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Nicanor Parra turns one hundred away from the Nobel PrizeNicanor Parra turns one hundred away from the Nobel Prize by Osvaldo Rocha
12 September 2014
The well-known Chilean poet, physicist and mathematician Nicanor Parra turned one hundred years old this week, and has therefore been celebrated throughout the country and beyond. Amid the surprise of his centennial life, however, the question of why he h (Add a comment)
Lithuanian reportLithuanian report by Euro Reporter
12 September 2014
Investigation of Red Army deserter, minimum pay increase and take up arms the latest report from the euro-reporter and Lithuania (Add a comment)
Steve Biko dies in custodySteve Biko dies in custody by The Ovi Team
12 September 2014
September 12th 1977; the leader of the black consciousness movement in South Africa, Steve Biko, has died in police custody. The 30-year-old's death was confirmed by the commissioner of police, General Gert Prinsloo, today. (Add a comment)
Ovi Symposium; Thirty-fourth MeetingOvi Symposium; Thirty-fourth Meeting by The Ovi Symposium
11 September 2014
The Ovi Symposium in its thirty-fourth meeting: "A Philosophical Conversation on the Nature of Art within Modernity and the Envisioning of a New Humanism" between Ms George, Drs. Paolozzi, Paparella, and Mr. Rywalt. (Add a comment)
Shock, fear, disgust, painShock, fear, disgust, pain by Thanos Kalamidas
11 September 2014
There is absolutely nothing, doesn't matter how many years will pass, that will ever wipe out of our memories the pictures we saw on our screens thirteen years ago when the two planes hit the Twin Towers. There is also absolutely nothing that will change (2 comments)
September 11 attacksSeptember 11 attacks by The Ovi Team
11 September 2014
...The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the buildings... (2 comments)
Flowering JudasFlowering Judas by The Ovi Team
11 September 2014
Katherine Anne Porter's first collection of short stories, Flowering Judas, is published September 11th 1930. The title story, which appeared earlier that year in Hound and Horn magazine, cantered on a young American teacher of Indian children whose idea (Add a comment)
NATO after Crimea's Annexation in 2014 - Discriminating Facts from FabricationsNATO after Crimea's Annexation in 2014 - Discriminating Facts from Fabrications by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
10 September 2014
When George W. Bush in 2002 suggested removing U.S. troops from their bases in Germany to locations farther east, in Poland and Romania, it sounded like a very bad idea. At that time, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, there were vociferous voices asserti (Add a comment)
Energies of the Inner and Outer CosmosEnergies of the Inner and Outer Cosmos by Leah Sellers
10 September 2014
What has my Daily Energetic Mind and Body Work Taught Me as I strive to Meditatively and Energetically Heal my Body and Manage constant Pain ? (Add a comment)
Smells Like Teen SpiritSmells Like Teen Spirit by The Ovi Team
10 September 2014
September 10th 1991, You either had to be part of a fairly small subculture of music fans or a professional on the business side of the music industry to have heard of Nirvana before the autumn of 1991. To the few who followed their particular brand of al (1 comment)
Life Undercover 419Life Undercover 419 by Thanos K & Asa B
10 September 2014
A glimpse into the life of one man and one woman who lay in bed talking to God; maybe one day they will get an answer, but we doubt it. (Add a comment)
Leo Tolstoy: The Law of Love Leo Tolstoy: The Law of Love by Rene Wadlow
09 September 2014
9 September marks the birth of the multi-dimensional Count Leo Tolstoy, an aristocratic land owner, a young military officer, a distinguished author of War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Hedji Mirad, a spiritual-moral philosopher deeply influenced by the Semon (1 comment)
Tree of LifeTree of Life by Nikos Laios
09 September 2014
We live, plucked Like guitar Strings. (2 comments)
Attica prison riotAttica prison riot by The Ovi Team
09 September 2014
September 9th 1971; A four-day riot at Attica Prison comes to a violent end as law enforcement officials open fire, killing 29 inmates and 10 hostages and injuring many more. The prison insurrection was the bloodiest in U.S. history. (Add a comment)
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