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The Greek Express #011The Greek Express #011 by Thanos Raftopoulos
22 July 2014
A series of cartoons from Greece all the way around the world. (Add a comment)
Letter to GodLetter to God by David Sparenberg
21 July 2014
Lord God-through all of the Terror, all that has been terrifying and life consuming, violating, destroying, and has diseased the condition of the soul; through it all, the bloodshed, foulness, the cruelty, absurdity, insanity, and ubiquitous injustice; in (1 comment)
Presidential election 2014 and Indonesian Foreign PolicyPresidential election 2014 and Indonesian Foreign Policy by Ovi Magazine Guest
21 July 2014
Indonesian foreign politics are closely related to the issue of its national pride, position, and role in the international affairs. The fact that a peaceful election in Indonesia should be a major capital and stimulus to improve the active role in region (Add a comment)
Trans-Siberian completedTrans-Siberian completed by The Ovi Team
21 July 2014
21st July 1904; Decreed by a Czar, built by thousands of workers over a period of more than a decade, the Trans-Siberian Railway is officially completed. As you'd expect with a project of this size, complexity and scope, "officially completed" is a rel (Add a comment)
2nd Opinion 4162nd Opinion 416 by Thanos K & Asa B
21 July 2014
Seriously, I think you'll need a second opinion after this. (Add a comment)
Were-Wolf Missiles and Territorial Urination RitualsWere-Wolf Missiles and Territorial Urination Rituals by Leah Sellers
20 July 2014
Sabres Rattle! Fangs slash and tear at Flesh and Bone. Missiles explode! Uneaten fried rice flies for miles from burned out smouldering restaurants and interrupted homes. Only fragmented Ghost Towns remain. Faint Echoes of What Was - of What Might Have B (Add a comment)
NATO: An Anachronism or still a Necessity?NATO: An Anachronism or still a Necessity? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
20 July 2014
The whole international community remains in shock at the recent Malaysia Airlines shoot down in the Ukraine on Thursday the 30th of July 2014. All 298 passengers and crew were killed. The evidence is fast mounting that Russian-backed separatists are resp (4 comments)
Emile Zatopek Emile Zatopek by The Ovi Team
20 July 2014
July 20th 1952; Emile Zatopek runs Olympic Record 10K (29:17.0). One of the greatest runners of the 20th Century, Emil Zatopek achieved legendary status when he won the 5,000, the 10,000 and the marathon at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki. (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #168Berserk Alert! #168 by Tony Zuvela
20 July 2014
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Sundry Musings on the Academic Phenomenon of the "Eternal Student"Sundry Musings on the Academic Phenomenon of the "Eternal Student" by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
19 July 2014
Anybody who has been to a Graduate School will remember observing the phenomenon of "the eternal student." The kind of student who simply hangs around in academic halls, dormitories and libraries. He will take odd survival jobs as Teaching Assistant to (4 comments)
Portuguese reportPortuguese report by Euro Reporter
19 July 2014
Slashed funding for physics research, bank woes got more complicated and the treasury bill auction the latest report from the euro-reporter and Portugal (Add a comment)
The Miami funeral procession of Celia CruzThe Miami funeral procession of Celia Cruz by The Ovi Team
19 July 2014
On July 19, 2003, three days after her death from cancer at the age of 77, Latin music legend Celia Cruz has one of her final wishes granted when her body is flown to Miami, Florida, for a special public viewing by tens of thousands of fans prior to her b (Add a comment)
PersOnality DisOrders 415PersOnality DisOrders 415 by Thanos Kalamidas
19 July 2014
Personal Disorders or ...total schizophrenia in a political correct schizophrenic world! (1 comment)
The enemyThe enemy by Thanos Kalamidas
18 July 2014
Often overwhelmed by the sometimes inhuman historic facts about the WWII and what happened globally we don't see what happened to Germany after the end of the world. A country divided in two states with daily hostilities including a 120 kilometres long, (1 comment)
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