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The Aesthetics of Benedetto CroceThe Aesthetics of Benedetto Croce by Thanos Kalamidas
03 February 2016
It is a great honour for Ovi magazine to publish Professor Ernesto Paolozzi's second Benedetto Croce book: "The Aesthetics of Benedetto Croce". The book has been translated from Italian by Professor Emanuel Paparella and I think the most appropriate th (1 comment)
Ruminations on Western Humanism: Secular vs. Religious, or Complementary?Ruminations on Western Humanism: Secular vs. Religious, or Complementary? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
03 February 2016
The label "secular humanist" doesn't typically come with the same negative baggage as "atheist," but it has been used by the Christian Right as an epithet for everything they dislike about the modern world. Because of that, there is more than a bit o (Add a comment)
Cousteau publishes The Silent WorldCousteau publishes The Silent World by The Ovi Team
03 February 2016
On February 3rd, 1953, French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau publishes his most famous and lasting work, The Silent World. (Add a comment)
More Berserk Alert! #297More Berserk Alert! #297 by Tony Zuvela
03 February 2016
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Have Rape Crimes Become the New Norm in South Asia?Have Rape Crimes Become the New Norm in South Asia? by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
02 February 2016
Is rape acceptable? No, and it has never been. However, if you look at the statistics around the world, you would draw the conclusion that rape crimes are growing everywhere. For our purpose here, let's focus on South Asia. (Add a comment)
The Chapel - Part 14The Chapel - Part 14 by Theodore K. Nasos
02 February 2016
It was the three of us back in Sir John's place but there was big change this time. Sir John was smiling and for somebody who had just been nearly the victim of an assassin that was weird even for somebody like Sir John. I didn't say anything. I was a b (Add a comment)
Philip Seymour HoffmanPhilip Seymour Hoffman by The Ovi Team
02 February 2016
February 2nd, 2014. On this day, Philip Seymour Hoffman, considered one of the most talented and versatile actors of his generation, dies of an accidental drug overdose at age 46 in New York City. During his career, the prolific performer appeared in more (Add a comment)
2nd Opinion - 2nd Part #6022nd Opinion - 2nd Part #602 by Thanos K & Asa B
02 February 2016
Seriously, I think you'll need a second opinion after this. He's just evil! (Add a comment)
Too Much Coffee on an Empty StomachToo Much Coffee on an Empty Stomach by Leah Sellers
01 February 2016
"Ralph, what in the world are you readin' there, Buddy. I haven't seen you give anything that much eye-bogglin' attention since that heifer of yours gave birth to twins," Jebediah sat down across the table from his friend at one of the locals Favor (Add a comment)
Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for February 2016Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for February 2016 by Manish Kumar Arora
01 February 2016
Manish Kumar predictions for February 2016 according to your zodiac sign. (Add a comment)
La BohemeLa Boheme by The Ovi Team
01 February 2016
February 1st, 1896. By the time the first of his three career-defining operas had its premiere, Giacomo Puccini was no longer living a life of impoverished artistic struggle. His previous opera, Manon Gascaut, had made his name in the world of Italian ope (Add a comment)
PersOnality DisOrders #601PersOnality DisOrders #601 by Thanos Kalamidas
01 February 2016
Personal Disorders or ...total schizophrenia in a political correct schizophrenic world! (Add a comment)
And now what? And now what? by Thanos Kalamidas
31 January 2016
Two nights ago a group of nearly hundred Nazis, covered faces with ski masks and baklavas march in the centre of the Swedish capital, Stockholm, in the most central and touristic area of the city and after giving around xenophobic and racist leaflets atta (4 comments)
The Oleander ManorThe Oleander Manor by Katerina Charisi
31 January 2016
Driving seemed endless and I am not used to long rides with a car. I never had a car or drove one before. I never really thought seriously of having a car one day. I love to walk. Michael had tried many times to get me behind the wheel, but I always said (Add a comment)
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