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The Raven - an EBookThe Raven - an EBook by The Ovi Team
29 January 2019
January 29th 1845. Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem "The Raven," and in order to honour the day, Ovi magazine publishes "The Raven" with illustrations made by Katerina Charisi (1 comment)
Peter, Paul and Mary singPeter, Paul and Mary sing by The Ovi Team
29 January 2019
January 29th 1962; Peter, Paul and Mary didn't revolutionize folk music the way Bob Dylan did. Dylan's songwriting fundamentally altered and then ultimately transcended the folk idiom itself, while Peter, Paul and Mary didn't even write their own mater (Add a comment)
Help Me! I've Been Walled Up for Ransom!Help Me! I've Been Walled Up for Ransom! by Leah Sellers
28 January 2019
"Hello! Who's doin' all of that hollerin' down there?" MAGA Mike yelled down the Hole in the ground. (Add a comment)
TomatoesTomatoes by Jan Sand
28 January 2019
My window sill proudly displays A grove of tomato plants That welcome Winter's sunlight rays With eagerness, green elegance. (Add a comment)
What's a "narcissistic pervert?"What's a "narcissistic pervert?" by Jay Gutman
28 January 2019
The complete guide to recognizing a narcissistic pervert. (Add a comment)
Want to Make America Great Again? Begin by Respecting Native AmericansWant to Make America Great Again? Begin by Respecting Native Americans by Ovi Magazine Guest
28 January 2019
I am aware of the numerous wars and inter-tribal disputes which occurred for thousands of years before European settlers arrived in what is now the continental United States. (Add a comment)
Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice by The Ovi Team
28 January 2019
January 28th 1813; Pride and Prejudice is first published in the United Kingdom. Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, (Add a comment)
ColetteColette by The Ovi Team
28 January 2019
January 28th 1873; on this day, French author Colette (born Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette) is born in a small town in Burgundy, France. Raised in the country, Colette married writer and critic Henri Gauthier-Villars and moved to Paris, where she began writing (Add a comment)
World Leprosy Day - Easing Pain and Giving HopeWorld Leprosy Day - Easing Pain and Giving Hope by The Ovi Team
28 January 2019
World Leprosy Day, which falls on 28th January, is a day to increase public awareness about leprosy and to encourage the flow of funds, imperative to take the cause of leprosy eradication, forward... (Add a comment)
LookingLooking by David Sparenberg
27 January 2019
One of the true lessons I learned from RD Laing was to observe each person and entity from more than one perspective. Life is dynamic and in one sense or another every encounter is in process and how we approach a... (Add a comment)
Don't tell Don't tell by Abigail George
27 January 2019
Leonard Baskin's half-monster stands elect under psychological scrutiny. The hanged creature had unlaughing eyes. (Add a comment)
Will Moon Jae In finish his term?Will Moon Jae In finish his term? by Jay Gutman
27 January 2019
If Moon Jae In solves these 10 problems, he will probably be able to finish his term, and on a high note. (Add a comment)
WMA condems use of lethal force against Sudanese physicians and protestersWMA condems use of lethal force against Sudanese physicians and protesters by Ovi Magazine Guest
27 January 2019
The World Medical Association has condemned in the strongest terms the use of violence, particularly lethal force, against protesters and physicians during recent demonstrations in Sudan. (Add a comment)
Auschwitz liberatedAuschwitz liberated by The Ovi Team
27 January 2019
January 27th 1945; The Red Army liberated the Nazis' biggest concentration camp at Auschwitz in south-western Poland. According to reports, hundreds of thousands of Polish people, as well as Jews from a number of other European countries, have been held (1 comment)
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