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Popular chains use slave labour shrimpPopular chains use slave labour shrimp by Ovi Magazine Guest
30 October 2016
Dining out is usually a treat for most people able to afford it, but if you knew your meal was created using slave labour, would that leave a bad taste in your mouth? (Add a comment)
Sense and Sensibility Sense and Sensibility by The Ovi Team
30 October 2016
October 30th, on this day in 1811, Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility is published anonymously. A small circle of people, including the Price Regent, learned Austen's identity, but most of the British public knew only that the popular book had been wri (Add a comment)
Orson Welles scaring moment Orson Welles scaring moment by The Ovi Team
30 October 2016
October 30th 1938; Orson Welles causes a nationwide panic with his broadcast of "War of the Worlds" - realistic radio dramatization of a Martian invasion of Earth. Orson Welles was only 23 years old when his Mercury Theatre company decided to update H.G (1 comment)
A Wall: Constrain, Protect, or LeadA Wall: Constrain, Protect, or Lead by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
29 October 2016
"God created the world, the rest was made in China," sings Lourd de Veyra. The concern about the Asian factory has lingered for decades. Overlooked has been its gradual strategic transformation from imitator to integrator, or even innovator. (Add a comment)
Poems and MapsPoems and Maps by Ovi Magazine Guest
29 October 2016
The Cable Factory is Finland's largest cultural community. Based in Helsinki, almost at the centre of the Finnish capital. This large "Cultural Centre" - as I like to call it - has a lot of art galleries, TV channels, Art schools and there is almost an (Add a comment)
John Glenn back to spaceJohn Glenn back to space by The Ovi Team
29 October 2016
October 29th 1998. Nearly four decades after he became the first American to orbit the Earth, Senator John Hershel Glenn, Jr., is launched into space again as a payload specialist aboard the space shuttle Discovery. At 77 years of age, Glenn was the oldes (Add a comment)
James BoswellJames Boswell by The Ovi Team
29 October 2016
October 29th 1740; James Boswell is born on this day in Edinburgh to an ancient Scottish family. His father was a judge, the Lord of Auchinleck, and Boswell was heir to the title and a large fortune. He studied at the University of Edinburgh but ran away (Add a comment)
Clearing the "Jungle": The Calais Refugee OperationClearing the "Jungle": The Calais Refugee Operation by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
28 October 2016
It grew out as an organic consequence of failure - a failure on the part of Europe's authorities to come to some measure of proportionate and even handed procedures to assess and process desperate refugees who have very little intention of returning back (Add a comment)
In the SlumIn the Slum by Shola Balogun
28 October 2016
Deep down in the slum, There is more sacred baptism in silent doctrines. (Add a comment)
Julia RobertsJulia Roberts by The Ovi Team
28 October 2016
Octobe 28th; on this day in 1967, Julia Roberts, the girl-next-door beauty who will become one of Hollywood's A-list actresses and the star of such hit films as Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich and Notting Hill, is born in Smyrna, Georgia. (Add a comment)
Cuban missile crisis endsCuban missile crisis ends by The Ovi Team
28 October 2016
October 28th 1962; the world has breathed a collective sigh of relief after the superpowers reached an agreement ending the immediate threat of nuclear war. Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev has agreed to dismantle all Russian missiles based in Cuba and sh (Add a comment)
Coffee Pots, Sippy Cups and Roach Inhaling Tail ThumpersCoffee Pots, Sippy Cups and Roach Inhaling Tail Thumpers by Leah Sellers
27 October 2016
"Ooo-lah-lah, am I ready for a fresh cup of coffee!" Peggy Joy exclaimed as she plopped her two full bags of groceries down onto the kitchen counter. (Add a comment)
The Post Office Murders The Post Office Murders by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
27 October 2016
It's when he leaves work that the process begins. He goes in his cruddy car down the same old streets, and stops off at the same old cruddy Seven Eleven, where they never give credit, no matter how long they know you. (Add a comment)
Jesus Christ Superstar releasedJesus Christ Superstar released by The Ovi Team
27 October 2016
27th October 1970; from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s, it was common for original cast recordings of successful Broadway musicals to find their way up near the top of the pop album charts. Hit shows like West Side Story, The Sound of Music and Funny Gir (Add a comment)
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