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Lanza Del Vasto: (1901-1981) Shantidas -Servant of PeaceLanza Del Vasto: (1901-1981) Shantidas -Servant of Peace by Rene Wadlow
29 September 2018
Lanza Del Vasto, whose birth anniversary we mark on 29 September, was born in 1901 into an intellectual and aristocratic Italian family. (Add a comment)
Power Song - Number TwoPower Song - Number Two by David Sparenberg
29 September 2018
Song that remembers there are tides Song that remembers there are orphans Song to the heights of tree, beyond trees to the heights of clouds Song to mountain summits (Add a comment)
Parasitic and Irrelevant: The University Vice ChancellorParasitic and Irrelevant: The University Vice Chancellor by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
29 September 2018
They are some of the most remunerated officials of one of Australia's most importantly lucrative sectors, drawing huge "packages", as they are termed, for little more than ribbon cutting... (Add a comment)
WMA Supports Health Personnel On TrialWMA Supports Health Personnel On Trial by Ovi Magazine Guest
29 September 2018
The World Medical Association has spoken out strongly in support of physicians and other healthcare personnel who are facing trial tomorrow (Friday) for helping patients during a military curfew in the town of Cizre in Turkey. (Add a comment)
Khrushchev anger at UNKhrushchev anger at UN by The Ovi Team
29 September 2018
September 29th 1960; The Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev has disrupted a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly with several angry outbursts. Twice he pounded his desk and twice he shouted interruptions to show his disapproval at the way UN force (Add a comment)
Day of deaf peopleDay of deaf people by The Ovi Team
29 September 2018
September 29th. The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) first launched International Day of the Deaf in 1958; the "day" was later extended to "week." The International Week of the Deaf (IWD) is observed annually during the last full week of September. (1 comment)
My Road Trips in Bangladesh My Road Trips in Bangladesh by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
28 September 2018
I have returned to the USA from Bangladesh after staying there nearly three months. During my visit there I lost three close relatives; the most devastating of which was the loss of... (Add a comment)
Experiments High JauntExperiments High Jaunt by Saloni Kaul
28 September 2018
And with that absolute intrinsic essence flowering Each sonnet brims with reveries to read. All ready high to fly, each line that sings assuring (Add a comment)
Augmenting Brains: Google Turns TwentyAugmenting Brains: Google Turns Twenty by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
28 September 2018
The Verge starts with a statement that has become commonplace, the compulsory nod to power one has come to expect when engaged with that whole mammoth enterprise known as Google. (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #198Berserk Alert! #198 by Tony Zuvela
28 September 2018
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Miles DavisMiles Davis by The Ovi Team
28 September 2018
On September 28, 1991, jazz trumpet legend Miles Davis dies in a California hospital at the age of 65. (Add a comment)
International Right to Know DayInternational Right to Know Day by The Ovi Team
28 September 2018
International Right to Know Day began on September 28, 2002, when freedom of information organizations from around the world came together in Sofia, Bulgaria and created the FOI Advocates Network, a global coalition working together to promote the right o (Add a comment)
UN's laughingstock, US' PTSD UN's laughingstock, US' PTSD by Thanos Kalamidas
27 September 2018
The giggles heard inside United Nations General Assembly, from the world's leaders when US President started bragging about America First, were not a result of fun, humour, sarcasm or ridiculing a global clown... (Add a comment)
He Said, She Said, We Say......He Said, She Said, We Say...... by Leah Sellers
27 September 2018
These old Republican Good 'Ole Boys are crafty "Me, Too" Chicken Coop marauders. Yep. (Add a comment)
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