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Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice by The Ovi Team
28 January 2018
January 28th 1813; Pride and Prejudice is first published in the United Kingdom. Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, (Add a comment)
Eureka: Q & A on  research and academiaEureka: Q & A on research and academia by Akli Hadid
27 January 2018
Contemporary academia in question and answer format. (Add a comment)
The Dream, AgainThe Dream, Again by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
27 January 2018
Oona was in it, as she is in all the ones I remember. Why I was lying on the ground in front of the house, hiding my face In that gigantic cushion mom and I used to use when we watched the old roundscreen Zenith T.V., I'll never know. (Add a comment)
Djokovic, Tennis and Player's UnionsDjokovic, Tennis and Player's Unions by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
27 January 2018
Novak Djokovic, on returning to competitive tennis at the Australian Open, caused something of a a stir that a revolt in the game was brewing. Was it about ball boys or girls, or his smooth unblemished victory against the unfortunate Donald Young? (Add a comment)
Auschwitz liberatedAuschwitz liberated by The Ovi Team
27 January 2018
January 27th 1945; The Red Army liberated the Nazis' biggest concentration camp at Auschwitz in south-western Poland. According to reports, hundreds of thousands of Polish people, as well as Jews from a number of other European countries, have been held (1 comment)
Why Brexit must happen nowWhy Brexit must happen now by Christos Mouzeviris
26 January 2018
It is not sure if Mr. Farage's intentions are as he says, "to kill off the debate", or simply like any other good populist, he is sensing the mood of the British public changing. (Add a comment)
One Year of Trump: The Defenders of Fictional DemocracyOne Year of Trump: The Defenders of Fictional Democracy by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
26 January 2018
It seemed so much busier, much more manic and crowded than the one year that had passed. Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump continues to excite the same headlines and explosions that began even before he made it to the White House. (Add a comment)
Ruminating in Bass StraitRuminating in Bass Strait by Ovi Magazine Guest
26 January 2018
A different beach hedonism decorates these days. Early fog burned off, wetsuited kite-surfers ski waves, deftly dodging tinnies, rocks, and bathers. A canopy eclipses the sun, a looming prehistoric bird above my shadowed nape, this familiar waterline. (Add a comment)
#freemelania 803#freemelania 803 by Thanos Kalamidas
26 January 2018
#freemelania is all about the Trump-environment bowl, a fish has to live into. (Add a comment)
India becomes a republicIndia becomes a republic by The Ovi Team
26 January 2018
January 26th 1950; the independent republic of India is officially born on that day, after nearly 100 years of British rule. A public holiday was declared throughout the country, and millions of people celebrated with processions and ceremonies to hoist t (Add a comment)
Kurdish Frictions: Turkey's Campaign in AfrinKurdish Frictions: Turkey's Campaign in Afrin by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
25 January 2018
It's a cruel saga, and one that promises no immediate end. Turkey, considered one of the more potent of powers within the NATO alliance, has manoeuvred itself into a play that Washington will find hard to avoid. (Add a comment)
Dismissed by tomorrowDismissed by tomorrow by Katerina Charisi
25 January 2018
I scrape the dreams I chased with my own blood I banish the lies with the carmine drops My eyes follow the sky and I run; I run as fast as I can to catch the horizon. (Add a comment)
Negotiations are Needed to Avert Nuclear WarNegotiations are Needed to Avert Nuclear War by Ovi Magazine Guest
25 January 2018
My greatest fear right now is that the situation within the White House will continue to unravel, including more racist tirades, inner circle defections, embarrassing personal revelations, policy implosions, and government shutdowns. (Add a comment)
Robert BurnsRobert Burns by The Ovi Team
25 January 2018
January 25th, Scottish poet Robert Burns is born on this day in 1759. The day is still celebrated by Burns fans across the English-speaking world, with high-spirited "Robert Burns Night" feasts, featuring haggis and other Scottish delicacies, as well as (Add a comment)
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