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The Silent TreeThe Silent Tree by Katerina Charisi
17 April 2016
"Where have you been? I was looking everywhere for you!" I got all the way back to the manor, trying to kill time, picking yellow and pink wild flowers, standing to listen to the sounds of nature, watching the insects and enjoying the sense of freedom t (Add a comment)
World Hemophilia DayWorld Hemophilia Day by The Ovi Team
17 April 2016
April 17th; World Hemophilia Day is observed every year on 17th April to advocate a global effort to ensure appropriate care and treatment for a disease that is the oldest known genetic bleeding disorder caused by a deficiency in the genes. While the even (Add a comment)
Wall talk #620Wall talk #620 by Thanos Kalamidas
17 April 2016
Contemporary talk, wall to wall walk! (Add a comment)
Ida & her Magic Camera - Part IIda & her Magic Camera - Part I by Nikos Laios
16 April 2016
It was the beginning of spring in Thessaloniki, but it felt more like autumn as sporadic gusts of wind picked up small scraps of paper in the early morning light swirling up in eddies, falling back down to the pavement like a ballet then suddenly jerking (1 comment)
The Impact of US involvement in the Yemen Civil WarThe Impact of US involvement in the Yemen Civil War by Ovi Magazine Guest
16 April 2016
For the last 13 months a 'proxy' civil War has been waged between Sunni forces backed by Saudi Arabia and Shia forces backed by Iran - both seeking constitutional control over the country. The fighting began in March 2015 after Saudi led airstrikes bega (Add a comment)
World Voice DayWorld Voice Day by The Ovi Team
16 April 2016
April 16th; Have you ever lost your voice? If you have, you'll know how frustrating it is to function in our everyday lives, when we can't make a sound. The aim of this awareness day is to promote the importance of us all having a healthy voice. (Add a comment)
Ovi Symposium; sixty-eighth MeetingOvi Symposium; sixty-eighth Meeting by The Ovi Symposium
16 April 2016
Ovi Symposium 68 meeting: "Did Christianity, as a Foreign Cultural Import, Weaken the Original European Ethos and Hasten the Demise of the Roman Empire? Is it, or is it not integral part of the idea of Europe?"; Mr N. Laios and Drs. E. Paolozzi (Add a comment)
The hallucinogenic effects of LSD-25The hallucinogenic effects of LSD-25 by The Ovi Team
16 April 2016
April 16th 1943 in Basel, Switzerland, chemist Albert Hoffman accidently discovered the hallucinogenic effects of LSD-25 while working on the medicinal value of lysergic acid. LSD has had a fairly short, but wild history in the United States. It was first (Add a comment)
A poemA poem by Nic Mepham
15 April 2016
that flicker is laughter jumped out of ancient tales the candles wick a glowing disaster warming shadows for hearts (Add a comment)
Bessie SmithBessie Smith by The Ovi Team
15 April 2016
April 15th 1894; despite the immense influence her records had on the shape and course of American popular music in the 20th century, the recorded legacy of Bessie Smith only captures part of her historical significance. Yes, her first recording, "Downhe (1 comment)
Dino & Anty #604Dino & Anty #604 by Thanos Kalamidas
15 April 2016
Dino is a vegetarian virgin dinosaur and his best friend is Anty, a carnivorous nymphomaniac ant. (Add a comment)
Zacharias Zacharias by Theodore K. Nasos
14 April 2016
"Please. Just forget it. Leave it. It doesn't matter." Accidentally I had just dropped my glass, full of water, on the carpet. An old Indian carpet with beautiful elephant figures, all in dark green and purple colour. (Add a comment)
20M People in Bangladesh still Drink Arsenic Contaminated Water20M People in Bangladesh still Drink Arsenic Contaminated Water by Ovi Magazine Guest
14 April 2016
New York-based human rights group, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said in a new report that about 20 million people living in rural Bangladesh are still drinking dangerous arsenic-poisonous water. (Add a comment)
Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn by The Ovi Team
14 April 2016
April 14th 1935; Ted and his wife, Ramey, raised eight children in their small wooden house in Johnson County, including the most famous coal miner's daughter in the world, who was born on this day in 1935. (Add a comment)
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