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Cluster Bombs: Saudi Use, USA Sales, and the Review Conference on their ProhibitionCluster Bombs: Saudi Use, USA Sales, and the Review Conference on their Prohibition by Rene Wadlow
The Saudi-led aggression on Yemen has on at least two separate occasions used cluster bombs to attack villages in Yemen's northern Saada Province according to a report of the nongovernmental organization Human Rights Watch. Cluster munitions are impreci (Add a comment)
German reportGerman report by Euro Reporter
Train drivers prepare for week-long strike, reputation on immigration and a war debt gesture the latest report from the euro-reporter and Germany (Add a comment)
Eugene Jacques BullardEugene Jacques Bullard by The Ovi Team
May 5th 1917; Eugene Jacques Bullard becomes the first African-American aviator when he earned his flying certificate with the French Air Service. America's first black aviator did not fly for the country of his birth America, but for his adopted country (2 comments)
Berserk Alert! #232Berserk Alert! #232 by Tony Zuvela
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Spirituality, Science and God: a RevisitingSpirituality, Science and God: a Revisiting by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
04 May 2015
I'd like to revisit here our last thematic explorations on spirituality by analyzing and discussing a book just out (March 2015) by philosopher Nancy Ellen Abrams titled A God that Could be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the Future of our Planet. Nanc (1 comment)
French reportFrench report by Euro Reporter
04 May 2015
Court action over air pollution, topless Femen activists disrupt May Day speech and foiled five terror plots the latest report from the euro-reporter and France. (Add a comment)
Victory for the Iron LadyVictory for the Iron Lady by The Ovi Team
04 May 2015
May 4th 1979: Election victory for Margaret Thatcher. The Conservative Party has won the general election making Margaret Thatcher Britain's first ever woman prime minister. Mrs Thatcher arrived at Downing Street to take over from James Callaghan after h (Add a comment)
Always Something! #004Always Something! #004 by Thanos Kalamidas
04 May 2015
A group of kids always up to something, always on their way somewhere, always wanting something. (Add a comment)
EliseElise by Abigail George
03 May 2015
It feels as if my bones have been put into a box for safekeeping until I am sane again. Until all the madness in my life has left me. This makes me happy, elated but I am also left sad. I am surrounded by water. I know when winter comes then I will not be (1 comment)
Finn reportFinn report by Euro Reporter
03 May 2015
Military reservists, government must protect workers and IMF intervention a risk the latest report from the Euro-reporter and Finland (Add a comment)
World Press Freedom DayWorld Press Freedom Day by The Ovi Team
03 May 2015
Every year, May 3rd is a date which celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom; to evaluate press freedom around the world, to defend the media from attacks on their independence and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in t (Add a comment)
The first airplane to land at the North PoleThe first airplane to land at the North Pole by The Ovi Team
03 May 2015
May 3rd 1952; the first airplane landed at the geographic North Pole. (Add a comment)
02 May 2015
goodies move in line they go from door to car from car to store from store to car from car to door goodies move in lines their pores are poor their senses dormant (1 comment)
The globalization of Baltimore The globalization of Baltimore by Thanos Kalamidas
02 May 2015
I was not planning to write about the situation in Baltimore, but I'm afraid the reality the citizens of this US city live is more global that they intended to make it. Actually it was a personal athlete idol, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who has said it the bes (2 comments)
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