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Ovi Symposium; Thirty-fourth MeetingOvi Symposium; Thirty-fourth Meeting by Abigail George
21 September 2014
The Ovi Symposium in its thirty-fourth meeting: "A Philosophical Conversation on the Nature of Art within Modernity and the Envisioning of a New Humanism" between Ms George, Drs. Paolozzi, Paparella, and Mr. Rywalt. (Add a comment)
Who Really Caused the Birth of ISIL in the Middle East?Who Really Caused the Birth of ISIL in the Middle East? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
20 September 2014
Secretary of State Kerry is presently attempting to form a coalition of nations, both European and Middle Eastern, against the so called ISIL ("Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant"). Shocked by the sheer savagery and brutality of the organization, qui (1 comment)
Slovakian reportSlovakian report by Euro Reporter
20 September 2014
Dual citizenship, least affected by the embargo and make offers to NATO, the latest report form the euro-reporter and Slovakia (Add a comment)
Soviets collect moon rockSoviets collect moon rock by The Ovi Team
20 September 2014
September 20th 1970; The Russian space probe, Luna 16, landed on the Moon to collect samples from its surface. For the first time an unmanned probe was been used to bring objects back to Earth from space. The probe landed at the Sea of Fertility, a region (Add a comment)
ShowBizz again! 420ShowBizz again! 420 by Thanos K & Asa B
20 September 2014
An arrogant rooster, a sycophant pig, a wiseass dog and an intelligent tortoise are just some of the stars of Thanos and Asa's Show Bizz. (Add a comment)
The Junior Varsity of JihadistsThe Junior Varsity of Jihadists by Leah Sellers
19 September 2014
I just don't know, Jethro. How in the world could the President of these here United States of America call those ISIS/ISIL decapitatin', hate-filled Religious Fanatics the JV of Jihadists? (Add a comment)
Portuguese reportPortuguese report by Euro Reporter
19 September 2014
Jihadists, producer prices decline and growing number of young entrepreneurs the latest report from the euro-reporter and Portugal (Add a comment)
US Immigration vs. Charlie ChaplinUS Immigration vs. Charlie Chaplin by The Ovi Team
19 September 2014
September 19th 1952; The United States is to prevent the film legend, Charlie Chaplin, from returning to his Hollywood home until he has been investigated by the Immigration Services. The Attorney-General, Thomas McGranery, has ordered the Immigration Ser (Add a comment)
Dino & Anty 420Dino & Anty 420 by Thanos Kalamidas
19 September 2014
Dino is a vegetarian virgin dinosaur and his best friend is Anty, a carnivorous nymphomaniac ant. (Add a comment)
International Health Care of the Future: The Evolution of the Doctor - Patient RelationshipInternational Health Care of the Future: The Evolution of the Doctor - Patient Relationship by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
18 September 2014
Is it possible to make high quality medical care affordable to everyone? Finding the "golden mean" in health care is a hot topic of discussion. Patients and governments both agree that health care needs to be effective, accessible and affordable. The se (1 comment)
Polish reportPolish report by Euro Reporter
18 September 2014
Avoid a mutiny in the ranks, gas supplies and blueberry production growing the latest report from the euro-reporter and Poland (Add a comment)
Rock legend Hendrix dies after partyRock legend Hendrix dies after party by The Ovi Team
18 September 2014
September 18th 1970; Guitarist Jimi Hendrix has died after collapsing at a party in London. Police say there was no question of foul play. A number of sleeping pills were found at the house in Notting Hill Gate and they have been taken away for analysis. (1 comment)
The Greek Express #020The Greek Express #020 by Thanos Raftopoulos
18 September 2014
A series of cartoons from Greece all the way around the world. (Add a comment)
Gifts, Bribes and Guanxi: What's it all About?Gifts, Bribes and Guanxi: What's it all About? by Valerie Sartor
17 September 2014
Many foreign businessmen have come to China hoping to establish firms and seeking equitable ways of earning profits. Some erroneously assume that western ways in which capitalist markets, business enterprises, and entrepreneurial activities take place, wo (2 comments)
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