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Eichmann trial beginsEichmann trial begins by The Ovi Team
11 April 2019
April 11th 1961, the trial begun in Israel of the man accused of helping Hitler in his plan to exterminate the Jews. Adolf Eichmann faces 15 charges, including crimes against humanity, crimes against the Jewish people and war crimes. (1 comment)
Seeding Seeding by David Sparenberg
10 April 2019
Look over here. See me. Here I am. I am a human being. This is a dangerous declaration. Yet notwithstanding, I wish to give new definition to this being human. (Add a comment)
BelowBelow by Jan Sand
10 April 2019
The surface of the sea Chipped into hollows by the wind Waves whitecaps back at me. (Add a comment)
Memories of my ex-girlfriendMemories of my ex-girlfriend by Jay Gutman
10 April 2019
My ex-girlfriend and I met for the first time in April 2006 and talked for the first time in July 2006. Back then, she had been in a casual relationship with her ex-boyfriend. (Add a comment)
Drinking ProblemDrinking Problem by Paul Woods
10 April 2019
Originally from Port Macquarie, Australia, Paul Woods is a Cartoonist and Illustrator based in South London who also plays drums, works as a Cameraman and likes bad horror films. (Add a comment)
The Gift of the MagiThe Gift of the Magi by The Ovi Team
10 April 2019
April 10th 1906; O. Henry's second short story collection, The Four Million, is published. The collection includes one of his most beloved stories, The Gift of the Magi, about a poor but devoted couple who each sacrifice their most valuable possession to (Add a comment)
Zapata assassinatedZapata assassinated by The Ovi Team
10 April 2019
April 10th 1919; Emiliano Zapata, a leader of peasants and indigenous people during the Mexican Revolution, is ambushed and shot to death in Morelos by government forces. Born a peasant in 1879, Zapata was forced into the Mexican army in 1908 following hi (Add a comment)
Night Parrot Confections: The Dangers of Discovering the ElusiveNight Parrot Confections: The Dangers of Discovering the Elusive by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
09 April 2019
Discoveries of natural flora, fauna and phenomena are not necessarily straightforward things. The discoverer may wish to conceal the source. (Add a comment)
Richest Man In The WorldRichest Man In The World by Nikos Laios
09 April 2019
I sat in The darkness And looked out Through a window At the green paddocks (Add a comment)
Jews and moneyJews and money by Jay Gutman
09 April 2019
The myth goes that under Christian canon law in Europe Christians were not allowed to loan money with interest and that Jews were the usurers and gave loans with interest... (Add a comment)
A Great Khan in ItalyA Great Khan in Italy by Ovi Magazine Guest
09 April 2019
On March 23, Mandarin Xi and the government led by Giuseppe Conte signed a memorandum that sealed the entry into Italy, in the heart of Western Europe, to the mega geostrategic project of the New Silk Road... (Add a comment)
Mae West ArrestedMae West Arrested by The Ovi Team
09 April 2019
9th April 1927; Mae West is arrested during her starring role in the play "sex" which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in on Broadway. She was prosecuted on morals charges and sentenced to 10 days in jail for public obscenity. (3 comments)
Sophia Loren wins Best Actress OscarSophia Loren wins Best Actress Oscar by The Ovi Team
09 April 2019
April 9th, on this day in 1962, the 34th annual Academy Awards ceremony is held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California. In addition to the overwhelming triumph of the musical West Side Story, which won 10 Oscars, including Best P (1 comment)
Nancy's Trouble Makin' Signs!Nancy's Trouble Makin' Signs! by Leah Sellers
08 April 2019
Linda Lou opened the Barn Door and slipped in to find her Friend, Nancy, painting Signs. "Hey, Nancy! What' cha' paintin' on those boards?" (Add a comment)
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