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xenophobia & racism

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St. Thomas Aquinas on Immigration and XenophobiaSt. Thomas Aquinas on Immigration and Xenophobia by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
One of the most glaring fallacies of modernity and progressivism nowadays, is to think that the ancients and the scholastics had precious little to say, and consequently little to teach us, on contemporary problems. Those problems are considered too intra (Add a comment)
My willMy will by Gordana Mudri
If one day, I disappear; do not looking for me. I'm wandering leaving no traces. In the cold forests of the North, I'm looking for extinct beasts. I sing lullabies to orphans in the deserts. (Add a comment)
Saint Bartholomew's Day MassacreSaint Bartholomew's Day Massacre by The Ovi Team
Aug 24th 1572; King Charles IX of France, under the sway of his mother, Catherine de Medici, orders the assassination of Huguenot Protestant leaders in Paris, setting off an orgy of killing those results in the massacre of tens of thousands of Huguenots a (1 comment)
Lennon's killer sentencedLennon's killer sentenced by The Ovi Team
August 24th, on this day in 1981, Mark David Chapman is sentenced to 20 years to life for the murder of John Lennon, a founding member of The Beatles, one of the most successful bands in the history of popular music. (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Burkini and French culture Burkini and French culture by Akli Hadid
23 August 2016
In the US, when you notice something about someone, you usually let the person know by starting a conversation with them, but can't let them know you noticed something that has to do with race or sexuality. If you notice someone's car, habit or ev (1 comment)
Los Angeles County Seeks "Millionaires' Tax" to Fund Homeless Programs for the PoorLos Angeles County Seeks "Millionaires' Tax" to Fund Homeless Programs for the Poor by Ovi Magazine Guest
23 August 2016
The most populous county in the United States, the County of Los Angeles (LA County), is hoping to institute a new law that will ensure that millionaires living in the county will be taxed to fund homeless programs for the poor. (Add a comment)
Valentino diesValentino dies by The Ovi Team
23 August 2016
August 23rd 1926; the death of silent-screen idol Rudolph Valentino at the age of 31 sends his fans into a hysterical state of mass mourning. In his brief film career, the Italian-born actor established a reputation as the archetypal screen lover. After h (Add a comment)
Always Something! #017Always Something! #017 by Thanos Kalamidas
23 August 2016
A group of kids always up to something, always on their way somewhere, always wanting something. (Add a comment)
A Benevolent Capitalist (Christian) versus A Malevolent Capitalist (Christian?)A Benevolent Capitalist (Christian) versus A Malevolent Capitalist (Christian?) by Leah Sellers
22 August 2016
Yes, Capitalism can be Benevolent or Malevolent, and Christianity (and any other Religion for that matter) can be Benevolent or Malevolent. (1 comment)
Know if Your System has a Malware or if it is just a Hardware IssueKnow if Your System has a Malware or if it is just a Hardware Issue by Ovi Magazine Guest
22 August 2016
There are more than three billion people that are using the internet, and this includes things such as your computers, servers, smartphones and internet of things, all working together to make our lives easy. But, these three billion users create three bi (Add a comment)
E. Annie ProulxE. Annie Proulx by The Ovi Team
22 August 2016
August 22nd; Annie Proulx, author of The Shipping News, is born on this day in 1935 in Norwich, Connecticut. Her mother was a painter and her father a self-made executive in a textile company. (Add a comment)
Slovakian reportSlovakian report by Euro Reporter
22 August 2016
Coalition partners split, an additional protocol and to ban far-right patrols the latest report from the euro-reporter and Slovakia (Add a comment)
Thou shalt not take the name of Erdogan in vainThou shalt not take the name of Erdogan in vain by Thanos Kalamidas
21 August 2016
Over a month since the failed military coup in Turkey and the only ones who have really lost in this Mediterranean country are democracy, progress and freedom. The one, only one, who has definitely won is not Turkey or the Turkish people, but the all migh (1 comment)
When We KissedWhen We Kissed by G. David Schwartz
21 August 2016
When we kissed Time did not exist We went walking (Add a comment)
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