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Suu Kyi's Apartheid MyanmarSuu Kyi's Apartheid Myanmar by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
26 April 2017
How long our world must witness the ethnic cleansing of vulnerable minorities? In Myanmar, it's a routine thing against the minority Rohingyas who mostly live in the northern Arakan state, close to Bangladesh. They are the most persecuted people in our p (Add a comment)
Fleeing the Ratpac: James Packer, Gambling and HollywoodFleeing the Ratpac: James Packer, Gambling and Hollywood by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
26 April 2017
To tabloid filled US audiences, Australia's billionaire and casino mogul, James Packer, has tended to be associated more with having a hand on Maria Carey's voluptuousness than decent deals and sound business prowess. (Add a comment)
Studio 54Studio 54 by The Ovi Team
26 April 2017
April 26th 1977; on this day, the crowd gathered outside that Midtown address was waiting and hoping for a chance to enter what would soon become the global epicenter of the disco craze and the most famous nightclub in the world: Studio 54, which opened i (Add a comment)
Chernobyl Nuclear DisasterChernobyl Nuclear Disaster by The Ovi Team
26 April 2017
26th April 1986; an explosion and fire at the No. 4 reactor of Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine resulted in a nuclear meltdown sending radioactivity into the atmosphere. The Radiation fallout spread throughout Europe the Chernobyl disaster is cons (Add a comment)
First US rocket lands on MoonFirst US rocket lands on Moon by The Ovi Team
26 April 2017
April 26th 1962; first US rocket lands on Moon the American Moon rocket Ranger IV has landed on the far side of the moon but has failed to send back pictures due to a technical fault. It is the first time an American spacecraft has successfully reached th (1 comment)
Trump, the DOJ and Julian AssangeTrump, the DOJ and Julian Assange by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
25 April 2017
There had been some doubts from initial enthusiasts about WikiLeaks once information from leaks released on its site started puncturing holes in an already worn Democratic campaign in 2016. Accusations of being an agent of Russian interests were being fi (Add a comment)
Untitled poem (for Mikale)Untitled poem (for Mikale) by Abigail George
25 April 2017
If you were mine to hold and cherish, I would want you to teach me about the world of love. (Add a comment)
The Next 'Super Earth'The Next 'Super Earth' by Ovi Magazine Guest
25 April 2017
An amateur Australian astronomer has helped discover what could be the next major breakthrough in discovering interstellar life. Retired engineer TG Tan made a startling discovery from his Perth backyard, detecting a rocky planet only 39 light years away (Add a comment)
Ella FitzgeraldElla Fitzgerald by The Ovi Team
25 April 2017
On April 25, 1917, jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald is born in Newport News, Virginia. She was called "The First Lady of Song," an honour whose meaning is captured in a compliment paid to her by the great composer Ira Gershwin: "I never knew how good our so (Add a comment)
Our Common Oceans and SeasOur Common Oceans and Seas by Rene Wadlow
24 April 2017
The United Nations is currently preparing a world conference 5-7 June 2017 devoted to the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal No 14: Conserve and sustainable use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. Non-governm (1 comment)
Narcissism and Triangulation in Psychology and Geo-PoliticsNarcissism and Triangulation in Psychology and Geo-Politics by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
24 April 2017
Lately, in the world of intelligence and geopolitics, there is much talk about triangulation, what used to go by the name of Finlandization, now considered an obscene word in the world of diplomacy. "Velvet occupation" seems to be preferred. (Add a comment)
Joy's RiddleJoy's Riddle by Ovi Magazine Guest
24 April 2017
Take me to the feast of a thousand shooting stars Lie above all wisps, waves of green diamonds Teach me the tones that the tiny tone tune to foster Sing about fine lilies, funny golds and funky diamonds (Add a comment)
World Day for Laboratory AnimalsWorld Day for Laboratory Animals by The Ovi Team
24 April 2017
April 24th marks World Day for Laboratory Animals - a day to remember the millions who have been killed, and to redouble efforts to hasten the end of all animal experiments. This year, Animal Aid is planning to delive (2 comments)
Teheran hostage rescue missionTeheran hostage rescue mission by The Ovi Team
24 April 2017
On April 24, 1980, an ill-fated military operation to rescue the 52 American hostages held in Tehran ends with eight U.S. servicemen dead and no hostages rescued. With the Iran Hostage Crisis stretching into its sixth month and all diplomatic appeals to t (Add a comment)
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