a Russian court sentences Fyodor Dostoevsky to death for his allegedly antigovernment activities linked to a radical intellectual group. His execution is stayed at the last minute. (Add a comment)
Ovi Symposium; sixty-third MeetingOvi Symposium; sixty-third Meeting by The Ovi Symposium
16 November 2015
The Ovi Symposium 63rd meeting, subtheme: "The European Union's Multiple Modernities"; between Mr Nikos Laios and Drs. Ernesto Paolozzi and Emanuel Paparella. (Add a comment)
No more War on Terror, please -  Europe urgently needs DenazificationNo more War on Terror, please - Europe urgently needs Denazification by Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic
15 November 2015
There is a claim constantly circulating the EU: 'multiculturalism is dead in Europe'. Dead or maybe d(r)ead?... That much comes from a cluster of European nation-states that love to romanticize - in a grand metanarrative of dogmatic universalism - their (7 comments)
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