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Italian reportItalian report by Euro Reporter
15 June 2016
Angered leaders and readers, market watchdog made grave errors and private equity fights tax changes, the latest report from the euro-reporter and Italy (Add a comment)
Reflections on Mass Shootings in AmericaReflections on Mass Shootings in America by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
14 June 2016
The latest and most grievous mass shooting in America has just occurred in Orlando, Florida, less than 200 hundred miles from where I live, a bit too close for comfort, as the saying goes. But that is not what prompts me to put pen on paper. It's that it (2 comments)
If I were You........If I were You........ by Leah Sellers
14 June 2016
If I Were You And You Were Me For just One Day What a different World Reality There Might Be (Add a comment)
Burl IvesBurl Ives by The Ovi Team
14 June 2016
June 14th; Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives, a prominent folk singer and Academy Award-winning actor, is born on this day in 1909 near Hunt City, Illinois. (Add a comment)
WeaponzWeaponz by Patrick McWade
14 June 2016
'Then, Again' is a cartoon series by Patrick McWade. (Add a comment)
Zebra CrossingsZebra Crossings by The Ovi Team
14 June 2016
14th June 1961; following increasing numbers of accidents at uncontrolled zebra crossings a new type of road crossing with push button controls which will allow pedestrians to stop traffic with flashing lights is to be introduced next year. (Add a comment)
Orlando, NRA's blood lineOrlando, NRA's blood line by Thanos Kalamidas
13 June 2016
I'm just quoting from the news. "A gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun took hostages and opened fire inside a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing at least 50 people and wounding 53 others before dying in a gunfight with SW (2 comments)
IktushiwiIktushiwi by Virginia Maria Romero
13 June 2016
Collectively we are creating a living story.... no beginning no end (Add a comment)
Miranda RightsMiranda Rights by The Ovi Team
13 June 2016
13th June 1966; Chief Justice Earl Warren delivers The Supreme Court landmark Miranda vs. Arizona decision, "that criminal suspects must be informed of their right to consult with an attorney and of their right against self-incrimination prior to questio (Add a comment)
Hungarian reportHungarian report by Euro Reporter
13 June 2016
A referendum on EU refugee resettlement quotas, refuse to take back migrants and far-right Jobbik party's strengthen power the latest report from the euro-reporter and Hungary (Add a comment)
Such happiness!Such happiness! by Abigail George
12 June 2016
I know the places of love. Like water in wild places. Let me explain. I'll start with my mother. The significant changes in my father. (Add a comment)
  What do Scholars say about Jesus' Resurrection: is it just a Myth? What do Scholars say about Jesus' Resurrection: is it just a Myth? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
12 June 2016
The story of Jesus' resurrection is foundational to Christianity as a religion. To deny it is in effect to dismiss Christianity as just another myth which modern "enlightened" man ought to dismiss, the sooner the better, as a mere legend embellished ov (6 comments)
Let's end child labour!Let's end child labour! by The Ovi Team
12 June 2016
June 12th; the International Labour Organization (ILO) launched the World Day Against Child Labour in 2002 to focus attention on the global extent of child labour and the action and efforts needed to eliminate it. Each year on 12 June, the World Day bring (Add a comment)
Al Capone indicted for violating U.S. Prohibition laws Al Capone indicted for violating U.S. Prohibition laws by The Ovi Team
12 June 2016
June 12th 1931; Al Capone and 68 of his henchmen were indicted for violating U.S. Prohibition laws. In May 1929, following his arrest in Philadelphia on a concealed weapons charge, Capone was sentenced to a year in prison. With Capone behind bars, and the (Add a comment)
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